Leslie AndersonThe Rays have released Leslie Anderson according to Joe Smith.

This move comes four years after Anderson signed a $3.75 million contract. However, the Cuban defector spent the last four seasons at triple-A Durham and never made it to the big leagues.

Anderson, a first baseman and outfielder, did have decent numbers at triple-A, hitting .301 with a .364 OBP over the last two seasons. However, he had no speed (7 stolen bases in 4 seasons), very little power for a first baseman (14 HR in 2013), and the general consensus is that he doesn’t have the bat speed to sustain his batting average at the big league level.

According to Smith, Anderson will now pursue opportunities in Asia.



  1. Ken says:


  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    No defense, no speed, and couldn’t hit an MLB curveball. There are hundreds of others like him in the minors.

  3. edward williams says:

    for a minute there i thought we where talking about a certain catcher, no defense, no speed and can’t hit a curveball, than i remembered he can frame pictches, lol happy new year to all , can’t wait for spring training

  4. Dave L says:

    If Leslie Anderson is pursuing options in ‘asia’ that should tell us all we need to know. He’s at least 31. He never made the 40 man much less the big league roster because he didn’t have the skills to succeed.

    End of story.

    So the obvious answer to the oft posed question here of “Why not L.A.?” has been validated.

  5. edward williams says:

    always wondered why they didn’t give him a chance, well hope he does well in asia, i never wish bad things on players, for some reason catcher and first baseman (expcept carlos pena first time) don’t seem to last hear, trying to remember, toby hall wasn’t bad, or john flaherty (i think thats how you spell his last name) navarro didn’t last, just wierd i guess it just goes to show how hard it is to get a good catcher. First base always seem to be a problem also, my memorie is fried, i think fred mcgriff played first of dh for us, ughhhh forget it going to bed, lol happy new year all.

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