MLB: SEP 23 Rays v OriolesSome odds and ends to take us into the weekend

  • Juan Carlos Oviedo, Juan Sandoval, and Wilson Betemit are the only players that have yet to report to camp and all are still having visa issues.
  • Ben Zobrist “tweaked” his back in the weight room. He called it “tight and sore.” []
  • Stuart Sternberg met with the mayor of St. Pete but it was just “general in nature” with “few specifics about the stadium situation.” I think at this point I’d just prefer the Rays stay in The Trop for 13 more years over having to hear about all these meetings that will produce nothing. []
  • Speaking of which, suddenly the new mayor of St. Pete sounds like the old mayor of St. Pete and it sounds like he has no desire to let the Rays leave. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • Jake Odorizzi (no. 67) is the only player from the Rays organization in Baseball America’s list of the top 100 prospects. [BaseballAmerica]
  • Here’s a cool story about how David Price set up a former Rays minor leaguer with ESPN’s Sara Walsh. They are now married. []
  • Here’s a review of Rays attendance from the last seven seasons. []
  • The Bucs have a new logo and helmet. I like that the Bucs changed the pewter which was never really pewter and was kind of forced upon the Bucs by the NFL who wanted a new base color in the league. I also like that the football is more in line with the team’s original orange color. I don’t like how big the logo is on the helmet. It feels too much like a college helmet. I understand the simplified logo even if I am not crazy about it. Many teams are creating less busy logos which are easier for manufacturers to reproduce. I assume the pants will change color to match the helmet. But will the Bucs finally introduce a black jersey? [JoeBucsFan]






  1. Alex says:

    Why do these players from the islands ALWAYS have issues with Visa's. They know the season is coming up. Why is it so difficult to get this taken care of ahead of time? I think we all know what Oviedo's issue is....if that's even his real name

  2. Berdj Joseph Rassam says:

    Zobrist needs to get his back right, or could be lingering problem for a while.


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