David PriceLet’s get caught up on some links prior to the weekend…

  • Jon Heyman says there are five or six teams “serious in pursuit” of David Price. Heyman was also told “nothing happening” between the Rays and Dodgers concerning Price and “nothing hot” with the Rangers. Heyman also has a quote from somebody “familiar with the Mariners’ thinking” that says Mariners top prospect Taijuan Walker will be a Mariner on opening day. Sources “familiar with the thinking” of a specific team are typically beat writers and are just guessing or just relaying something they’ve been told, which may or may not be a smokescreen. [CBS Sports]
  • One name to keep an eye on is Masahiro Tanaka who may or may not be made available to Major League Teams. Once his situation is resolved, teams that don’t sign Tanaka could turn to the Rays and David Price as a plan B. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Rays would prefer at least one or two MLB-ready players in the trade for David Price because they still want to contend in 2014. But Rosenthal acknowledges that the Rays will accept younger prospects if that is the best offer. [Fox Sports]
  • Luke Scott has signed with a team in Korea. Seriously. Luke Scott. This won’t end well. [MLB.com]
  • Grant Balfour may not end up with the Orioles after all. The two sides had reached an agreement, but something came up during Balfour’s physical that now has the deal in jeopardy. [ESPN]
  • If the O’s don’t sign Balfour, they may end up with Fernando Rodney. Happy, happy, joy, joy. [Dan Connolly]
  • One player the Rays won’t sign is Kevin Youkilis who is heading to Japan. [Patrick Newman]




  1. Beth says:

    Would not have wanted to be in the room when someone had to tell the "mad Australian" that the deal was off. Wonder what the physical revealed? Whatever it was, if it scared off the Orioles it's going to scare off others. Does that make him cheap enough for the Rays to sign?

    • Dave L says:

      This is the 4th deal Angelos put the kabosh on due to physicals since he has owned the O's. Supposedly thats his veto power when he finds a deal he doesnt like...ie.. too much money.

      I think he is trying to squeeze Balfour but someone else may swoop in and take that deal.

      For me Balfour is the best closer on the board. He is still way more than we like to pay for a relief pitcher. The Rays history tells us closers can be developed from common relief stock and need not be bought. Hell, its worked so far so why change it?

      I'm happy with our pen and expect one more addition maybe in the $2-4M one year range max.

      Rodney will crap out in 2014 IMO. Bad bet but someone will take it.

  2. Sarah says:

    Supposedly the Os are now looking at Rodney. I would be fine with their having him, rather than Balfour, as their closer!


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