Here are a few odds and ends to get the week startedJosh Sale

  • Spring training tickets go on sale this Friday. Roger Mooney has the details. []
  • Josh Sale will participate in the Rays’ winter development program, however, he remains suspended. According to Joe Smith, Sale could be activated before the season starts. [@TBTimes_JSmith]
  • Alex Rodriguez had his suspension reduced to 162 games, the entire 2014 season. However, this seems far from over as A-Rod has vowed to fight the suspension in court. [BI Sports]
  • As of now, David Price is still a pitcher for the Rays and he is approaching the season as if that won’t change. []
  • According to Terry Pluto, the Rays tried to sign first base prospect David Cooper who missed most of the 2013 seasons because of a back injury. Instead he chose to sign with the Indians. []
  • Both Jeff Niemann and Sam Fuld say they are open to re-signing with the Rays, however it sounds more like both are just making sure to keep all options open. []




  1. Dave L says:

    Cork you are just happy with any excuse to bump that wacky Sale pic again. heheh.

    Hopefully he will someday do something of note on the diamond to warrant upgrading his avatar here.

  2. mep645 says:

    We were all 22 once. Just loke at photos of yourself at that age. You will say "What was I thinking of".

    Then again, the Rays don't really need a second clown.


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