Joe MaddonThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

A’s 3, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Jake Odorizzi. This is probably a stretch after Odorizzi got knocked around pretty good. But you had to like the way he settled down and got stronger. After giving up the third run in the 2nd inning, A’s batters went 0-9 with 6 strikeouts and 3 walks. The 5 walks overall were also ugly, but something Odorizzi is not going to do very often.

THE BAD: Double-Plays. Twice the Rays had runners in scoring position with just one out and then grounded into an inning-ending double-play. The only thing worse than that is knowing that those were the only two times the Rays had runners in scoring position with less than two outs all night. And there was just one other inning in which the Rays even had a runner in scoring position with 2 outs…Jose Molina. We all know he is not playing for the Rays because of his bat, but can he accidentally get a hit or drive in a run every once in a while? Molina is one of two players in baseball with 50+ at bats and no RBI. Cameron Maybin is the other. But at least Maybin has 16 hits, including 5 doubles, suggesting he has just been unlucky. Molina has 6 hits and is batting .111. Pedro Florimon (.108) is the only big leaguer with 50+ at bats and a worse batting average.

THE TELLING: The Rays have been held scoreless in 27 of their last 28 innings and have been shutout in 2 of last 3 games and 5 times this season…The Rays have lost 8 of their last 9 games at The Trop…This is the first time the Rays have been 8 games under .500 since 2007…


  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresDoug Mathis made just his second start for Durham, allowing 1 run in 4.1 innings. Enny Romero was the scheduled starter. It is unclear why the change was made. Hak-Ju Lee, who has been struggling at the plate, batted ninth and went 2-4 with his first home run of the season…Bruedlin Suero tossed 7 shutout innings for Montgomery. He struck out 5 and walked none. Third baseman Tyler Goeddel went 2-5 with his 12th stolen base.




  1. Dave L says:

    Another lefty tonite so we will see some version of that same collectively slumping right handed lineup.

    Molinas AB's are so unproductive, why not DH for him and let the pitchers take some hacks? Thank god Hanigan made an appearence.

    Another 'Good' was the pen. They kept us mathematically 'in it' although the 3 run deficit looked like Mt Everest the way we were swinging the bats.

  2. Rob says:

    Something that should be in the ugly was the pace of the game. Odorizzi was working so slowly last night the outfielders were taking a knee between pitches. It was sort of irritating because it looked like they were not even into the game. Guyer was aimlessly walking in circles between pitches, and at one point, Myers barely got back to his feet before the ball was delivered. The pitch was hit his way, but went foul. If it were fair it would have been a double, maybe a triple because Myers wasn't ready to get a good jump on the ball. They looked like a bunch of bored little leaguers day dreaming about things other than baseball. If this were any other product, I would return it and ask for a refund due to the poor quality. The fact that you can hear the air conditioners ruining in the Trop due to paltry attendance should also be in the ugly. The mall has more energy than that place.

  3. Casey says:

    I love Joe, but can we declare the multi positional utility player strategy dead soon. Why should we suffer mediocre players playing mediocre all over the place when we can have players who do something good whether it's fielding or hitting in one spot. You find ballplayers who can play a position then you put them out there everyday. Do you think the 2008 rays made it because of a player like Rodriguez or Forsythe? No! We had ballplayers like Cliff Floyd, Eric Hinske and Gabe Gross who could hit the dang ball, who cares if they could play 7 different positions. As bad as our pitching has been it's kept us in games, we've lost I think 9 games by 2 runs or less. I don't care if everyone pours on saying it's early, because you're right it is early. But I don't see us getting better relying on a super utility strategy and staying loyal to mediocre hitting players.

  4. Pat says:

    On Molina, I get that we are not paying him to hit. But when he comes up with less than two outs, an a runner on first, why don't we at least have him bunt? It's an automatic out when he bats, so why not limit the damage to a single out? We would almost be better off telling him not to swing at anything, just take our lumps on that AB and eliminate anything worse than a single out.

    • Rob says:

      Molina is so slow that there's no guarantee he wouldn't hit into a double play when he bunts too. The other issue is that we bat the third slowest guy on the team in front of him (Escobar), otherwise we could at least put the hit and run on. I propose letting Jennings (or Guyer or Rodriguez if they are in the lineup) hit 8th, so at least we can try steal our way to second to stay out of the double play.

