USATSI_7855910_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Rangers 3, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Alex Cobb. While the result was not what you would like, this was a great game between an Ace and a guy that would be an Ace on a lot of teams. Cobb was the hard-luck non-winner, throwing 7+ shutout innings and making some batters look foolish with the changeup. Cobb threw his changeup 41 times and the Rangers swung at it 26 times. Of those, the Rangers completely missed the pitch 12 times and sometimes by as much as a foot. There were another 10 changeups that were either fouled off or were called strikes…Good Crowds. The Rays averaged more than 22,000 for the 3-game series. The 30,364 on Saturday night would have been the 9th largest crowd a year ago.

THE BAD: Yu Darvish. Dude is nasty and this was one of those games where you just tip your cap. The Rays did start to mount a rally a couple of times in the later innings. But it is never going to be easy to string together enough hits to push the runs across. The Rays were 0-11 with runners in scoring position…Joel Peralta. It was just one pitch, but it was bad. It was a fastball that was supposed to be down in the zone and Peralta left it up which Elvis Andrus turned into a 400-foot strike.

THE TELLING:  David DeJesus was the DH again on Sunday but is expected to be back in the outfield tonight…The Rays have been shutout twice in the first 7 games for the first time since 2002…Evan Longoria’s 9th inning error was the first for the Rays this season, the last team to commit an error…Wil Myers received his Rookie of the Year award prior to Saturday’s game.


  • Matt Silverman met with St. Pete mayor Rick Kriseman. Details of the meeting have not emerged but it sounds like the two sides are trying to patch up the relationship that fell apart during Bill Foster’s reign. []
  • It’s early, but the length of MLB games is up to 3 hours and 5 minutes which would be an all-time record. The new replay system is at least partly to blame as games are averaging one review every two games. [BI Sports]
  • “Do the Rays have a drug problem?” Since the start of the 2012 season, the Rays’ organization has 14 drug suspensions, four more than any other team. [BaseballPro]
  • Here’s a look at attendance at Rays games when they go head-to-head with a Lightning game. [TB Baseball Market]
  • It’s behind ESPN’s Insider wall, but here is another Rays-to-Montreal story which is based on not much but just speculation that “if…Montreal is able to find someone to fund [a new stadium].” Good luck with that. [ESPN]
  • Here’s video of Jerry Sands wearing Google Glass during BP for the Durham Bulls (thanks, Chris). [WRAL]
  • The Bucs traded Mike Williams. [JoeBucsFan]
  • MINORS (Boxscores): Mike Montgomery struck out 7 and walked 3 in 5 shutout innings. Wilson Betemit hit his second home run. Jerry Sands is off to a hot start with 5 hits in the first 4 games including 3 doubles and a home run.






  1. Mike says:

    Am I the only one that thought the Phantom Cam was overused on Sunday?? I don't need to see a super slo-after every pitch. Hell, they showed the same clip of Coors Light pouring and peanuts cracking like 6 times. . .

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    They love their new toys. However, anything that keeps BA from gushing over the opposing pitcher is welcome.

  3. Ricky C says:

    I wish the guys doing the attendance comparisons would do a study on weekday vs weekend attendance. To me this is the biggest "issue" standing in the way of Rays attendance averages. I won't discuss potential reasons for the variances of weekday vs weekend as to avoid another endless discussion but I feel this study potentially holds the answer as to why Rays attendance lags overall.

  4. Beth says:

    The replays have been taking a minute or two. That can't explain a 3+ hour game. I'd say keep the replays and shorten games by:

    -- prohibiting catcher visits to the mound in the middle of an at bat
    -- enforcing existing rules about pitcher time to the plate
    -- as long as pitchers adhere to this rule, don't grant time to batters as they wait for the pitch


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