Todd KalasChris Wheeler and Gary Matthews will not return to the Philadelphia Phillies television booth this season as Comcast SportsNet and the team have decided to go in another direction. One name already being linked to the openings is Rays’ reporter, Todd Kalas.

One industry source told us that Kalas is definitely being considered for the openings, although it was unclear at this point if he will interview with the team and the network.

Kalas would not comment on the developing situation. However, he did make it clear that he is happy working with Sun Sports and the Rays. “It would have to be an amazing situation for me to leave [Tampa Bay],” said Kalas.

The Phillies still have Tom McCarthy to serve as play-by-play voice. However, in addition to occasionally filling in for Dwayne Staats Kalas has also served as the color commentator during Rays broadcasts.

Kalas would be an obvious choice for the Phillies. He is the son of longtime Phillies play-by-play voice Harry Kalas and has previously worked as part of the Phillies television broadcast team. Also, in addition to his booth experience, Kalas’ current role as a pre-game and post-game host and in-game reporter, may make him better suited to become a commentator.

While losing Kalas would be a blow to the Rays’ broadcast, it would also be nice to see TK get a booth job and it doesn’t look like Staats is going anywhere anytime soon.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    Just as I feared. Please Rays, get rid of BA the Buffoon and/or Staats. TK could handle either job or both a la Vin Scully. I can't take another season of Anderson giggling his way through a broadcast with whatever sophomoric nonsense strikes him as hilarious. He tends to lead DeWayne off on too many silly tangents. Magrane did a much better job of keeping it about the game while still making it a fun broadcast.

  2. Jason says:

    I like BA. He does a lot of talking and joking around but he really seems to know his baseball, especially pitchers.

  3. Brian says:

    I'm not a huge fan of BA but you can tell something is lacking when TK steps in. Staats is a god.

  4. KT says:

    NOOOOOOO. I don't wanna lose TK. I love hearing the guys take jabs at him while he's out in the stands gallivanting with the ladies of the Trop. He also provides great depth off the bench for when BA calls in hungover.

  5. zenny says:

    The Rays' broadcast teams (TV and radio) are just about perfect as they are, imo. Don't get the hate for Brian Anderson; he's very knowledgeable AND keeps it real.

    And whether or not Todd gets the Phillies gig (and you couldn't blame him for jumping at the opportunity), BA will be receiving some national offers soon, too. He's been very good on the Fox broadcasts.

    • Beth says:

      I like BA but I can understand why he's not to everyone's liking. I think his insights into baseball, and especially pitching, are quite interesting; his "class clown" personna may obscure the fact that he really knows his stuff. And as for the joking around -- during the 7th inning of a blow out, or the 11th inning of a west coast game when it is 2am eastern time, how serious should he be?

  6. sternfan1 says:

    who says BA was a "crappy" pitcher? he owns a WS ring and pitched in another while making over 250 starts in a solid MLB career

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      There are a lot of borderline MLB players that have WS rings. That's meaningless. He was an under .500 pitcher with a career ERA near 5. That's a crappy pitcher. I'e watched the Rays for enough years to have seen plenty of crappy pitchers.

  7. AJNO says:

    BA >>>>>>>>>>>>> Magrane. (not sure thats saying a whole lot, but i know when BA took over, there was Euphoria in the streets of St Pete...)

    • KT says:

      Well, to be fair, he took over for KK, who was bottom of the barrel. That's why people rejoiced when he cam in to the booth full time. But I do I agree that he's better than Magrane, but not by a long shot.

  8. Gus says:

    Good luck to TK. He seems perfect for that job, and I always feel he has been a little underused in the Rays telecasts. He is a very nice guy and he inherited a classic voice from his pop.

  9. Big Mo says:

    Loved the Staats/Magrane combo. I like BA and Staats too. They have some good chemistry. Much better than the year with Kevin Kennedy. Had to turn down the sound on some of those games. I wish TK the best of luck, if he chooses to leave. The broadcast would not be the same with out him and we would dearly miss him.

  10. Beth says:

    Also, TK does the radio play by play for USF Bulls Men's Basketball. He's a versatile guy.

  11. Beezy says:

    TK did say that he wants to one-day do play-by-play broadcasting for a MLB team...


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