  5. rich apple says:

    Molina has to coach..not play. Are coaches not responible for some of this. They seem to be off the hook. Myers seems lost and a 250 hitter at best.. No fire. I have not seen one change in approach at the plate since the season started. getting old. hoping to play 500 ball just wont do!!!

  6. Jason says:

    I hate beating this dead horse but dear god please fire Derek Shelton!! Maybe that will give us some kind of a jolt! No hitter under his tutelage has gotten better and you could say that most have gotten worse or stayed flat. Longo should be breaking out this year instead he is terrible even with the errors. Myers is killing us too. Molina please DFA him. I know he is here for defense but you gotta bat at least over .200. This team is really slumping and I don't see a silver lining. It's no wonder Papa John's changed the promo to the rays score 6 runs or more cause they can't do it as consistently as they were striking out 10!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIRE DEREK SHELTON

    • Monte says:

      Carlos didn't hit over .200.
      BJ didn't hit over .200.
      Had they each played 162 games, they would each have struck out over 200.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Keppinger, Kotchman, Loney, and Hannigan all improved offensively with the Rays. Upton and Crawford's number both went down after leaving the Rays. I do not know how much credit Shelton deserves if any for this but the notion that no hitter has improved with Shelton as the hitting coach is not supported by the facts.

  7. ed williams says:

    i keep seeing that molina is here for his defense, well, where is it? I said i wasn't going to go there in the beginning of the year but, he is terrible. But we,or i can't blame it all on him, i have asked this question before, where is the coaches, i understand shelton isn't going up there and hitting , or Joe Maddon , jason brought up a good point , what player has gotten better hitting since sheldon has been here. If anything a lot of the hitters have gotten worse. Loney was a decent hitter before he came here, he had the one bad year, hannigan from what i remember was also a decent hitter for a catcher before he sighned here, maybe they aren't listening to the coaches, because they seem to be doing alright. But what has happened to this team , is it early , yes , anybody dominating the al east , no, but there is nothing to show me that this team is going to come out of this slump anytime soon. I thought when they brought grant back that we would start getting some of the fire we use to have back , when gomes and floyd and hinske where here, but it just doesn't seem like it, are we missing leaders, longo i thought was going to be that, along with david price, as much as i want to through this all on maddon , i know i can't , players have to play, and he has proven to be a great manager, but i still have a problem with shelton, sorry, i know there are going to be people out there who say , well where were you when the offence was clicking, i was here, if we look back on the time he has been hitting coach the offence really hasn't been consistent, so i ask , is it derek shelton, the players, or joe maddons system? Thanks for letting me vent, as always i am still going to support the team, always have , go rays.

  8. ken says:

    A few days ago I asked all index contributors to suspend posts concerning a Price trade until later in the season (I suggested July). We all know that trade wasn't going to happen any time soon.
    Now I ask all of you to stop using the word "early" when addressing the team's dismal performance. Phrases like "don't panic yet it's early", "the Rays can turn it around because it's early", ad naseum. It's a tired cliche used by devout fans to rationalize the fact that their team really stinks and logically will get better. I'm as guilty as anyone here. Just today I looked at June's schedule and thought, wow, if we can just get through this "early" slump we'll knock heads next month.
    The law of averages doesn't always work in sports. A struggling team or athlete will not get better just because past stats indicate better play. Adjustments must be made. Changes in approach, attitude, and yes, roster management and coaching have to happen to make early, crappy performance better as the season progresses. If not, early failure becomes mid-season failure, then late season hopelessness which culminates in fans saying 'wait till next year".
    Teams that have performed poorly to date will begin to make moves. They will bite the bullet, admit their miscalculations and do their best to improve their performance through trades and call-ups. The Red Sox got the ball rolling. Will the Rays join in?

  9. Mark Wolff says:

    I have had a facebook page for several years named FireDerekShelton. While I have quit calling for his firing, I still don't think he does a good job. There is a lack of situational hitting and a lack of adjustments. I think some of the problem is an organizational attitude(lack of bunting, hitting against the shift, etc.). In tonights lineup James Loney is hitting .306 and the next highest batting average is .260. You have to be able to hit a little bit in order to win.


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