Logan MorrisonOne potential replacement for James Loney could be Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison, and any trade could also involve Sean Rodriguez.

According to Jayson Stark, the Marlins are now telling teams they will trade Morrison, whom the Rays have reportedly been interested in for several years. This comes after it was announced that the Marlins had agreed to sign free agent first baseman Garrett Jones.

Stark also reports that the Rays are “very interested” in trading for Morrison who is in his first year of arbitration eligibility. Morrison is projected to make $1.7 million through arbitration according to MLBTradeRumors.com.

Jon Morosi of FoxSports.com confirms that the Rays are indeed interested, but notes that the Pirates are also pursuing Morrison.

It is not clear what the Marlins would want in return for Morrison, but one name that seems to make sense is Sean Rodriguez. Earlier today we heard that the Marlins are interested in Rodriguez as a potential third baseman.

One downside to trading Hot Rod is that would leave the Rays with one fewer right-handed bat and one fewer utility player. Tim Beckham could potentially fill both of those holes if the Rays think he is ready.



  1. Dave L says:

    I couldn;t pick him out of a lineup but his numbers dont look that impressive. His offensive numbers are ok but not great against Righties but horrible against LHP so he would be a platoon player at best. His defensive numbers dont look good either but I dont trust defensive metrics,

    One guy who I think might be a FA option for the Rays as a DH/Outfielder and maybe play 1st would be Franklin Gutierrez. Hes been injured a lot since his CF GG 3 years ago. He still plays some CF so his fielding can’t have deteriorated that much to play a good corner outfield He’ll be 31 in Feb.

    We could platoon him against RH pitching only as his OPS splits are over .900 versus RHP and bad against lefties like .600 he’s sort of like Matt Joyce but with a better glove.

    He made $7M last year but after his lack of productivity we could get him for much less than that. It doesn’t fill our holes against LHP but maybe he could play first base he’s 6’2” and was very athletic. First base can be picked up.

    I just don’t think the 1st base/DH options left to us are very good and Franklin's OPS splits against righties are .120+ higher than Morrisons.

  2. AJNO says:

    please remind me again; why wont Leslie Anderson even get a look?

  3. mep645 says:

    I agree that the Bull's Leslie Anderson is a great player and gets no rewards for it. Is he a minor free agent that is more like a contractor?. I read somewhere that some minor league teams pay a veteran player way over the paltry MILB fee for their maturity, making sure that they are capable of keeping the scores up and help with the younger members of the team. Anderson isn't even on the Rays 40 man roster. Why is a good question.

    As for Sean Rod, Miami is his hometown and he would probably be happy there. He could play a position in Miami. He was all but invisable this year. The Rays really had no place for him except as a bench player. He sat arround a lot this year. .


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