USATSI_7398215_154511044_lowres[UPDATE #2] The Rays have officially announced the trade and there is one more player involved. In addition to the players noted below, the Rays will also receive infielder Maxx Tissenbaum.

Tissenbaum hit .277 with a .359 OBP in 111 games at single-A in 2013. He has played all four infield positions in two minor league seasons.

[UPDATE #1] According to Keith Law, in addition to Logan Forsythe, the Rays will also receive three pitching prospects, including right-handed starting pitcher Matt Andriese, right-handed reliever Matt Lollis, and right-handed reliever Brad Boxberger.

Boxberger, a first-round pick for the Reds in 2009, has made 42 appearances for the Padres over the last two seasons with a 2.72 ERA (4.34 FIP). He was part of the Matt Latos trade following the 2011 seasons.

The other two have pitched as high as triple-A and none are ranked among the Padres’ top ten prospects.

In addition to Alex Torres, the Rays will also give up starting pitching prospect Jesse Hahn, the sixth round pick in the 2010 draft. In 19 starts with high-A Charlotte, he posted a 2.15 ERA.

Boxberger will take Hahn’s spot on the 40-man roster.

[Earlier] The Rays have agreed to a trade that will send Alex Torres to the San Diego Padres for utility player Logan Forsythe according to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish.

According to the report, the deal has not been finalized and each team will also receive additional prospects.

Jeff Passan reports that “at least five players” will be involved in the final deal.

Forsythe has hit .241 with a .310 OBP and 12 home runs in 228 games over three seasons with the Padres. He can play second base, shortstop, third base, and both corner outfield positions.

In parts of three seasons at triple-A, Forsythe hit .314 with an outstanding .446 OBP.

The trade certainly raises eyebrows as Alex Torres, who was a good prospect as a starting pitcher, turned into a solid member of the bullpen in 2013, posting a 1.71 ERA (2.32 FIP) in 58.0 innings for the Rays.

The trade also makes it look like Sean Rodriguez has played his last game with the Rays as he and Forsythe have almost an almost identical skill-set. However, Forsythe does appear to still have a minor league option left which could give the Rays some flexibility to keep both players.

The trade is expected to be announced on Friday.



  1. Brian says:

    This is an awful trade. What is our lefty situation in the pen? Torres was on fire last season!

  2. Political_Man says:

    I think we need to see the other 5 players before making judgement on this trade. Torres for Forsythe makes very little sense.

  3. Colin says:

    Wow, I am shocked. Trading any pitcher whose ERA is less than 2 is a shocker!

  4. Hank says:

    Agreed with Political. Torres was a serious asset. Doubt it will be straight up. I think Forsythe will be an upgrade over SRod though. If we can move him and get anything back will look a lil better, too.

  5. Rob says:

    Wow - I hoppe Political is right. Torres was lights out last year and one of the reasons I felt good about this year's bullpen. Plus he has the best pick-off move of all time.

  6. Rob says:

    In other news, Tanaka is signing with the Yankees.

  7. Mike M says:

    I was wondering if the move had anything to do with Ben Zobrist, but then I saw that he has an option for 2015 as well. I thought maybe the team was scared that he would not resign.

  8. Rome says:

    Caesar Ramos for this guy would have been fair, but not Torres. I hope that The Rays have some better prospects coming or something out of left field. Next to Badenhop for Mondesi Jr, this could be the worse trade thus far by Rays organization.

  9. Sledge says:

    I agree that this sounds bad on the surface. But let's remember - the Rays have 10X the information that we do about their own pitching assets, and I don't recall them making a bad deal when it comes to letting go of a pitcher. In my mind, either (a) they strongly believe 2013 was a fluke for Torres and he won't repeat it or (b) there is a real hidden gem in the other players not known yet. Let's be patient here.

    • Drew says:

      I think it could be both. Looking at Torres' numbers from last season, his strand rate, HR allowed, and BABIP all seem to be unrepeatable. And the Rays clearly now see him as a reliever and not a starter. Both were highly ranked as prospects. It doesn't make much sense on the surface with Torres having come off a great year and Forsythe coming off a bad one, but they are both only 2-3 years into their big league careers. Forsythe tore it up in the minors and hasn't yet in two seasons in the bigs. Maybe it's because he hasn't been placed in a starting role yet. Especially with there being other players involved in the deal, can't really judge this one yet.

