Joe MaddonIn the seventh inning of the Rays’ 8-5 win over the Red Sox, some on Boston’s bench took exception to Yunel Escobar stealing third base with a 5-run lead. This led to the benches clearing and several ejections (see video here).

Let’s ignore for a second that 99% of baseball’s “unwritten rules” are actually “dumb rules” and let’s ignore for a second that Grant Balfour actually had to save this game in the ninth inning of a game in which the Red Sox had apparently already given up in the seventh inning.

Instead, let’s let Joe Maddon explain just how dumb the Red Sox were for being upset.

“They took umbrage with the fact that Escobar had stolen third base with a five-run lead in the 7th. That’s not even nearly as egregious as last year in the playoffs—last year in the playoffs when they had an 8-2 lead in the 8th inning, Ellsbury led off with a single and they stole second base, beating us 12-2. I think that was a little bit more egregious than their interpretation tonight…While we’re on the subject, I want to take this moment please regarding this crazy stuff about leads and teams trying to not score runs. I didn’t take any exception when they stole on us last year in the 8th inning in the Division Series, 8-2 lead, Ellsbury on, they steal. I didn’t take any because our goal is to not permit them scoring runs. Their goal is to score runs. The whole game. That’s always been the goal within the game of baseball. Apparently some of the guys on their bench did not like that. I really wish they would roll back the tape and look at that more specifically. You have to keep your personal vendettas, your personal prejudice, your personal judgmental components in your back pocket. So before you start screaming regarding any of that, just understand what happened just last year and also understand in this ballpark, 5-0 leads can evaporate quickly.”

Of course, the last part refers to just the game before on Saturday in which the Red Sox jumped out to a 5-0 lead and by the fifth inning the game was already tied.

Joe Maddon and his verbal sledge hammer, telling it like it is since 1954.



  1. formattedfire3 says:

    Didn't the Red Sox come from 7-0 down in the seventh inning in the ALCS to defeat the Rays? Didn't the Rangers continue to score runs when it was 8-1 and it ended up being 12-4? There's no crying in baseball...unless you're the Boston Belles.

  2. Dean says:

    Next time I get a speeding ticket, I want Joe arguing my case.

  3. ken says:

    After the game several Sux players were quoted as saying the Brouhaha was all about they're frustration with getting slapped around lately. That's why there were all the cat-calls from the bench. Horse crap. Sux players and fans demonstrate year after year that they demand entitlement. Much the same as a school yard bully does. Maddon's quote was on the mark.
    SRod: I've been critical of his play in the past, I admit it. This year I'm seeing him in a different light. Even with his limited skill set, he's quietly becoming a team leader. Key hits, no complaints about playing time, tough guy persona in between the lines, all seem evident this year. The tape shows him right in the middle of the scrum. This team needs a scrapper or two, Sean might just be one of them. Go Rays.

  4. TampaPete says:

    Pedroia and Gomes said they didn't care about the steal. That wasn't what it was about.

  5. bbmern says:

    Loved his comments, especially that last sentence. I hope this does not spill over in our trip to Boston next weekend. The only thing I hope is that we sweep them again!

  6. STARMAND says:

    The only RS player who gave an indicia of reacting to the play was Pierzynski. He made a move to throw to third but kept it because the 3B did not move from his fielding position. So the play was scored as defensive indifference.

    To me that's telling. That tells me that the RS are very indifferent to making defensive plays. It also explains why they are in a 0-10 funk. Among other reasons.

    Fine with me. They can be as indifferent as they want. They can also get as many suspensions as they want. But what I don't get is the SR ejection. Didn't see anything there that might justify it.

    • ken says:

      Yeah, pretty curious call on Sean. As a Rays fan, others might call me a bit paranoid, but I swear to goodness we get shafted in one way or another by the men in blue most every game. Replay has helped some, but ball/strike calls often seem incredibly imbalanced. Maybe fans of the other 29 teams feel their team gets the same treatment, if so, MLB has to fix this.
      Umps behind the plate call horrible games these days.

  7. ChuckInJAX says:

    Sux Fans have turned-in to what they hated the most--Yankee fans! The interesting thing for me, though, is exactly how much of what was being said from the dugout did Yunel actually understand? Doesn't he need an interpreter for all of his interviews, etc.? It may have been a mix of Sux frustration and Escobar's hair trigger...Regardless, what's a Rays/Sux game without a good dustup?


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