Desmond Jennings made an incredible catch rob Trevor Plouffe of at least a double during today’s game.

Here is another angle.

Check out how much ground Jennings covered just to get to the ball




  1. ken says:

    Saw this from behind home catch I've ever seen at a game.

  2. wealthmony says:

    Sensational catch! Is that comparable to the famous catch made by Willie Mays?

  3. Kevin says:

    Interesting exhibit of run prevention and run generation. In the bottom of the 8th Jennings swings at the first pitch with bases loaded down 2 and pops up. Getting on base scores at least 1 run...a hit likely scores 2 and ties it.

    BUT in the top of the 9th he makes that catch and directly prevents 1 run from scoring and maybe more as it would have been runner on 2nd 1 out.

    The missed opportunity on offense was pretty much offset by the prevention of runs on defense.


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