Robinson CanoRobinson Cano has agreed to a 10-year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners. On the surface it might seem like this means they have less money to spend on David Price, but in reality this means it is more likely that they will trade for the Rays’ ace.

Yesterday we heard that the Mariners were one of several teams that are targeting Price and believe that they have the pieces to get a deal done. But while Price is only projected to make $13 million in 2014, it only makes sense to trade for Price if you also think you can sign him to a long-term contract.

But can the Mariners afford $24 million for Cano and at least $25 million for Price? The short answer is, yes.

The new national television deals mean that all teams have an extra $25 million in revenue to spend this year. On top of that, the Mariners recently signed a new local television contract worth $2 billion over the next 17 years. With an average annual value of $118 million, that is an increase of $73 million over their previous local TV deal.

In total, the Mariners have an extra $98 million in television revenue, every year.

The Mariners also need more than just Cano to be a contender and if they don’t add other pieces, his contract would turn out to be a waste of money. In other words, Seattle needs to add a player like Price to justify their deal with Cano.

The Mariners have made it clear that they are going all-in by signing Cano. But that also means they are not done and Price is probably going to be next.



  1. Ken says:

    Walker, Brad Miller, Smoak and another top 20 prospect should get the job done.

    • OriginalTom says:

      I would not be surprised if the Mariners ask the Rays include Joyce in the deal. The Mariners outfield is terrible. If the Rays were to get Miller and Smoak, they could move Zobrist to the outfield and have Zo,Jennings, Myers, Dejesus, and Guyer cover the 3 OF spots and DH and then have an infield of Smoak, Miller, Escobar, and Longoria. Moving Joyce would also free money to possibly get a veteran starter.

  2. AJNO says:

    i take back my samrtass comment from teh previous post.

    Price to the Mariners!!!

  3. Drew says:

    Did you mean to link to the same BIsports page twice?

  4. edward williams says:

    so if everyteam is recieving 25 million extra a year, where does that leave our beloved rays, why can't we sign an extension with price, just wondering about our payroll, i understand that it would be better to probably trade him for players instead of all that money into one , but why does it always have to be prospects, can somebody please explain the 25 million, thanks.

    • Dave L says:

      Every team is receiving like $23M additional over and above what they were getting from the new national TV contract.

      Since everybody is getting it, its sort of a wash in the long run so we arent really richer but we could use the extra money for a couple of free agents in 2014.

      Teams with local contracts expiring like the Rays are getting a boost from local TV/radio deals.

      Forget about Price. Premier guys in the initial free agent years always get overpaid. The Rays simply dont play that game and the formula has worked so why change it?

      So we are trading 2 expensive years of Price for 18 years of young cheap talent most likely of 3 or so guys 21 to 24 yo

      Teams end up paying guys with successful Late twenties for their Early to mid to late 30's where their health and rate of diminishing skills is unknowable.

  5. Carlos Beltron now a yank

  6. Ken says:

    Price for prospects, Shields for prospects, Garza for prospects, Kazmir for prospects...I get it and for the most part we are better for each of those trades. When will our "boatload" of prospects from the last few years make it to the majors? That's the question. I don't see one position player in the minors ready to step up and help this team. Very frustrating..

    • OriginalTom says:

      That Wil Myers guy from the Royals trade did pretty well.

      I think this is the year we see Guyer from the Cubs trade and we probably will see Lee from the Cubs trade in the next few years. We also had Archer (I know not a position player) from the Garza trade take 3rd in the ROY voting. We also had Fuld who has been pretty useful the last 3 years.

      As far as being ready to "step up and help the team". Most of our starters are locked uop for the next few years.

      c Hanigan thru 2016
      1b Open
      2b Zobrist through 2015
      3b Longo through 2020
      ss Escobar through 2015
      LF Dejesus through 2015
      CF Jennings Not an FA until 2017
      RF Myers Not an FA until 2019
      DH Joyce Not an FA until 2015

      The Rays can afford to be patient. They do not need to receive Major League ready prospects for Price.

    • Alex says:

      Hitting is sexy and makes people happy. Pitching and defense win championships. While we have not won a championship yet we have been a very successful team since 2008. Sometimes the breaks don't fall our way. It happened to the Red Sox and Cubs for a looooong time.

  7. edward williams says:

    thanks for the explanation , and i do get it about price, but do we really think that the team we have now is a world series team, that is all i am saying , every year its prospects , like ken said, when do they start producing at the major league level, i think the pat burrell experiment killed it for us, i was looking at original tom's post, and yea a lot of those players are sighned for a couple of years, i just feel that we need one more big bat in that lineup, hopefully it's coming, i doubt it, but hopefully, than after we trade price, how is our staff going to look, aaaaaaaaaaaa, i am getting the tom jones syndrome, debbie downer, and i really don't mean to be, just getting frustrated seeing the yankees and red sox signing players and all's we are doing is getting leftovers, i know they have alot more cash, but it's still frustrating.

