5-30-2014 7-29-45 PMRays consigliere Ken Rosenthal has a curious column up today about the tension between David Price and David Ortiz following Friday night’s incident in which Price hit Ortiz, seemingly in retaliation for Ortiz watching his home run too long in last year’s ALDS.

Rays’ Price needs to take road most traveled — the high one

What is curious about the column is Rosenthal spends the first half going into great depth to explain that Price did exactly what many pitchers, including some on the Red Sox, would have done to Ortiz if faced with the same situation.

There is even the suggestion that Price gained a lot of respect by sending a much-needed message to Ortiz that he is not bigger than the game, despite his own words to the contrary.

But then the column takes a decided turn when Rosenthal criticizes Price for putting the game in jeopardy and his teammates in danger.

In the paragraph immediately after pointing out that Ortiz referred to Price as “a little girl” and “a little b*tch,” and equated their beef with war, Rosenthal has this to say about Price:

“That’s twice now that Price has come off as touchy, maybe even immature. And frankly, I’m starting to wonder what it might mean for him in the future.”

I had to actually reread that sentence because I assumed at first he was referring to Ortiz and just mistakenly typed “Price.”

Rosenthal’s ultimate point is that he wished Price had taken the high road, a legitimate desire.

But Price did not do anything many other pitchers would have done or even wanted to do.

Price didn’t throw at Ortiz’s head the way Brandon Workman threw behind Evan Longoria’s head, and it certainly wasn’t Price who put Longoria in danger.


And Price didn’t inflame the situation with moronic words and comparisons after the game.

If Rosenthal’s point is that hitting a batter over pimping a home run is touchy and immature, that is fine. But don’t single out Price when pitchers have been doing much worse for over 100 years.

Could Price have taken the high road and not thrown at Ortiz? Sure. But it would seem to me that Price is the least immature person in this saga, and Price did nothing more touchy or immature than any other pitcher who has ever felt wronged and hit a batter.



  1. ken says:

    So a jock wannabe who wears a freakin' bow tie and has a squeaky little girls voice calls Price "touchy and immature". Wow, the sword of Damocles surely hangs over DP's head now.

  2. JMN says:

    How cute, Rosenthal trying to be relevant. I think 99% of sports fans out there could care less what this guy has to say or whatever he regurgitates at the moment.

  3. OriginalTom says:

    I think Rosenthal makes some valid points. There are a couple of points working against Price here:

    1) Many players admire there Home Runs these days.
    2) Supposedly, He and Ortiz had cleared the air.
    3) He ended up nearly getting Longoria plunked.

    Additionally the Rays had swept the Sox last weekend so why not let sleeping dogs lie?

    Price was overly sensitive to the Media criticism from Hayhurst and Verducci and if he is traded to a large market team there be some concern regarding how he will handle the media.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      We only have Ortiz saying that Price called him to "apologize". I don't see Price having on and off field tantrums. breaking phones, bats, etc. or constantly cursing in his press quotes and whining about respect. Ortiz has always seemed the immature one but I always chalked that up to the PEDs.

      • OriginalTom says:

        Well in Rosenthal's article it does say Price reached out to Ortiz so that could be the phone call Ortiz is referring too.

        As far as the rest of your post there is absolutely NOTHING I DISAGREE with. I do not take Rosenthal's column as saying Ortiz is right and Price is wrong, I see it as saying Ortiz is a Prima Donna and Price should not stoop to his level.

        • Lane Meyer says:

          I thought the most classless thing Ortiz did was drop the F bomb last year during the ceremony to honor the marathon victims. They had a national forum to show class and unity with a house full of victims, their families, and children, and he has to act like a teenage boy.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      But again, is that any more immature than any other pitcher hitting a batter? Is it more immature than Workman throwing behind Longo's head? Or more immature than the pitcher who plunks somebody and then starts screaming at the batter and moving towards him? I'm just not sure why Rosenthal felt the need to call out Price and act like Price did something that was any different than what has been done 1000s of times. If Price wants to call what Price did immature, I don't have a problem with that. But let's not act like Price is somehow more immature than every other pitcher.

      • OriginalTom says:

        I just do not see this as a major calling out of Price. I took the tone of the article as Rosenthal saying "look a lot of people think Ortiz can be a bit of a douche but you (Price) are a bright articulate guy and should rise above his nonsense." I do not think Price helped the team by plunking Ortiz.

  4. Geoff Peterson says:

    Oh and by the way I would certainly place my bet on Price in a fight being younger, thinner and more agile than Ortiz unless Roid rage convinced him to bring his bat.

  5. Gus says:

    Left unsaid in this entire conversation is that Ortiz's whole carrer is PED-based; his late 30's comeback from the brink is PED based, and at some point that has to infuriate a competitior like Price that he's getting his ass kicked by a guy (and a team) that has been super PED influenced. And we aren't talking about guys on the fringe of baseball trying to make the show (the Rays may lead MLB in all of those PED users); we are talking the Red Sox and stars of all of MLB where Papi and Manny used for years with complete impunitiy from guys like Peter Gammons and Ken Rosenthal, guys who "love" the game to the extent in impacts their personal bank accounts, but are so conflicted they wont call Ortiz the PED cheat he obvioulsy is, has been and probably forever will be.

  6. Lane Meyer says:

    It also wouldn't hurt Rosenthal to do a little more research. He says Price will be a free agent in 2015 and the Rays must trade him. Wrong, he's still under Rays control in 2015, nice job Mr. Peepers.


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