There was an ugly scene tonight during the Rays game when a pitch got away from Alex Cobb and hit Nelson Cruz of the Orioles in the helmet.

The pitch was a curveball, so it wasn’t thrown particularly hard. However, it did reportedly crack Cruz’s helmet. Cruz did appear to be OK and walked off the field. Here’s the pitch.



  1. Gus says:

    I wonder if Steroid Monkey Cruz's keeping the Rays out of the World Series with his Bae Ruth antics in 2011 (?) had anything to do with that. I doubt it -- it looks like it just got away, but Cobber is the most accurate guy the Rays have. The thought did cross my mind.

    Steroid cheats are theives -- flat out. Speaking of which, do we owe the Marlins that Colome shutout from last year, which maybe gets the Rays out of the play-in game with Texas . .. .

    The whole thing is a moral cesspool.

    • ken says:

      Note Cobb just turning his back after the pitch and Molina showing little concern. Check Molina's target as well, up and in. Makes you wonder.


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