  8. Alex says:

    You guys clearly don't understand how hard it is to predict minor leaguers and the performance they will bring to the majors.

    Myers was awesome last year and he should be going forward. Odorizzi had his moments and should deliver in the future. The rest of the trade tbd but for now we won this trade easy.

    Sam Fuld has given us a lot of great moments over the years. Obviously Archer showed us why he was the main part of that deal. He looks like a stud. Rest of the guys have either been busts or throw aways. Lee is still tbd We still won this trade easy.

    Just trading him was a win. We got Sean Rodriguez and love him or hate him he's still been a solid player. Oh we also got Alex Torres out of this deal. He did alright last year.

    Theses are just the facts of the Rays lives. You should be used to it. You'd love to keep more guys but the reality is that we don't have the money for it and getting 1-2 top prospects + 2-4 quality prospects for one guy is usually a great deal. Developing position players is not easy. That's why teams throw so much money at them in FA. Pitching is even harder but the Rays are damn good at it and they are damn good at trading for pitching. Its been a successful model for them and it won't stop anytime soon.

    • Ken says:

      I was specifically alluding to prospects that the Rays have drafted. We had a bunch of pics in the 2009, 2010 drafts and most are still stuck in High A or AA ball. None are predicted to be impact position players.
      True that we develop pitchers well but it appears we really suck at drafting position players. I don't deny that shrewd trades have given us Zo, Torres, Archer, Lobaton, Myers etc. When will Schafer, Matook, Brett, Vettleson, Seitzer and the rest get to the club?

      • Beth says:

        But if we draft pitchers well and can trade a few for prospects then we can survive a few misses on position players, right?

        Predicting which 17 year old will be a major league player is more luck than science, I would imagine, especially once you have a successful team that is drafting #20 or lower.

  9. Dave L says:

    I was looking at the Free Agent prospects at 1B and DH and its really slim pickings. At 1st If we cant afford Loney we certainly cant afford Kendry morales or Corey Hart, then Loney is the next best available.

    After that the drop is pretty steep. Mark Reynolds? Jeff Baker, then the X-Rays.

    Someone mentioned Smoak in a trade yeah he's cheap. Problem is these lower tier guys like Justin or Reynolds are pretty crappy defensively and the rest--- well hell we might as well go with SRod.

    Plus we need left handed bat options beside Joyce and DeJesus

    DH prospects are worse.- Hafner?

    If we are going to trade Price we have plenty of money to sign Delmon and Loney. The drop off after Loney at first is too great to pass him up.

    I'm probably wrong and AF has his eye on some reclamation projects at 3 million per who will pan out. At least I hope so......

    • Ken says:

      Totally agree with you on Loney Dave. If Price is traded he's very affordable. Plus, I think he's a plus in the clubhouse. Smoak could then be in the DH rotation and give Loney the occasional breather at first. Losing Price's 13 mil estimated contract gives the Rays a lot of room to maneuver.

  10. Rob says:

    Seems like the rumored deal with Seattle doesn't net us the same type of value we got when Shields went to the Royals. Shouldn't we be getting more than a top 20 prospect and a couple of other minor leaguers for one of the best lefties in the game? Shields was a solid starter and a workhorse, but he doesn't have the ceiling Price does and we were able to get one of the best prospects in the league for him, plus a potential starter.

    • Alex says:

      A top 20 prospect? He's been top 20 for 4 years now. He was rated number 5 going into last year. He has great stuff and his numbers in the minors back that up. Nick Franklin/Brad Miller are both good prospects and they both had some success in the majors last year. Smoak, if we get him, is improving every year and he looks like he is ready to break out in his age 28 season. Anything else we get would be padding.

      The Shields trade was essentially Myers and Odorizzi plus two extra guys with some upside but they weren't elite talents

  11. edward williams says:

    ok i am the first to admit that i dont know squat about the minor leagues, that is why i pay attention to you guys, lol. I completely forgot about delmon young, he didn't do to bad for us last year so to pick him up again wouldn't be to bad, i still really wish they grab loney if he is available, getting good prospects is a good thing ,but how long do you continue to keep saying you are developing players, yes the one thing we do real well is pitching, but again, how long do we wait , kinda of reminds me of the old atlanta braves, where really good for what 13 years or so but only made it to 1 ws, is that what we want, don't get me wrong i would love to continue having winning teams ,but i think it is time for a championship, after all isn't that why the play the games, and when i see that the rays don't have the money, well i don't believe that for a second, they have the money they just don't choose to spend it, which is thier perogative, but don't complain when the fans aren't showing up. I have said it before, i will continue to go to the games because i love this team and baseball, now i do actually have a question, lol does anybody know if wil myers is playing anywhere now, he can hit, but he is not a very good outfielder,i know he was a catcher before, i was just wondering if the rays send players like him to maybe arizona or someplace to work on his fielding, and maybe hair, lol hey thanks to everybody for thier info.


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