David PriceOne aspect of any David Price trade that we have only briefly touched on is that any team that acquires Price is going to want to sign him to a long-term extension. Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that Price would not consider signing a long term deal with the Mariners (via Twitter):

“Just saw David Price’s agent, Bo McKinnis, in lobby. Asked if Price would consider extension with Mariners. Said no…Asked McKinnis if Price would consider extensions with other teams. Said yes. Asked which clubs. He declined to answer.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the Mariners won’t trade for Price. Teams routinely give up prospects for players that are nearing free agency. The Mariners would also have two years to change Price’s mind.

Still, that is a bold statement that suggests Price does not want to play for the Mariners. Otherwise, why completely rule a deep-pocket team out before there is a chance to up the bidding?

At this point, potential suitors for Price is dwindling quickly. The Angels and Diamondbacks trade involving Mark Trumbo and one of Arizona’s top pitching prospects makes it less likely that either of those teams will be involved. Also, reports that the Dodgers want to focus on player development lowers their chances.

None of these moves eliminates these teams. But the chances of the Rays landing a huge haul seems low now.



  1. Rob says:

    I predict Price starts the opener this season for the Rays. The only way anyone is going to trade for him given everyone knows the situation is if the Rays can somehow start a rumor that they are close to a deal that includes an extension and then get teams to jump in out of desperation that this would be their only shot of landing him.

  2. Gus says:

    Patience. Price value is high, but it could go down with injury or ineffectiveness in 2014. Keep him as a Ray until someone kills you with an offer, ot otherwise let him play it out and you either get great production out of him or he hurts himself and diminishes his value.

    He wants to be a Dodger, I think. They'll come to the Rays soon enough.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      I think he wants to be a Rays player- of, course that may not happen, but at his core he wants to be in St. Pete.

      His reticence in signing long term in Seattle may have to do with playing second fiddle to King Felix

  3. Sledge says:

    Gus is a wise man. Patience is key, and thankfully Friedman has that in spades. Price's agent is playing the only card he has in his hand to try to increase the odds his client goes where he wants to go rather than where the Rays want to send him.

  4. Joe says:

    Why FORCE this trade? No one seems to want to part with a Wil Myers level of prospect, and Price is better than Shields, PERIOD!! If they can't get the haul they deserve or want, then swallow your pride and play the guy and pay him his money and GO FOR IT!!

    Why be chincy about a 1B? This entire organization is so bassackwards in approach to players! I understand their success, but there is a time when the rubber hits the road. Sometimes you just have to act big league and swallow it! I am tired of this organization acting like cheapskates or putting the "market" on a guilt trip! BE BIG LEAGUE!!

  5. edward williams says:

    i agree with joe, could that be joe maddon, lol i have been saying this all along, it is time to stop settling for 90 wins and a one and done and go for it all, heck there not that far away , i believe andrew can get the players, just hope the owners will give up the cash. I don't think they are that many players away from at least making the playoffs more interesting, i can't believe i am going to say this, but is youkilas still available, (i think that's how you spell his name) not just for his playing but maybe his leadership , remember when we had floyd, hennskie and gomes, at least there was some leaders in that bunch, i don't see to much now, longo does what he can , zo is to quiet, i think maybe price is the outspoken leader, maybe i am wrong, if i am please somebody tell me.


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