USATSI_7795727_154511044_lowresThe Rays have made it official. Jake Odorizzi will be the fifth starter.

“It’s way too much to put into words, said Odorizzi after learning he would be in the rotation. “I feel honored to be picked out of the three, because any one of us could’ve gotten it.”

As a result of the decision, Erik Bedard will opt out of his contract and will try to land a job elsewhere.

When it came down to it, Bedard’s arm just wasn’t impressive enough and in all likelihood, the Rays decided Cesar Ramos was too important for the bullpen to lose.

With Juan Carlos Oviedo doubtful to be ready for opening day after his visa issues, moving Ramos to the rotation would have meant the Rays would have been down two relievers.



  1. Rob says:

    Wow - gotta say I am surprised (pleasantly I might add) by this. I really thought they were going to go with Bedard given their history of preferring veterans.

  2. Dave L says:


    This really means that the usually over cautious Rays are truly all in for this season.

    I was dead wrong. I hope all our starters stay healthy.

    Cork what starter in the org is the spot starter if needed until Helli gets back?

    Seems like Bedard will find a starters job somewhere like he requested.

    still Ramos?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Probably depends on the exact situation. If it is just 1 start and Ramos is rested, he'd be the guy. Otherwise, I can see them going to Alex Colome if it is 2-3 starts. Hard to tell what they will do with Ramos. When Wade Davis performed well in the 'pen in 2012, they left him there even when they needed starters later in the season.

      • Dave L says:

        Ramos yes and I was thinking Colome too based on 2013 history but based on your March playing time charts Alex has barely played. Usually the Rays have a starter on the 40 man with options in the Durham rotation they can yo.yo up a couple of times when needed. Last year they had Archer plus Odorizzi and Colome was a dark horse not apparent this time last year based on playing time.

        Ramos cant stay stretched out forever. So they must have at least one or two dark horses not invited to ST in mind to fill in?

        Something is missing here......

        Who are the best candidates from Durham 2014 rotation? Another 40 man move looks necessary.

      • Beth says:

        You are all forgetting Nate Karns. He's a starter, was part of the 5th starter competition at the outset, and he looked good in ST.

        I'd say Ramos can be a spot starter in April (he even started once I think two years ago when they had a double header and had no one else), but by May or June it would be hard to ask him to go more than 3 innings.

  3. ken says:

    Count me in as a surprised, and pleased, fan too. I really thought Bedard would get the job. Starting staff now completely under 30. I wish Odo well. If he can pitch effectively this spring Hellboy's return could be delayed until he's absolutely healthy. Also, given the fact that Helly is a Boras client, he could become mid-summer trade bait. I agree with Dave L, the Rays appear to be going all in. I'm all in with them. Go Rays.

  4. Political_Man says:

    Call me a pessimist but I think this is a sign that hard times are ahead in future seasons. We know how this group is always protecting the future. They have been successful doing that for a lot of years now. There is absolutely no reason to change strategy unless they see a rough spot coming up in which this suddenly mediocre farm system will have to be rebuilt.

    In the meantime I'm going to enjoy these fat years and hope the Price trade completely revamps our minor league system.

  5. FasteddieJ says:

    Matt Andriese and Enny Romero both had a cup of coffee last year in the big leagues. I was at Enny' debut - great stuff but green as hell. Look forward to seeing both as emergency starters this year.


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