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RAYS (off-day)

After his huge game on Sunday it was assumed that Kevin Kiermaier would be heading back to Durham with the return of Desmond Jennings. But K2 has received a reprieve…for now.

The Rays have sent Brandon Gomes down to triple-A and will keep an extra bat on the bench and roll with a short-handed bullpen today and tomorrow. On Thursday, somebody else will need to be demoted to make room for Alex Cobb which will push Cesar Ramos back to the bullpen.

Presumably, Kiermaier will be the odd man out, but Logan Forsythe is also possible. Forsythe’s outfield defense has turned out to be less than hoped and his bat is not wowing people like it did in the spring. He has become that player Maddon sometimes has on the bench that we only remember is there when somebody gets hurt.


  • Jayson Nix, who was just re-signed by the Rays and assigned to Durham, can opt out of his contract on July 15. [@ChrisCotillo]
  • The Rays currently have a 23.0% chance of making the playoffs, which all things considered, is not that bad. [BPro]
  • Mike Evans throws up a lot. [JoeBucsFan]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresMerrill Kelly struck out 7 and walked 1 in 6.1 innings for Durham, but was pulled with a blister on his finger [Update: The Bulls are now saying it was a hand cramp]. Mikie Mahtook had a pair of doubles and is now hitting .306…Richie Shaffer hit his 6th home run of the season for Montgomery…Josh Sale hit his second home run for Charlotte.




  1. Chris Wise says:

    With Gomes, that's 15 pitchers on the Bulls roster. Getting crowded out in the bullpen. Expect more moves.

  2. Chris Wise says:

    Blister on Kelly's finger has been corrected to hand cramp in latest e-edition report out of Durham.

  3. OriginalTom says:

    Fangraphs gives them a 16.8% chance of making the playoffs.

  4. Jason says:

    thank god Gomes got sent down. He wasn't wowing me either. Sickening watching 2 and 3 run HR with a 0-2 count

  5. Cristian Lara says:

    The team needs to keep kiermaier, in my opinion way better than forsythe. Although Torres up to this point hasn't made big headlines in San Diego I think that was a bad move by Andrew . Hopefully he can prove me wrong.

  6. Rob says:

    I like that they kept Kiermaier on the big league club. I think the Rays need more athleticism.

  7. Jim says:

    Hey FO, please be realistic when listening to ANY trade offer.

    If you don't think we greatly overvalue our "value" players, then please explain what BJ Upton strengths were?

    average hitter, average fielder, questionable clubhouse figure, SO victim, yet we turned down offers(for years) even though we knew he would walk at contract time. Due to the 2008 miracle postseason that he had, we kept holding on hoping he would finally turn into a pot of gold. We bought into the lie that BJ was some sort of defensive legend(laughable), and we priced ourselves right out of the trade market.

    David Price is a huge commodity, and I'm not suggesting giving him away, but please don't get left holding the bag. Ask and get fair market value, and don't turn this into another BJ deal.

    • Dave L says:

      What is your rationale behind trading him months before the deadline, when we are 5 games back?

      Do you realize what that would do to the fanbase? To the morale of the team? Do you actually think through the implications of what you are proposing?

      The Rays goal every year is to be in a pennant race. Its obvious you have given up all hope for the season as a fan, but no player has. Have you ever stopped to examine the injuries, level of play etc. of our division rivals?

      The whole division is playing like crap. Why the insistence on the Rays season already being over? I really don't get it.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Jim, What were these great offers we received for Upton? Please give specifics? Also who do you believe the Rays should ask for IF they were to trade Price?

      You are suggesting the front office trade Price yet you give no hint of what you expect in return.

    • Political_Man says:

      I was unaware of specific deals that were offered for BJ Upton. Perhaps you could elaborate.

