David Price

When David Price walked off the field in the ninth inning of today’s game it just felt different. His walk was slower. The tip of his cap felt more touching. And the reception from the players in the dugout looked more like a tribute from players that respect one of the game’s greats and are about to say goodbye.

It is no secret that there is a good chance that Price will not finish the season with the Tampa Bay Rays. But if we listen carefully to Price’s post-game comments today, it sure sounds like he has pitched his last game with the Rays and he knows a trade is coming sooner, rather than later.

When Price was asked about being pulled in the 9th inning and wanting to finish the game, he had some very telling comments:

“That would’ve been cool. I think Shields in his last start here he gave up 1 and we lost 1-0 and I’m pretty sure he threw a complete game, punched out 15, just set all kind of records. It’s something I wanted to do for sure. My last batter in Vanderbilt was a home run. My last hitter last year was a home run when I thought I done and then, you guys think I’m out of here now and my last hitter for the Rays was a home run again.”

There is more than a month before the trade deadline. It is not often that a player speculates on the end of a tenure unless he knows it is coming.

He then was asked about the ovation from the fans as he walked off the field:

“These fans were awesome. We love them. They support us very well and if this is my last game here, thanks.”

Of course, Price’s next two starts are on the road, and Price may just be assuming that he will be dealt before the Rays return home on July 7. But these comments sure sound like a man that has been told by the front office that a deal is coming and it is coming soon.

The entire day just felt different and special.

Before the game, Price asked to wear the sky blue Sunday jersey because it matched his spikes. The wish was granted.

On the mound, Price just seemed even more focused and even more determined than usual. And then there was that walk off the mound with his head low.

For once, it really felt like the end.




  1. Rob says:

    It's the first time I've heard him compliment the fans without qualifying it in some way.

  2. Craig says:

    It sucks but it's the way we have to do business here. Get some MLB ready prospects .

  3. Lane Meyer says:

    I hope he resists the urge to badmouth the Tampa Bay area when he arrives in his new home. Wherever he lands may have more fans in the seats, but he won't have a manager and fans who support him like we did here. In larger markets he'll get bad press and fan criticism every time he has a rough start. Here, most of his bad press or criticism came from comments he made, not his play on the field.

    • bbmern says:

      Good one, Lane!

      • Joe Dunn says:

        I love him as a player but when he speaks to media, I felt he must feel some sort of pressure to be one of the "spokesmen" of the team but he wasnt very articulate. .

        He tried to sound too much like a 20 yr veteran.. .

  4. TOM says:

    We need power hitters & a young front line catcher. Wherever Price goes I hope the Rays insist Molina is part of the trade.

  5. Buddhaboy says:

    yeah, it sure felt like that was it. Too bad about the home run. Dude went oppo. Just a great hitter doing what he does.

    WOuld be nice to get a hitter like that in this supposed trade.

  6. AJNO says:

    now... let the bidding begin!!!

    Seattle? either LA?? KC have anyone left???


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