      • Paco says:

        True, but Forsythe isn't going to be in a starting role here, either. He'll be playing every 3rd game or so at a different position.

        I don't have a problem with trying to trade Torres when he's most valuable (which is coming off a season he likely can't repeat), i'm just not sold Forsythe was the best value we could get. Still, i'll wait to see who else is in the deal.

  10. Hank says:

    With Tankaka signing with the Yankees look for the Price rumors to heat back up.

  11. Alex says:

    Torres was "lights out" in the first half of the season. In the second half he was a decent bullpen guy. Let's not get too worked up here people. The Rays breed relievers like weeds

  12. Dave L says:

    Something is missing here.

    Why is he an upgrade over Rodriguez?

    Based on what? He's younger? He had a .613 OPS last year.

    I am just scratching my head.

    Torres was fantastic. Trading an effective lefty?

    He probably will go into the rotation in SD sooner rather than later.

    Something is missing here.

  13. Big Mo says:

    I think the impact could be the other players in the trade. San Diego has some good young pitching prospects. Would love to see also either Jace Peterson (ss) or Hunter Renfroe (of) come out of this.

  14. Brianknowsbest says:


    any rumblings that this is to set something else up? a trade or signing?

  15. edward williams says:

    what the heck just happened? I just really am confused as to what the rays are doing, our infield i thought was set, even with srod, maybe they are going to try to make the new guy an outfielder, i admit i don't know anything about him, haven't had time to look it up, but seems to me the rays are still trying to bring in players who can play multiple positions , which is great but what about offense, well i have faith in the f.o. i guess, just seems to be a real wierd off season, i hope they don't trade price, but i can see it coming, and i hope if they do trade him at least get some major league talent, i know we have to restock the minors , no problem but it would be nice to get another bat.

  16. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Wow. That was a surprise at first, I guess I just didn't see it coming. Although the Rays love sitting on pitching prospects, so it makes sense considering that they get an okay utility guy and 3 decent prospects for a pitcher who will likely never see last year's numbers again.

  17. Drew says:

  18. Dave L says:

    At least all of our first instincts were correct. Torres straight up for Logan Forsythe would have been insane. I just really liked 2 very effective lefty relievers available in the pen. If at least one of these young pitchers don't contribute to the big club one day this trade will have been not good. This trade will be a net negative in 2014 IMO but hopefully return dividends in the future.

    Last year was Torres first as a RP and I always felt good when he came in the game. If they get an effective NL starter and we get an SRod clone thats not good.

    Forsythe may start the season in Durham which doesn't necessarily mean its a bad thing. If Rodriguez continues steady 4 year decline in production then Logan will have a chance to replace him but in 2013 Rodriguez was the better hitter in a more difficult division and league

  19. Perry says:

    I thought Alex was coming along VERY nicely, sorry to see him go. The front office has done well is the past, will have to continue to trust them. Really no choice, I was not consulted!

  20. Roger says:

    Does that maybe leave room for Balfour to come back? A open slot in the bullpen.

  21. Alex says:

    Torres is a two pitch pitcher and neither one is very dominate. He began to come back to earth in the second half. The Rays probably feel like he'll regress even more.

  22. Sean says:

    Not ok with this right now. I've never seen them trade away a talent like Torres as young as he was and we played the lottery in return. Hopefully one of these guys pans out.

  23. Dave L says:

    Here is more on who we are getting.

    According to this Matt Andriese may be the best one of the bunch to help us soonest

    "Andriese throws his fastball in the low-90s with good deception. He also throws a hard curveball and a splitter. Andriese pounds the strike zone and generates lots of ground balls. Andriese has the potential to be a solid Major League starter and shouldn't need too much more seasoning before he's ready for the big leagues."

  24. Political_Man says:

    Andrew has a great track record in trades and given the number of prospects coming back it's difficult to make a judgment on this trade at this time. I have a lot of faith in this group.

    The one thing I would say about this trade is that it would indicate either the organization thinks Torres is due for severe regression or they have concerns about the quality and number of pitching prospects at that various levels of their minor league system.

    If I'm in Vegas betting on this trade I stick with Andrew Freedman every time.

  25. Roger says:

    Woooooooo hooooo I mentioned the open slot for Balfour being back and it looks like he just signed a 2 year deal 🙂 Welcome back Grant.


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