MLB: OCT 02 White Sox v RaysKen Rosenthal is reporting that the Rays have reached an agreement with reliever Grant Balfour.

Marc Topkin reports that the deal is 2-years, $12 million.

According to Marc Topkin, this is the major announcement that is scheduled to be made later today.

Balfour originally agreed to a 2-year, $15 million contract with the Orioles. However, that deal fell through after concerns over his physical. Specifically, the team was concerned about Balfour’s wrist and his knee and were not concerned with his throwing arm.

Balfour pitched for the Rays from 2007 through 2010. He spent the last three seasons with the A’s, the last two as their closer, saving 64 games.

In 2013, he had a 2.59 ERA (3.49 FIP) and struck out 10.3 batters per nine innings, his best rate since 2008.

More importantly, this allows us to dust off one of our all-time favorite nicknames, The Mad Australian.



  1. Hank says:


  2. Barry Wirth says:

    This makes up for trading Torres yesterday!!!

  3. Dean says:

    You hate this guy when he's an opponent but love him when he's on your team.

    If he's healthy, and I'm assuming the Rays are convinced he is, it's a great signing.

  4. Rob says:

    Another $6m added to the payroll though. Makes me wonder if something else is transpiring for them to be able to afford it, i.e., a David Price trade. Plus apparently the Rays changed their Facebook cover photo from Longo and Price to Longo and Myers??

    • Rob says:

      That change was made about 25 minutes ago. Also the Rays just stockpiled a bunch of pitching prospects from the Padres. I think this may all be related. They are trying to create depth.

  5. Dave L says:

    He's not going to have any trouble getting up or those 19 Orioles games. They cost him $3M.He is coming here with a Gibralter sized chip on his shoulder.

    Harold Reynolds posed the question on MLB,today why would any free agent want to show up for a Orioles physical in the future? If they fail you it follows you forever.

    The surgery they were worried about was even before he was a Ray the first time.

    Much better than our closer last year showing up emotionally drained from WBC

  6. Amanda says:

    I can't see them calling a press conference for this ... I wonder if there's something else afoot.

    • Amanda says:

      Er ... not that I don't think the signing is happening ... just wonder if there's something else, I should have said.

  7. edward williams says:

    hmmm, i don't know why this team is so secretive, drives me nuts, lololol , good to see they are spending , but i am still concerned with the offense, sure we have longo and myers, oh and zo, but really not much power, maybe they trade price and get some offense, i don't know, because than look at our front 5 , cobb, hellickson, moore, archer, im missing somebody , sorry just got out of hospital and not thinking straight, anyway, it seems like a big drop off, cobb of course is the best but the rest are very inconsistant , moore slipped, but than again there where injuries, i still see a team shooting for 90 wins and a miracle, at least that is what they always say, oh well still better than the devil ray days, lol have a great day everybody

  8. Joe says:

    Maybe the Rays have a new investor or someone donated to our World Series cause.

  9. edward williams says:

    according to marc topkin, balfour is the big announcement , just read it on twitter, what a waste of time, i like the signing, but he isn't mariano rivera, i don't see the need to have a press conference for that, oh well, i said it before, this has been a real wierd off season. lol

    • Rob says:

      Roger Mooney confirmed the Balfor signing, but said, "Balfour is not the subject of today's announcement." This has something to do with Price in my opinion. Too much circumstantial evidence.

  10. AJNO says:

    wait, what abotu heath bell???

    who is the closer?

  11. Drew says:

    F YEAH

  12. Mike says:

    Love It! Welcome Back!

    Can't wait for him to tell batters to STFD!

  13. edward williams says:

    wonder if this will be on the front page of the sports section tomorrow, lol good signing dumb press conference.

  14. Perry says:

    welcome back Grant!

  15. Rob says:

    Wow - I guess there wasn't another announcement like I thought there would be. This takes the payroll well over $80m; that's some serious dough for the Rays.

  16. Dave L says:

    My dream of a few days ago came true.

    If all the arms in our roster are healthy and attached to fit bodies for the whole season this will be the best pitching staff we ever had.

    Plus now we have crazy overall team depth for roster expansion.

    But '13-Sox-like otherworldly good health is the key to a title run.

  17. edward williams says:

    the thing i like , some of the fire is back, back when gomes was here and balfour, etc, we seemed to have more fire, passion, not saying that the guys on the club don't care, far from it, it just seemed that we where lacking a little of the intensity, yea farnsworth would make you sit up, but now maybe a little more excitement? Not really sure if that is the right way of putting it, with grant you are sure if he has to pitch it inside , he will, or ooooopps the ball slipped, i'm trying to think of who on the offence is like that, maybe somebody can help me, we are or where a very laid back team, i keep reading that this maybe the best team we ever had, i think close, no doubt in my mind the infield is, i still think they got screwed over a couple of gold gloves, the outfield except for dj, still has me a little concerned, but joe will figure out something, as much as he can drive me crazy i don't think i would want another manager, well can't wait a couple of more weeks, GO RAYS


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