Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 5It is no surprise that rumors of trading David Price are starting to pick up steam. This would have happened even if the Rays were still in contention.

What is a surprise is that the rumors now seem to be bothering the usually affable Price and he may be getting to the point where he wants a trade to happen so that the nonsense will stop.

In a column titled, “David Price Trade Must Happen Soon,” Marc Topkin of TampaBay.com has this jolting little nugget:

It has become increasingly obvious that the Rays likely — if not absolutely, positively — are going to trade Price over the next 51/2 weeks until the July 31 deadline…There’s also this: Price’s frustration with the Rays’ overall situation — the team unexpectedly losing so much, the again constant trade speculation, his reluctantly accepting the reality that he’s likely going to leave a place he truly loves — has become obvious daily. His media interviews have become painfully awkward. And hearing a clubhouse leader saying “We’re the worst team in baseball” — albeit true record-wise — isn’t exactly inspiring.

This is not the David Price we all love. Price does occasionally stick his foot in his mouth. But he always chews on that foot with a big smile on his face.

Price has been through a lot with the Rays and it is not like these rumors are something new. But this reaction is and what the Rays don’t need is Price’s sour attitude influencing the minds of the young pitchers who are still being molded into the Rays Way.

In the meantime, we are starting to get a clearer picture of the teams that could be involved in landing Price and whether a deal will happen.

Marc Topkin noted that the Blue Jays, Cardinals, Giants, Indians, and Yankees all had scouts to watch Price in his most recent start.

David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that the Atlanta Braves are not likely to pursue a deal, noting they are already over budget and have a good rotation.

Buster Olney says the Giants “like Price a whole lot,” and the Cardinals “certainly would have the prospects to get Price if they devoted themselves to making a trade.” Olney adds that the Angels “could use Price,” but may not be able to match what the Cardinals can offer.

Olney previously wrote that the Blue Jays don’t have the prospects to pursue Price. Of course, that could quickly be remedied by adding a third team to the mix.

Meanwhile, Olney spoke with a talent evaluator who summed up the thinking on giving up the farm for a player like Price.

Because this is a guy you trade for if you want to try to win a World Series…You get him for this year and for next year and he makes your team better, and you can match [Price] up against anybody. You worry about the cost of signing him later, and if he walks away, that’s the way it goes. But you’re adding a No. 1 starter who can be a difference-maker for two seasons.

Hang on, folks. This ride is about to get bumpy. In the meantime, enjoy Price while we still can. Because every start Price makes for the last-place Rays is one less start Price can make for a team in contention.



  1. edward williams says:

    ok so i understand about trading price and gettting some prospects for him, but i hope it's not just prospects because to me that means another year or 2 of sucky baseball, we could use some decent veterans also, somebody with some speed maybe and fire. We just seem to be in a malaise this year, i know its been tough but there doesn't seem to be any real fire in this team, i really liked dj trying to steal home, even if it didn't work at least he showed a little inititive. I like the make up of this team in the infield, but we just seem to be off a little i think. Anyway still going to cheer the guys on, been though the devil rays years and before that growing up terrible mets years, so i am kind of use to losing teams. lol

    • OriginalTom says:

      Which Terrible Mets year did you grow up during 62-68, 77-83, or 91-96?

      • edward williams says:

        77-83 i lived in nj , just a kid learning baseball, i use to have such hope , i remember dave kingman and george foster, don't remember the years, i actually moved to florida in 83 and continued to follow them until the rays came. 86 was like heaven, where i grew up it was either yankees or mets, event though they werent the best i think i picked the right team at that time, lol still hate the yankees. God now you got me thinking about the players, john sterns catcher, i believe ed kranepool at first, my memorie isn't what it was, lee mazille , can you imagine sid fernandez pitching to molina , lol that would be 600 pounds of pitcher and catcher. lolololol

        • OriginalTom says:

          1977 was the 1st year I really started following baseball. That was the year they traded both Seaver and Kingman. Man, those were some bad teams. I think the highlight of those years was Mazzilli hitting a Home Run in the 79 All Star Game.

          • edward williams says:

            now that i remember, lol i swear i remember listening to the games on the radio and being able to hear the fans talking to each other, people complain about the attendance here, it was worse back than. lol

  2. Dave L says:

    I think the Zobrist factor could be the most intruiging aspect.

    A switch hitting veteran who is averaged a 6 WAR over the past 5 seasons, can play either middle infield or corner outfield position, is a character guy, A+ clubhouse guy, will do anything he is asked without a word.

    Oh yeah and he plays every day, and nobody ever even thought to ask if he was 'frustrated', because he's a consummate professional athelete

    Who in contention couldn't use him? He is like a golden injury insurance policy a team takes out before the trade deadline for whatever may ail a club in Sept-Oct.

    Between the 2 of them we could net a small crop from 2 clubs in a 3 way or independently that something good would have to come out of.

