USATSI_7928917_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Jays 9, RAYS 6 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Offense. If the Rays have a real concern moving forward it is the offense. You gotta figure the pitching will get better as it continues to get healthier. And with 6 more runs and 12 more hits yesterday the offense looks better…Sean Rodriguez. Rodriguez is in a weird spot. He is doing what is asked and he is doing it well. Part of that is that Joe Maddon is putting him in spots where he can maximize his effectiveness. Putting him in more spots than that may expose the holes we have seen in the past. But at the same time, Hot Rod is hitting over .300 with 9 extra-base hits and a .965 OPS in May (50 plate appearances). Maddon may have to see if Rodriguez can remain hot in more spots.

THE BAD: This looks bad. The Blue Jays looks like the real deal. And yes, all teams in the AL East look like this at certain points in the season, including the Rays. But the Blue Jays are so deep offensively. They lead the AL with 76 homes runs. No other team has more than 58. They also lead the AL with a .345 wOBA (kinda like OBP but a better indicator of all-around hitting). The Tigers are second at .331. On the other hand, the Rays are 13th in the AL with a .309 wOBA, ahead of only the Mariners and Royals. Meanwhile, the Jays’ pitching isn’t great. But if the offense keeps clicking it won’t need to be until the playoffs. But by that point it will be too late for the Rays.

THE TELLING: Alex Cobb took a line drive off his heiny but appeared to be OK and stayed in the game. Jose Reyes did apologize from first base…Wil Myers appeared to injure his hand on a sac fly in the 8th inning but did remain in the game…The Rays have signed pitcher Casey Weathers to a minor league contract. He was the 8th pick in the 2007 draft but has never been above double-A…Ryan Hanigan will take today off. With tomorrow’s off-day he will see if he can get his hamstring healed. If it is not better by Friday, he could be headed to the DL. Also, despite missing his rehab game because he was sick, Ben Zobrist may still rejoin the Rays on Friday…Evan Longoria is second in All-Star voting for third baseman. He trails only Josh Donaldson of the A’s who is having an MVP-like season.


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  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresEnny Romero gave up 8 runs and was pulled before he could get out of the 2nd inning. Mikie Mahtook went 2-4 and is now hitting .322. Wilson Betemit hit his 10th home run and Justin Christian added his 4th…Montgomery was swept in a double-header with second baseman Ryan Brett hitting his 3rd home run.




  1. Jason says:

    The telling: we suck! We can’t beat good teams that can hit and we can’t beat teams with good pitching. It’s the end of May the record tells it all. Wil Myers and Longo are going to have bad years. A new TV contract cannot come soon enough, the Rays need that money for another bat.

  2. Dean says:

    Jays are outhitting their pitching and we’re catching them at the wrong time.

    That said, this might not be our year, but we’ll stay in it until the end. I’ll be watching and listening until the end.

  3. Jim says:

    so is everyone still on the “wait to the deadline” to pull the trigger? unlike previous years, there’s no “spark” or “streak” that is all of a sudden going to turn this thing around.

    “firesale”? no, but the Price talks need to heat up, and please try to find a trade partner that will take Balfour, and we’ll gladly pick up the rest of this years salary. after his “booing” tirade, he’s about done here. the opposing fans will just shower him in boos. he won’t be able to differentiate which fans are doing it and will be useless all year.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      That may be one of the most foolish posts so far this season…

      It is heartbreaking that the Rays couldn’t continue to roll after the Boston series, but if you think after the Boston sweep that the Rays are out of it with no hope of a summer revival you’re one of two things; a baseball newbie who doesn’t understand the ebb and flow of a 162 game schedule, or an “I’m always on the panic button because I love to be pleasantly surprised when the obvious happens” kind of guy…

      The mere suggestion of dumping Balfour and eating his salary is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard all year, and I teach 4th grade, so I hear some fairly dumb stuff.

