Joe Maddon met with the media at the Winter Meetings today. You can listen to the session below but here are the highlights:

  • If David Price is not traded this winter, it is “less likely” that he would be traded during the season.
  • When asked again about possibly trading Price: “Honestly, listen, I have been in an RV for a month.”
  • On being able to ignore baseball in the offseason: “I’m not the guy that sits around writing lineups all winter long because we change it every night anyway.”
  • Maddon said he would like to have James Loney back but understands that this is Loney’s shot to get the biggest contract of his career.
  • Not surprisingly, he is not ready to name the ninth inning pitcher noting that several guys are capable.

Part 1

Part 2



  1. Drew says:

    I despise facebook

  2. Dave L says:

    Ken Rosenthal reported that Delmon is down to 219 pounds and is working out at first base in the off season....



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