Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman met with the media today on the eve of spring training.

They will have the usual talking points (“we have a chance to be very good”). But more importantly, the presser produced two amazing photos.

Here is the scene and it appears that Maddon didn’t have very far to go as that is his $300,000 RV in the background (via the Rays). If you are curious what that thing looks like inside, we posted some photos last year at this link.


And here is a close-up of Maddon and Friedman. This is such a “Rays Way” scene. How many other teams are just setting up shot with a couple of bar tables in the sun and the manager in shorts and the GM in shades? This is why we love this team so much.



  1. Gus says:

    They know they have a loaded team this year. That is why they are so confident. Refreshing to hear them talk of titles.

    This is the team to win the World Series (I said that last year, but those Roberto Hernandez starts cost them home field, and they lost a tough Game 4 to a very good Boston team). This year, they get Boston, who has World Series hangover and a positive test for Papi (we can only hope).

    But management must stop jacking around in spring training and get the team ready to play right away in April. I'm a little nervous the "innings eater" of 2014 is Erik Bedard replacing Roberto Hernandez. That could be painful.

    • Dave L says:

      Based on his recent history, there is no reason to expect Bedard to pitch any more effectively than RH did last year. April 2013 was the most horrific month for the lefty in fact where he averaged barely over 3 innings in 5 starts, yikes!....... BUT

      Hopefully we will only need his services for 6-8 weeks, when Helli gets back not five months like Fausto. If he is that bad Odorizzi or Colome will have to step up.

      • Beth says:

        I don't think Bedard is guaranteed Helly's innings. He and Odorizzi, and possibly Colome are all in the mix. I assume this is one case where spring training performances might make a difference.


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