Things are getting ugly again in game one of the series with the Red Sox.

David Price hit David Ortiz in the first inning with a pitch that did not look like an accident.

Both sides were immediately warned, leading to this great image with the umpire and Big Papi’s face.

5-30-2014 7-29-45 PM

John Farrell thought Price should have been ejected and instead got himself ejected. His face is priceless.


This comes after benches cleared last weekend after the Red Sox threw a fit because Yunel Escobar stole third base with a 5-run lead. However, Dave Wills and Andy Freed speculated that this was actually in retaliation for Ortiz taking a long time to watch his second home run off of Price in the ALDS last October.

Price was clearly upset after that game, thinking Price took a little too long watching his home run even though it had already been ruled fair.

Later on, Price hit Mike Carp with a pitch that even Red Sox television announcers said was probably not intentional. Price was not ejected, but the benches cleared and big Ortiz somehow couldn’t get to Price even though he acted like he was trying.

5-30-2014 7-55-42 PM

The acting Red Sox manager at the time was ejected arguing that Price should have been ejected.

“Let’s F***ING go!”

After things settled down, Carp took things too far, trying to break Yunel Escobar’s leg with a spikes-high slide. Luckily he whiffed completely.

If you thought things would be done, you’d be wrong. Later on, Brandon Workman threw behind Evan Longoria’s newly mohawked head. To give Workman the benefit of the doubt it was raining at the time. But that it was Longoria and that it was up at Longo’s head. Workman was ejected as well as the second acting Red Sox manager.

The final tally is: The Rays hit three Red Sox batters and had no ejections. The Red Sox hit no batters and four players and coaches were ejected.

*tries to hide the giggles*

Here is Longo’s hair, or lack-thereof.

5-30-2014 8-17-10 PM



  1. Skateman says:

    At least something is getting hit. Another solid night for Derek Shelton's hitters.

    • Rob says:

      Another truly atrocious effort at the plate and the Rays now have the worst record in the AL. Shelton's days here are numbered. The Rays won't admit it before they do it, but I think Shelton is gone before the end of the season. This is absolutely terrible.

    • ken says:

      Shelton should go today just to shake things up a bit. While he may not be the root cause of the Rays hitting woes, his coaching doesn't seem to be producing any sustainable results.
      I can't put my finger on it but something is really wrong with this team. There appears to be little drive, most of them seem lost in a IBM cloud. Hell, I'm not even sure Myers remembers his name.
      It falls on Maddon at this point to come up with a solution. Tonight's line up (minus Molina) was our "A" line up, the one you'd expect to open a playoff series with. It's loaded with veteran players and maybe that's the problem. Maddon's claim to fame has always been getting the best out of marginal and young players. Perhaps he can't manage veterans.
      If so, then either he or many of the 25 men on the roster have to go.

  2. Evan says:

    The grammar on this article is terrible!

  3. Angel Garcia says:

    Mike Carp tried to spike Escobar, it was a forced play, he he didn't need to slide with spikes up, it was an intent to hurt him. He deserved to get drilled, his decision was a dirty play and with intent to hurt. F$@k him.

  4. Monte says:

    Well, I don't know what the problem is with the Rays hitting, but both these teams need to cool it between themselves or somebody is going to get hurt, and that is not good.

    They both need to play honest, clean baseball and may the best team (Rays) win!

    I think it is way too short-sighted to call for Joe Madden to go, but Ken may be right about Madden's ability to get the most out of young or marginal players. However, Myers is young and the marginal players we have are not producing. Maybe he's moving players around too much in the batting order. We're not the experts but Madden and his staff are suppose to be.

    • ken says:

      I've never been a huge Maddon fan. However, I respect the work he's accomplished with the Rays during his tenure.
      As we entered this season many fans, including me, thought our team had a shot at the playoffs, and with a bit of luck, the series. The owners opened up the purse strings and provided Maddon with a bunch of vets. Of the everyday players only Joyce, Jennings and Myers (I don't include Longo here due to 6+ years in the bigs) are under 30.
      Sure we've had some injuries but so have most other teams. In baseball when injuries occur your farm system needs to produce replacements and it seems we've had at least some success there.
      Here's the bottom line. In business, especially big business, the owners expect the CEO or Manager (in baseball) to produce success using the workforce and other assets provided. When the "big guy" fails to do so he loses his job.
      I'm not calling for JoMa's head immediately. However if he doesn't come up with a formula to right the ship and achiever the owners and fans stated goal ("to play meaningful games in September") you have to question his value as the boss. That's the way it is. If Ford suffers a dramatic dip in sales the owners don't fire all the workers. They fire the CEO.
      I wish JoMa and the Rays all the best. I will continue to attend and watch games regularly. Joe, you've got 4 months, right the ship please.
      Go Rays.

  5. Old bob says:

    I noticed the royals just fired their hitting coach. The next game every starter got a hit and just beat the jays twice. Time for joe to face it.

  6. ken says:

    "With Price's no-decision, Tampa Bay starting pitchers have gone 12 straight games without a victory. ... " Houston we have a problem, please advise.

  7. edward williams says:

    hey i figured out what good molina is for, bodyguard, lol he is big enough to get in between the fighters, last week it was gomes and escobar this week price and ortiz, hey at least he is smart enought to leave the gear on, oh and last week brought his bat with him, lol. Anyway, if anybody really thinks that the rays are going to fire shelton or even joe (which as much as he drives me crazy , i am not for) they have another thing coming, derek shelton is here for at least this year. This is really beginning to remind me of the Tony Dungy years, he was always able to get to the playoffs but not over the hump, and he from what i remember was very stubborn about getting rid of his coaches. Now Joe got us to the series , but hasn' t been able to get us back, so i say give him more time, im not sure when his contract runs out but at least 1 or 2 more years, kind of also reminds me of the old atlanta braves, they kept winning every year but only got to the one series. I am beginning to wonder though , are the rays starting to feel like winning the wild card and 90 games enough, that seems to be. I like others where very happy when the ownership opened up thier wallets, i think what they spent should be enough to get them back to the series, not real happy with the some of the players they signed but, you take chances and they know more about baseball than i ever will, soooooo, lets go RAYS.

  8. Dre says:

    anyone else wondering what Pierzynski said to Longo? Longo was ready to stay quiet about the throw at his head. but, you can even see in the GIF above, he reacts to something AJ says.


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