Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 5Before we get caught up on some odds and ends, it should be noted that the waiver claim on Pedro Figueroa has not been finalized and Figueroa is not yet on the Rays’ 40-man roster. Since the claim came on release-waivers, Figueroa has until Wednesday to accept or decline the waiver claim.

This is important because there are currently no open spots on the 40-man roster. Therefore, before the Rays can add Figueroa, somebody else must be cut or traded.


  • As noted here several weeks ago, the Rays are projected to have their highest payroll ever. As the team does every year at about this time, Andrew Friedman calls that level “unaffordable” but that the team will do what they can to put the best team on the field. [TampaBay.com]
  • Of the 122 teams in the 4 major pro sports in North America, only one team is cheaper to see in person than the Rays. [BI Sports]
  • James Loney turned down similar offers from several other teams in order to re-sign with the Rays. [Roger Mooney]
  • Jim Hickey says he would be surprised if David Price is traded. [TampaBay.com]
  • Jack Moore of SportsOnEarth.com is the latest to make the case for not trading David Price (thanks, Dean). [SoE]
  • BRaysball Talk also makes the case for keeping David Price. [BRaysball Talk]
  • Bill Chastain caught up with Rocco Baldelli who is enjoying life in the front office. [MLB.com]
  • Here is how one projection system projects the stats for Rays players in 2014. [Fangraphs.com]






  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    I would still like to see the Rays bring in Mark Reynolds to DH platoon and spot duty at 1B/3B and bring back Sam Fuld to add a little speed on the bases when needed and defensive depth in the OF. That would mean 12 pitchers + Hannigan, Molina, Loney, Zobrist, Escobar, Longoria, Reynolds, Rodriguez, DeJesus, Jennings, Myers, Fuld, and Joyce.

    • OriginalTom says:

      I would rather have Guyer than Fuld or Reynolds.

      • Geoff Peterson says:

        Guyer can't play 1st or 3rd, the Rays need more depth in INF as Sean is more suited at 2nd or SS although he could play elsewhere. Guyer has yet to show he deserves a spot on the roster and brings neither the speed or defense that Fuld shows.

        • OriginalTom says:

          Fair Points regarding Reynolds and Fuld's superior Defense. I prefer Guyer to Fuld for 2 reasons: 1) He can flat out hit over the last 3 season his BA is over .300, his OBP over .375 and SA over .450 at Durham. 2) He is also right handed and with the struggles of Joyce and Dejesus against lefties we need a righty.
          As far as speed goes, Guyer is pretty fast, I am not saying he is as fast as Fuld but I doubt there is a huge difference.

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    Reynolds splits are pretty even and Joyce's strongly favor batting against rightys, so Maddon would have flexibility.

  3. Dave L says:

    I dont see how Reynolds is much of an uprgade over SRod offensively at this point and I prefer Seans glove at either corner infielder position. If Loney didnt sign I would agree with you but since he did I wouldn't want Reyolds.

    I want whoever we bring in to at least be a plus fielder and have some wheels. Reynolds isnt based on the eye test IMO.

    At least if good fielders and runners go into slumps they don't become dead roster weight like a Scott. Im sick of DH's.

    DH by committee I say!

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      I wouldn't sign Reynolds for his defense, only as a DH and a spot starter to give Longo or Loney a day off. The Rays need more power and Reynolds is the only affordable choice that also fits the roster. He'd bat against all Lefties as DH and an occasional Righty if Joyce plays OF. He could still put up 20-25 HRs in that role for hopefully a value 1 year contract.

  4. Dave L says:

    Price isnt going anywhere until the Tanaka sweepstakes are over and the deal is finalized.

    There will be losers in that competition and then Price will be the only top of the rotation guy left available. I stlll think we trade him this year. Yes it lowers our chances for a WS championship in 2014 but it helps us to remain a 90 win team later in the decade. I have never rooted for a cheap team this forward thinking in all my life and its rereshing I have to say.

    Winning a World Series is about keeping healthy and getting lucky too. It would be nice to bring in 7 top free agents like the Sox but we dont have that luxury. Keeping Price and getting a few key injuries dooms us in 2014 anyway, you have to be realistic about it.

    The Rays (or the A's) have to really have a perfect season and incredible health to win it all. Neither team may ever do it but they compete and its fun, for the players and for us fans.

  5. edward williams says:

    it is fun but becoming less every year we go one and done. I of course agree that winning a world series is about luck and health, but you also have to have the players, i still thing we are missing a big bat, although if wil myers continues like last year , who knows maybe , i kind of like the dh by committee, that would be interesting, i don't know this team is almost exactly like last year, if they do trade price, not saying they shouldn't , than forget playoffs, unless they get something real good in return, aaaaaaaaaaaa, i am so confused lol


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