A few years ago we were the first to uncover some amazing photos of Joe Maddon from his days as a catcher for Lafayette College (see below and at this link).

But while we knew Maddon had played three seasons as a catcher in the Angels system (1976-78) and a fourth year in the Padres system (1979), I was unaware that a baseball card existed of this.

The picture on the right (via Beckett.com) is Maddon’s baseball card from his first season of pro ball where he hit .294 with a .360 OBP in 50 games for the single-A Quad Cities Angels.

Joe Maddon

The other card is a photo from Maddon’s first season as the manager of the double-A Midland Angels in 1985. He was a minor league manager from 1981 through 1986 where he compiled a record of 279-339 in six seasons.

You can see Maddon’s minor league stats at this page.

Here is Maddon (no. 22) at Lafayette.

Joe Maddon



  1. Dave L says:

    Think if the Angels continue to underachieve and they finally cashiered Scioscia they might lure Maddon back to Anaheim? Obviously they were the ones that nutured his rise, which isnt easy for guy with no MLB playing experience. He kept rising through the MiLB managing ranks while losing every year.

    I know they are friends and the timing would have to be right contract wise. The Angels may need to have a interim guy to let Joe come back without appearing to be part of letting Mike go. He's younger than Joe by a couple of years.

    Those Angel teams have played below their talent level for years. JoeMa says he loves it here and wouldn't want to blah blah blah but Mr. Sunshine isn't going to sell himself any different than he sells the Rays way to everyone who wants to listen. What else would you expect him to say?


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