Joe Maddon was really excited about his post-game high-five with Yunel Escobar.

Joe Maddon was really excited about his post-game high-five with Yunel Escobar.

The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 6, Cardinals 3 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: The Catch. Oh mamma, what a catch by Kevin Kiermaier (see below). Not only was it a great catch, but it came with 2 outs and the bases loaded. That catch likely saved 3 runs. The Rays can’t demote him when Wil Myers returns, right? RIGHT?…The Bullpen and Grant Balfour. The bullpen looked like the one we all hoped for at the start of the season, pitching 5 scoreless innings and allowing just 1 hit. More importantly, Grant Balfour came in and pitched well, ironically picking up a save, pitching the final 2.1 innings…Getting the Runners In. For the first time since May 25, the Rays had 3 hits with runners in scoring position. More importantly, the Rays did it with 2 outs, with all 4 runs in the 4th inning coming with 2 outs.

THE BAD: Sunday Night Baseball. First pitch for the Rays’ game on July 6 has been moved to 8:00 PM so that it can be shown on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. Why is this “Bad”? Because the game is in Detroit and the Rays have a game the next night at home against the Royals. This means the Rays won’t get home until 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning.

THE TELLING: The 4-run 4th inning snapped a club-record 31 consecutive innings without scoring a run…The Rays have already signed 7 of their top 11 draft picks…Jeremy Hellickson will make his 2nd of 3 rehab starts tonight. Brandon Guyer had his cast removed, but there is no timetable for his return.


  • Tony LaRussa on Joe Maddon: “I just visited with him, and there’s nobody who manages any better than Joe, whether you’re going well or you’re struggling. One of the things that he’s doing is that he’s keeping the club intact. It’s a long season. I will guarantee you that when they get to the second half of the season, the Rays will be in contention. And a lot of it is because of the way he’s handling the struggles. There’s a lot of clubs struggling at some point during the season.” []
  • Derby Lane, a favorite of Don Zimmer, gave a sign to Joe Maddon as a gift to be used in tribute of Zim. []
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresEnny Romero struck out 5 and walked none in 6 innings, giving up 2 runs (1 earned) on 6 hits. His ERA is now 5.71. Josh Lueke pitched a perfect 9th inning. Mikie Mahtook went 0-2 with a walk and Hak-Ju Lee is hitting .225 after going 1-3…Left fielder Jeremy Moore hit his 5th home run for Montgomery…Outfielder Granden Goetzman hit his 6th home run and is hitting .321 for Bowling Green.

Here is Kevin Kiermaier’s catch.


6-11-2014 8-05-15 PM





  1. bbmern says:


  2. louberger says:


  3. Dean says:

    Jim Edmonds II. He's the best thing going for us right now, bar none.

  4. ken says:

    Please Lord, keep Shelton away from him.

  5. Jason says:

    While last night was nice and a good win let's see if we can keep this up. The bad news is this will pull the heat away from Shelton for at least a night. If this season ends with him still employed, i don't even know.

  6. Jim says:


    Joe is in AF office this morning, asking for Shelton's contract extension!!!!!

  7. Dave L says:

    All this crazy talent out of a 31st round pick.

    Was he a streaky hitter on the minors? He is murdering RHP. The offensive numbers have to come back to earth, its not sustainable, but the defense is. Hopefully he puts a pulse back into the team going forward.

    Right now he can't come out of the lineup or the outfield. Since he can play the 3 spots, even when Myers gets back and if he heats up, they can platoon him in right and DH. Then K2 can platoon in right in the LH lineup and and left in the RH lineup.

  8. Drew says:

    Why Longoria has sucked:

    • Rob says:

      I've said all year it looks like Longo is looking to go the other way. He's got way too much power to try hitting inside out like Jeter did.

  9. Gareth says:

    Longoria,swing plane looks like he is hitting his sand wedge. It is hard enough to hit a baseball, and it is even more difficult when your swing is so vertical.

  10. Skateman says:

    Someone linked to this review of Derek Shelton's swing trainer on another site.
    It basically shows how, at least how the coach is using it in the video, it doesn't encourage a professional-level swing.

    So this might be a big problem, as I know the Rays work with this piece of garbage contraption.

    Also, tell me if this sounds familiar:

  11. monte says:

    Since coming back from his 2013 injury, Hack-Ju Lee has it poorly.
    We had such high hopes for him.
    Where was he then, and where is he now on the prospect list?

  12. Rob says:

    No way Myers makes that catch. Kiermaier needs to continue playing. Joyce and Myers should platoon and Myers can hit DH when Joyce is in the outfield.

  13. Lane Meyer says:

    Jerry Sands should be the odd man out for now once Guyer comes back.


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