      • Jim says:

        what’s the difference between picking up the rest of his salary for this year in a trade and paying him to pitch for us the rest of the year as a non playoff team? if we can find someone to take him next year, then he’s done here. he’s a pitcher that get’s his best performance after getting jacked up emotionally. the booing rant shows us just how fragile he is.

        we failed miserably on our offseason bullpen hires.

        the miracle comeback year completely made a bunch of you delusional. can it happen again? sure, but it is highly unlikely. i love how most of you guys are addicted to stats, yet we are somehow going to do a complete 180 and turn it around. stats and numbers are the driving force to guys like you, but you’ll laugh at the 10% playoff chance the “numbers” show. you’ll then revert to the 162 games BS.


        we aren’t chasing one team, we are chasing the entire AL, There’s a huge difference in a comeback miracle.

      • Jim says:

        i’ve asked you over and over, what’s the magic number and when? when will you finally admit that this isn’t our year and we aren’t playoff material this year.

        are you holding for the sept magic that you’re soooo sure that this team is still capable of? what makes july 31 so special to you?. holding out all hope till the very end? risk losing trade partners by waiting toooooo long and them being out of it by 7/31.

        if we are 8 out on 7/31 would you hold onto Price? cmon, what’s your number?

        • Dave L says:

          The trading deadline. I keep telling you.

          No serious baseball observer is proposing what you propose because its laughable.

          There is nothing to be gained except in monetary saving which will be lost in revenue from finishing behind the Sox in dead last. Yeah our attendance sucks but its heavily dependent upon walk up sales.

          You cannot be a serious Rays fans and preach a Marlins type money saving franchise killing move.

          Are you a Marlins fan by chance? Or Sox fan? Only a Sox fan would wish we would do what you propose to keep them out of the cellar.

          • Jim says:

            money savings? hell, i’m proposing paying grant’s salary this year to go away. i even said “NO FIRESALE”. move price and balfour.

            what do you honestly think we will average if we are in last place after the trade deadline(with or without price)? 14K? so let’s say it drops by 4K(which it won’t) due to just trading david price. that’s $3.2 million(41games@$20). price makes $14million, so that pretty much shoots down your lost revenue BS. i’m being generous because there isn’t 41 games.

        • ken says:

          I, and others, have asked you Jim to show us your baseball acumen by suggesting players the Rays might want in return for Price. Back in the day we’d sit around a cozy pub in the winter and propose trades to improve our respective teams. If you’re old enough to remember that time, it was called the Hot Stove League. You have yet to address that question. Hell, you can’t even come up with teams that may want David.
          Upon my return from my 3 week journey to the Northeast (yeah retirement has it’s merits) I proposed we all table the Price trade discussion until the season fleshes out a bit more. Again I ask that.
          I’m as disappointed as the rest of you with the results of the last two games but am enough of a fan to grit my teeth and turn the page. I guess I’m as delusional as those 30,000+ Cubs fan who attend till the fat lady sings.
          Which brings me to one last question Lord Jim. How many games do you attend? Where in the park could you be found during any given game? Love to buy you a beer and listen to your theories! As always, Go Rays.

      • Jim says:

        mr smith(baseball guru)

        still waiting on your answer. how many games behind? when? for someone with all your knowledge, this should be an easy answer for you.

        what’s the love affair with grant? 5.5 ERA, as many blown saves as entire 2011 season, trouble with fan’s criticism. 18BB/15K’s. it truly looks like we shit the bed on him and Bell.

        • Jim says:

          2012 season

        • OriginalTom says:


          I vote you get the award for the first Ray’s fan to give up on the season. I (and apparently others on this site) are hoping (not betting or even predicting but hoping) the Rays turn it around this year. Feel free to gloat if the Rays do not make the play offs if this makes you feel good about yourself.

          You still have never answered the question of what you expect in return for Price.

          Also the closer the trade deadline the more teams in the playoff hunt will be willing to trade. I do not think teams like the Mariners or Rangers are going to even start thinking about trading for Price until they know they are contenders.

