97722661JG006_TAMPA_BAY_RAYDavid Price is the biggest story at the Winter Meetings this week in Orlando and everybody wants to know if he will be traded and who will win the bidding.

One general manager told Ken Rosenthal that the Dodgers are in the best position to land Price. The GM’s “theory” is that the Mariners will not be willing to trade their top pitching prospect, Taijuan Walker, and the Diamondback will not be willing to trade their top pitching prospect,  Archie Bradley.

This has been a common sentiment expressed by people not associated with either team. Even the Mariners GM said yesterday that he “expects” Walker to still be with the Mariners in 2014.

The problem with this theory is that nobody thought the Royals would be willing to trade Wil Myers a year ago and then they did. Expectations change when desperation sets in. Also, the Mariners offered Walker to the Diamondbacks last winter when they tried to trade for Justin Upton.

Meanwhile, things have been very quiet with respect to the Rangers’ interest in Price. And now Rangers general manager Jon Daniels says his team “isn’t actively looking to trade for a top-of-the-rotation starting pitcher” according to Evan Grant of DallasNews.com.

The Rangers never felt like a good fit with the Rays and for now they appear to be out of the mix.

Buster Olney took a poll of “three execs” and asked them where they think Price would be traded. All three said Seattle.

At this point, it still looks like the Mariners have a big lead over the other teams. They have to add one or two more players to justify the Robinson Cano signing. Of course they don’t want to give up Walker and will try to do a deal without him. But Friedman is the most patient GM in the game, and eventually the Mariners will cave.

That is, unless the Diamondbacks cave first.



  1. Dave L says:

    Price may be with us past the winter meetings.

    Phillies are now shopping Hamels and Lee. Thier costs are high but fixed unlike Prices' which are unknown after 2 more years. All 3 are elite Ace lefties.

    But they will cost you money plus prospects (Rays) or prospects and starters (Phillies)

    The fourth option is the Japanese phenom Tanaka (after that it drops way off to Garza?). If you think you still have a shot at him, why give up assets for the MLB players?

    Price may not move until Tanaka is resolved, that he will definitely A be posted and B get a deal done with one of the 10 teams willing to pay the lower $20M posting fee.

    I believe the Yanks will get him in the end. But if you're a team that thinks you have a shot, why trade for Price? Tanaka will cost only money and quite a few teams have alot of that to play with with new revenue streams coming open.

  2. AJNO says:

    Phils will trade Hamels and/ or Lee to anyone who is willing to give them a cheese sandwich in return...

  3. Gus says:

    Dodgers need to dump an OF, so why not Puig for Price, straight up. Maddon can deal with his considerable chrome. Money no factor to LA. Chemsitry is. I'm gathering his act wore thin late in the season. Mattingly would do that deal in a heartbeat. Rays lack position players in their system.

    Steroid risk: moderate to high.

  4. mep645 says:

    Oh Gus .

    Please no, not Puig. There is not enough room in the outfield for 2 Star Kids. We already have Wil with his strange hair, poor fielding, high K rate, poor teamspirit according to Captain Longo, going 1 for 22 in the post season and awful communication skills with media such as telling a reporter "I have been playing baseball all my life". Montoya in Durham complained that Wil wouldn't take direction and Puig is a carbon copy in terms of behaviors.

    Puig got benched for showing up late for meetings and lack of hustle.He was a torn in the side of management for the Dodgers. We need grown-ups with a sense of themselves and more importantly a healthy sense of the real world of baseball. Please no more babysitting....

  5. OriginalTom says:

    When did Longo say Myers lacked team spirit?


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