MLB: JUN 24 Padres at RaysEarlier today we heard that five teams have shown strong interest in trading for David Price. Jon Heyman of now reports that three of those teams have a better shot than the others (via Twitter).

“Mariners, Rangers, Dodgers are at this point the 3 most serious suitors for david price. Have the interest and players.”

The other two teams reportedly with strong interest are the Diamondbacks and the Braves.

If Heyman is correct about these are the three front-runners, the Mariners would still have to be the heavy favorite.

Earlier today we heard that the Dodgers have turned their attention to player development which would suggest they do not want to trade several of their best prospects.

As for the Rangers, the Rays would almost certainly prefer a top pitching prospect over Jurickson Profar. While Profar can move to either second base or even the outfield, that would seemingly diminish his value and the Rays already have Yunel Escobar to play shortstop for the next two seasons at a very reasonable rate ($5 million per season).

Of course, that doesn’t mean the Rays won’t do a deal with the Rangers. If the Rangers’ package is the best offer and it is enough for Price, the Rays will take it. At that point they can worry about what position Profar will play and whether they want to trade Escobar and/or Hak-Ju Lee.



  1. Ken says:

    Call me crazy but I have a feeling the Rays hold on to King David for another year. None of the players mentioned by the media appear as ready as Myers was last year and Ordorizzi would probably be penciled in to start for most other MLB teams in 2014. Agreed that Walker is a tremendous talent but will he accomplish a higher WAR than internal options and by how much?
    The Rays need two MLB ready players for Price plus decent lower level prospects. Look at the $$'s clubs are throwing at run of the mill pitchers like Feldman(10 million) and Hughes(8 million). Two years of Price is worth triple their value at about the same cost.

    • Rob says:

      I am beginning to think the same thing. There just doesn't seem to be any offers (that we have heard of anyway) that seem valuable enough for Price.

    • Dave L says:

      Just wait.

      AF is busy squeezing the M's and D-Backs b*lls right now in Orlando. That extra Nat'l TV money is burning a hole in thier pockets and they are desperate to win NOW. They could work out an extension in the winter. We sure as hell can't/won't.

      I just dont smell the same desperation from the Rangers or Dodgers that will cause them to give away the farm.

      A lefty Cy Young award winner age 28 with 2 years of control comes available once in a lifetime.

      Xmas is coming soon........

  2. Dave L says:

    Arizonas GM was just on MLB network. He emphasized that the need SP and they need an ACE. Arizona or Seattle have zero chance of landing a free agent without overpaying them despite the financial advantages of low taxes etc.

    If they post Tanaka the Japanese phenom, who will get him? Rangers Yankees or Dodgers.---He wont cost the golden franchises a thing in return and they have money to burn.

    M's and D Backs have zero chance.

    Thats why hind teat franchises like the Mariners with Cano or the Royals with Shields last year have to overpay. AF wants overpayment for Price just like he got with Shields. He wont get it from the Dodgers or Rangers. Those are high prestige franchises where players WANT to go.

    Indentured players like Price have no choice, thats why they are most prized by the franchises out of current fashion like Seattle or Arizona.

    Thats our realistic trading partners.

    And dont expect an established player like Kemp or Eithier. We will get prospects or maybe a rising underpaid guy stuck in 1st year of arbitration at the most, but I doubt it. No guy we get in return will likely make over 500K in 2014. I expect 5 of them in return minimum. 2 close and 3 with high upside but younger.

    • ken says:

      I agree with your comments. These two teams have a stud SP who is ready to pitch at the ML level, in addition to giving us position players and other low level SP's. It is a MUST that we get a stud SP back in return. AF said today that he likes to have 6 SP's he feels comfortable with and he has that right now with Odorizi. However, if DP is traded the remaining 5 SP's are all young and have not pitched 200 innings in a year. AF said also today that he will not sign a veteran SP this winter like he did last year. I don't believe AF will be comfortable with Colome or Romero to be our only backups at AAA in the event a SP goes on the DL. Other than a 1B, all of our other positions are set for at least the next 2 years. So we don't need ML ready position players this year. But will need pitching depth this year and position players that will be ready in about 2 years.

      • Dave L says:

        Unfortunately no matter what wee get in return prospect wise, we may have to likely duplicate a move we made last year that got many howling in protest.

        In addition to Price team leading innings we need to also replace Hernandez #3 team high (as I predicted early summer 2013 to chuckles) 150 innings. Thats 340 innings.

        So unless we get a stud current pitcher who is past the prospect stage in his first couple of cheap years in MLB all the 21 to 23 yo we get wont be able to cover those innings.

        We will have extra money at any rate with a $80M ceiling. What about a one year rental of ageless Bartolo Colon? Well I dont know the identity of the veteran we will pick up but we will need another veteran starter ala Fausto redux but hopefully with a better taste to the 150+ innings he eats.


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