Astro Price and Todd KalasYesterday we wrote that Todd Kalas was being mentioned in Philadelphia Phillie’s search for new television announcers. Joe Smith also spoke with Kalas and now it sounds like Kalas would prefer to remain with the Rays and Sun Sports.

According to Smith, Kalas is “flattered” to be mentioned for the openings but that he “doesn’t think anything will come of it.” Smith went on to suggest that Kalas is not interested in being a color commentator, which is what the Phillies and Comcast are looking for. While Kalas has done both with the Rays, Kalas’ desire is to land a play-by-play job.


  • If you missed it at the bottom of the Jayson Nix post, Jerry Sands has cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to triple-A. He will be in spring training with the Rays.
  • Speaking of which, pitchers and catchers report in 35 days. 35 DAYS!
  • Fred McGriff lost a lot of Hall of Fame votes this year, dropping 9.0% from last year. However, five other players had bigger drops from last year. [BI Sports]
  • Tim Raines, Alan Trammell, and Lee Smith appeared to be building momentum to eventual election to the Hall of Fame. However, now it suddenly looks like it will never happen. [BI Sports]
  • Alex Rodriguez will try to get an injunction from a judge if his suspension is upheld, which means the Rays may face him when the Rays plays the Yankees in 58 days. 58 days!






  1. ali says:

    Would Vernon Wells be a possible DH option for us?

  2. Mobula says:

    What's this about a Rays "Encore" game on Sunsports every Friday night at 8:00PM? I'm stoked. More baseball, please.

  3. Dave L says:

    I think BA will be the first to leave the team as Fox seems to be grooming him for a national gig. Thats fine with me. One thing we have which I think some people would rather not are very objective broadcasters. Many people want a little more homerism and see all the umps as against them etc.

    Maybe that part about Todd wanting the play by play over a color gig explains why he hasnt been made the Rays color guy. ---- He simply doesnt want it.

    Thats my takeaway from this tale. When BA leaves dont expect Todd to replace him.

    I love Dewayne he's excellent although he tends to at times follow the lead of his reflecting KK sourpuss or in yucking it up too much with BA and indulging him in his own life personal life tales-- the baseball related ones are fine but what the narcissistic tales of he did on his off day etc must be targeted at part the audience which I dont represent.

    Magrane was the best foil for Staats but as with our best players we tend to lose them in their prime to bigger audiences which generate bigger $$$.

    Thats our lot as Rays fans and I accept it and am fine with it.

    • CharlieRay says:

      THANK YOU, NO more BS from BA

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      Dave, I couldn't agree more. You hit the nail on the head in your comments about both BA and Magrane. I'm not looking for sheer homers either but I get tired of hearing BA gush about the opposing pitcher for the first several innings of every game. We get it, you did your homework but I don't need to hear about how great they are, often while the Rays are beating him like a drum.

      • Beth says:

        I really disagree. If BA is "gushing" about the opposing pitcher it's because the opposing pitcher is impressive. I see our players every day, and don't need our announcers to gush about them. I count on them to provide information about the players I don't see very often.

    • Carey says:

      Not sure there really is a such thing as a "national guy" for baseball outside of Buck (who also does other sports) and McCarver (old and limited schedule). Most of the "national guys" you think of also have "day" jobs with specific teams. So, Brian may get more national games, but he'll still need an everyday gig (which also makes him a better color guy).

      Also, don't get Halas as a color guy. I know its not written in stone, but shouldn't color guys be former players or managers? That's typically the way the PbP and Color relationship works.

      • Dave L says:

        That's true I stand corrected.

        Maybe I could more properly describe it as saying he seems to be trying to positioning himself for a "promotion", rather than eyeing a long term career as the long term analytic TV voice of the Rays.

        He admires the Rays presently but its not like they are in his blood.

        And yes always former players, I think it was Howard Cosell who first noted the trend with his 'jockocracy' observation.

  4. Roger Mallett says:

    Not sure why the bashing of BA. Yeah you might say he was a mediocre pitcher but he has a WS ring. What about you? He breaks down pitches and has a great sense of humor. He talks about his past in baseball which is great to hear and talks about what a player is thinking. I would hate for them to lose TK and BA

    • TOM says:

      Couldn't agree more about BA. Would the fans want Kennedy back. Remember him dry as dust. I'll take BA any day.Tells it like it is. Also need TK to stay. Very likable.

  5. Miguel Grande says:

    I like Todd but for some reason, I like Kelly Nash better. How about some Kelly Nash articles? Like how old is she? Is she married? What's her phone #?


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