    • Gerry says:

      Well said. Hate to lose Zoby but he is everything you said.

      • Dave L says:

        If this were a math equation Zobrist would be the C -- the constant, the given that you can take to the bank like the speed of light or pi in geometry.

        Plug him in in whatever position whatever lineup slot against whatever pitcher.

        His Rays commitment is identical to Price's. He will be in his age 34 season when we have to extend. Off-season evaluations had him as the 3rd best 2nd baseman behind.... well u know whos.

        Plus he can play wherever really, especially beneficial in the NL game.

        We can't afford him any more than Price when push comes to shove so why not deal him

  3. Buddhaboy says:

    I say package him with Stinkin Longo. i am sick of seeing freeking Longo take off his helmet every chance he gets to show everyone his cool haircut.

    If he spent more time worrying about hitting than what his dumb ass face looks like, then he may be hitting over 260. wHoa my, how far has this guy dropped.

    His lacksadasical approach looks lazy. i think he is spoiled and punch drunk on the play boy bunnie he has at home. Dude needs to get in a fight or something to wake him up. serious.

    • Joe Dunn says:

      Haircut is awful.....attitude is hard to figure

    • OriginalTom says:

      Longoria is having an off year by his standards but he is still 6th in WAR out of 23 qualifiers at 3B. He is not the problem.

  4. Gus says:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it is the forced economics of Tampa Bay (primarily the lousy TV contract, but attendance doesn;t help either) that saves the Rays from being sentimental, and makes them dump guys right before they decline. Price is now there -- he'll be good for a while, but his Cy Young days are probably in the rear view. So I'd trade him now, find somewhere he'll stay long term (like St. Louis, which isn't all that far from his home in Tennessee) and get some players.

    I don't see Zobrist going anywhere, but the same logic applies there too. Have to stay young in this game (unless you are on the PEDs).

    • Joe Dunn says:

      I am a fan from day one------from Florida. But I still contend that all the surveys and market studies failed to identify how many damn northerners love baseball but are NOT gonna give up their loyalty to the team they left 20-30 years ago. Therefore fans go to the Trop just when "their team" is in town.

      And the economy still sucks for many (or their personal financial situation)

      • edward williams says:

        i agree , if people could give up thier allegience than maybe the attendance would pick up , some, i gave up my allegience the day the rays came here, it's not that hard. I go to games, and to tell you the truth i don't have a problem with the trop. One thing i think we have to remember is that the team isn't that old, i believe we have to give it at least 1-2 generations to take hold. Its also up to the rays, trading players before they hit the market isn't going to help, that is why i am happy they signed longo to a long deal, and some of the younger players, so hopefully that will help, i see a lot more rays stuff in the malls these days, i remember going to a sports store back before the rays where good and looking for at that time devil rays gear and there wasn't any, but plenty of yankee stuff. I complained to the manager and he just laughed at me. So it's going to take time i believe, but it is getting better, and your right once the economy picks up it should get better.

  5. Jay says:

    Here are the players that should not be on this roster next season for a number of reasons...
    1. Price- too expensive
    2. Zobrist- best days are gone, trade before everyone else figures it out, value still there
    3. Joyce- getting more and more expensive for less production, cannot hit lefties, like at all.
    4 Jennings- not panning out, someone else might believe in him. If not move to LF next yr and move him to the 9 hole
    5. Escobar- still a child, wants to be a power hitter and now has no range.
    6 Molina- wtf we resigned him is beyond me

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Agree. Kinda.
      Price is a given.

      Moving Zobrist would be a smart play now because he's not getting younger and his power is waning fast, he'd still make a very valuable NL player and could bring a decent ROI. He'd give an NL manager a glut of options late in games.

      Year after year I catch myself waiting for Joyce to make the most of that beautiful swing and year after year I end up disappointed; partly in him, but mostly in myself for still believing he can be a power hitter.

      Jennings is fine and probably wouldn't yield enough to make a move worthwhile, but should give up CF to Kiermaeir next season (If K2 can prove his ability over a larger sample-size).

      Escobar's a keeper.

      Slo-Mo has no business playing baseball.

  6. Mr. Smith 1980 says:


    All this talk about roster changes has me wondering; what do they do with Myers next year?

    The outfield is full of talent, all of whom have better arms than him.

    DeJesus, Jennings, Kiermaeir, Guyer all better outfielders...

    Could he become a most days DH?

    Does Jennings become expendable (he'll be arb eligible, if I'm not mistaken) then Myers can stay in RF with K2 in CF and Dejesus and Guyer platooning LF?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I think Myers is a different creature than somebody like a Matt Joyce or a Brandon Guyer. You don't want Myers DHing or platooning with any regularity. That's why we have seen Maddon really challenge him to be better defensively. They will stick with him for a while and rotate in the other spots.


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