  8. Jim says:

    when we last had this discussion. we were 4.5 and it was the last week in april. now we're 5.0 and it late may. where is this run? we had the worst month of our managers career(here) followed up by a sub .500 may

    (from another post) If we wait till the break, Texas, CWS,Philly,LAD and the Mariners could be so far back that they are at best non movers on trading day. Then we are left with only a handful of actual trade partners not in our division. WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER? WHEN/WHERE DO WE CONSIDER MOVING PRICE? why? as the miracle season show us, we're never out of it. I have indicated WHY i think this is the time (above), and no i don't think we are a playoff team.

    the fanbase? really we've talked about this before. how much attendance would this lose? little how will going 80-80 with price on the roster energize the fanbase? how about holding onto price for too long and him going on the DL again? how will the fans react to that?. you act like the front office is making these decisions base on fan's reaction instead of bettering the team.

    "the whole division is playing like crap" you made my point for me. we're last in a division that is playing like crap, so somehow WE are the only ones that are going to get healthy and play better? there are 4 teams (which we play a bunch) that are ahead of us and aren't 100%

    • Dave L says:

      Answer: Trade deadline assumming we are out of it. Its simple really.

      Anything before that is absurd at 5 games back and counterprodctive to running a winning franchise.

      I know it feels good to vent but its not logical, sorry.

      • Jim says:

        what is "out of it"?

        i also noticed you ducked the entire rest of my post. you stated that the entire division is playing like crap, yet somehow the Rays are going to rise to the top of the division? where's the logic here?

        We have the 2nd worse record in the AL, we still have 57 games in division. you're a numbers guys, i've seen numbers as low as 11% on a playoff pct, yet on this, you abandon your brain and go with your gut. you'll throw all these numbers out but when they're all calculated together and it shows that we're very unlikely to make the playoff, you disagree.

        but hey we're a super-sabermetrics team, and we threw that all out of the window hoping that BJ Upton was worth WAY more than what we were offered for him. Let's just hope that we learned from that.

        • Dave L says:

          Out of it is waaaaaayyyy more than 5 games back in May.

          There was once a team which made up nine games in September alone.

          I havent responded to your BJ references because I have no idea what they had to do with Price.

          The bad divison thing is that hard to grasp? We are playing poorly and the others aren't playing much better.

          • Rob says:

            I think I fall somewhere between the two of your points. I don't think the Rays should be "shopping" Price aggressively at this point, but if a team approaches them with an offer at or above market value, then I think it's time to take it. While they could find lightning in a bottle and have another 25-7 run, more than likely they won't make the playoffs this year, statistically speaking, and I don't think Price brings anymore people to the ballpark than a replacement pitcher. In other words, I think Price has more potential value as a trade chip than he does being on the team. His eventual +4 WAR for the season is not going to get this team to the playoffs, so the Rays should not hold onto him if a deal is out there. Now, that does not take into account their plans for next season. If they think they will sign him to his final year (or pay the arbitration) then maybe it is worth keeping him for a run in 2015.

  9. Dave L says:

    Statistically our best hitters have been Joyce, DeJesus and Loney.

    All are killing RHP however Matt and David's career woes against southpaws have continued. Although the Rays try hard to shield them from lefties they are a combined 0-13 with six punchouts. In fact Dejesus has only 2 PA all season against LHP.

    Loney's splits against lefties have been very good in fact his batting average is higher (.310) and his OPS is only -0.50 lower than vs RHP

    So if the want to give him days off at 1st for SRod he should be the DH instead of Forsythe.

    Forsythe has DH 12 times already and that has got to stop. If he gets another chance somebody in the media has to ask why????

  10. ken says:

    Can we all agree to suspend discussion on trading Price until early July? Absolutely nothing will happen before then. Should other moves be made in the near future? Probably but who should go and for what reason?
    Since Cobb and Moore went down this team has performed as dysfunctionally as possible. Very few solid victories come to mind. Many bitter defeats seem much more common. All are to blame. When starters pitch well, we don't field or hit well. When starters pitch poorly our relievers do well, but we still don't field or hit well. Our manager has made more bonehead decisions in two months than he's made in the last 6 years. The front office has bungled trades and has little to show for a bunch of draft picks.
    While I still feel this team can dominate once all components do their fair share, doubts linger. It would be nice if the team provided the fans a "Ray" of hope. Better soon come these wins I think says Yoda.


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