The Rays had a pregame ceremony today honoring Don Zimmer.

Here is the video tribute that was shown on the videoboard. In addition, both teams wore Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys during warmups (see below).

There is lots of great stuff in here. But maybe my favorite is James Shields at the 6:04 mark on missing the tribute because Zim would say Shields has to “beat up those Yankees” on Sunday.

Here is a closeup of the jersey worn by the Rays during warmups and during the Zimmer ceremony.

via the Tampa Bay Rays

via the Tampa Bay Rays

And here is both teams walking out to the field in their Dodgers throwbacks.

6-7-2014 3-10-23 PM



  1. Rob says:

    Stats and Anderson were interviewing Tommy Lasorda and they came back from a commercial and Lasorda (who didn’t appear to know they were on the air) said, “There should be more people here. I’ve seen more people in a men’s room before.”

  2. Rob says:

    Now Lasorda is complaining about hitters who always take the first pitch of an at bat, which is often the best pitch to hit, and then swing at crap out of the strike zone on the next pitch to go down 0-2. Love it!

  3. Chris Wise says:

    Thanks for posting this Cork.

  4. Joe Dunn says:

    If I had a dollar for every damn pitch the Rays hitters TAKE to make it 0-1 this season, I would have enough money to buy season tickets for the rest of my life.

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