MLB: SEP 16 Red Sox v Rays[Update] Turns out the big announcement is the Grant Balfour signing. Seems weird that Silverman would be there and not Friedman, but oh well. That was fun for a little while.

[Earlier] The Rays issued a press release today that was unusually short and secretive, referring to an announcement to be made later today.

Here is the statement:

“The Tampa Bay Rays will make a significant baseball-related announcement at the Rays 2014 Sponsor Summit.”

We also know that Stuart Sternberg, Joe Maddon, and Matt Silverman will all be there.

First of all, the announcement is being made at a “Sponsor Summit.” This suggests something positive. Sponsors don’t want to hear bad news.

The presence of Sternberg suggests something big.

We also know it is “baseball-related,” which suggests that this may not be a community-related business initiative or charity partnership.

Also, how often are Sternberg and Maddon at the same press conference? This suggests that the announcement has to do with both the team on the field and the business side of the operations.

The obvious guess at this time is that there will be a big stadium announcement. That fits all the evidence. But at the same time we have been conditioned to only expect negative news on that front.

Another guess by some might be David Price related. However, there wouldn’t be a press conference to announce a deal this big before it leaked and it seems unlikely that Price would sign a long-term extension this quickly after signing his one-year deal.

Also, Andrew Friedman is not going to be at the press conference. So it seems unlikely that there is an extension for Price, or anybody else (e.g. Maddon, Wil Myers).

Maybe this is something that is not a big deal. But the “not a big deal stuff” doesn’t usually include Sternberg and is almost always laid out in more detail in the press release.

Does anybody have any other guesses? Let’s hear them.



  1. Josh says:

    Raise for Joe?

  2. Erik says:

    I think there is some truth to David price signing a long term deal with the Rays. If tradition is followed, this would be very good news. Or maybe they are going to announce a " Tampa Bay Rays" exhibit at the museum. Why else would they have a press conference at a museum?

  3. Michael says:

    With Silverman being there but not Friedman it seems unlikely to be player personnel related, more of an off-field thing. But then why have Maddon? I'm guessing they're making Maddon part owner as part of a deal to stay on as manager for as long as he cares to manage.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      That's an interesting idea and certainly possible. But, they did do that with Friedman and never even announced it. To this day, the team has never even commented on it. Also, there may be rules against managers being owners. There are rules against players. Not sure how far that extends.

  4. Carson Hardy says:

    Rosenthal reports it's Balfour returning. Another Righty BP arm?

  5. Rob says:

    What time is the sponsor summit?

  6. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Something to do with stadium naming rights??

  7. MocScott says:

    I'm heading to the Summit at 3 pm... I'll let ya know! Maybe a brand new STADIUM! Will Vinik be there?

  8. Dave L says:

    If it was stadium related Maddon wouldn't be making the announcement

  9. brianknowsbest says:

    any chance they signed a new cable contract early? is it too early?

  10. Dave L says:

    Its baseball related, Maddon is making the announcement.

    If its Price related. Its that he's off the market, but then the Rays dont make pronouncements like that do they?.

    Im totally stumped

  11. Dan says:

    It's just announce the trade from yesterday and today's signing of Balfor.

  12. Chris stilwell says:

    Just spit balling here perhaps it has something to do with the historically high (Unsustainable?) wage roll as it is with the latest signings over $10 million more than it has ever been.

    It has certainly raised my eyebrows and other teams (Possible trade partners for David Price) must be wondering what the Rays are up to? This action is certainly "Out of Character" so some sort of explanation in regard to this is about due.


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