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          Many of the potential suitors for Price won’t emerge until shortly before the deadline. If you actually follow baseball you’re familiar with the reality that the best deadline deals are made by teams that are on the very cusp and need just one more piece to put them over the top. Two months before the deadline is too early for any serious analysis of who is a legitimate contender or who is not let alone who is a compatible suitor for Price (outside of the usual suspects).

          As far as being delusional, as bad as the Rays have been it’s still too early to close the door on them as dark horse contenders. I agree the Rays have shown very little to convince anyone that they are capable of being remotely close to good enough to make the playoffs, but the last time I taught math (about 3 hours ago) the 2/3 of the season that remain is greater than the 1/3 that has been played.

  4. ken says:

    Three steps forward, two steps back. Rays pitchers ran into a very hot offense. Hopefully Archer steps up and we avoid a sweep.

    • Jim says:

      a lot more than 2 steps back. we are 4-6 in the last 10 with 4 walk off wins. that could have easily been another loss or two. we are regressing, not progressing.

      on top of that, the teams ahead of us in the division are looking to improve. the o’s are in the hunt for Samardzija, along with the Jays.

      • Lane Meyer says:

        I don’t recall the game Boston cried so much about being a walk off win. It was an easy win that Lueke tried to blow but certainly not a walkoff.

      • Dave L says:

        I notice you disappear when we win and only comment after consecutive loses. And its always a variation on a single tiresome theme.

        Is that you Don?

        • Jim says:

          what’s the point? you guys were claiming “this is the turnaround” after we won the DoubleHeader and the Sweep. every post would have been eaten alive by “i told you so’s” and “just wait” by all of you delusional “fans”.

          first is was “4 games, we’re just a series sweep away”, then it was “5 games, it’s too early to panic.” now its 8 games and “we should just ride it out until the deadline, because anything can happen”. hell, if we do trade him and then go on a 3 game winning streak, it will be “see we shouldn’t have moved price, remember the miracle season”.

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          Don had horrible grammar, so I’m operating under the assumption that Jim is not Don.

          • ken says:

            I propose we call Jim the “Boston Bot”. His posts are eerily similar to those made on MLB Game Day by a Sux fan. I’ll come up with his handle.

        • Rob says:

          I wonder what Don is up to these days. I am at a point in the season where if the right deal came along I would be willing to trade Price. If the Rays were willing to entertain offers during the off season, there is no reason not to entertain them now. With that said, I haven’t thrown in the towel either. I’m just no longer willing to bypass a good trade for the sake of this season because I’m not optimistic it would be worth it in the end. The odds are heavily stacked against them and if I were playing poker I wouldn’t bet on this hand.

  5. Jim says:

    you guys have swayed me. we were 9 back in sept to the mighty Red Sox, so anything can happen. we should turn down all offers for Price and go ahead and sign him for next year. we should then wait it out and just get a draft pick for him, because we all know how great our FO is at drafting. i have full faith in the positivity that we can run the table and pull this thing off.

    how stupid does that sound? we’re 9 games out and just got swept by the team we are chasing. we have glaring needs at catcher and pitching, it’s time to move balfour and price.

    balfour is damaged goods, maybe physical and definately mental. it’s time to admit that we made a huge mistake by signing him and bell.

    • ken says:

      Again I bow before your incredible insight into the game of baseball. One question, if Balfour is damaged goods, why would any astute MLB GM want him. Even if, as you proposed, the Rays generously offer to cover this year’s salary just to get rid of him what team would be willing to cough up next years 7 million just to help out the struggling Rays. Another question, are you really a Rays fan? If so, why the continual bashing with no suggestions to improve our club? You, sir, are a gadfly me thinks. You have no investment in this team as a fan. You have found a site where you can agitate passionate fans with your foolish opinions. Perhaps, all of us who respond to your bombastic comments are really the fools here. Get a life and find a new team to criticize.

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