USATSI_6113864_154511044_lowresAt the general managers meetings in Orlando, Scott Boras chimed in on the Rays’ ugly stadium situation and suggested the team would be better off in New Jersey (via…

“I would say the Tale of Two Cities: The one they’re in and the one they should be in…I think there’s a lot of cities that may attract them, but I don’t know…maybe…maybe New Jersey would like their win percentage.”

Is Boras really concerned about what is best for the Rays or even Major League Baseball? Probably not.

The reason Boras thinks the Rays should move is because the Rays are bad for business.

The Rays don’t spend a lot of money and if they were in a different market, they might make more money and then spend more money. That would mean more money being spent on players overall in addition to adding competition for the higher-priced talent. All of that means more money for his players across the board, even for players that don’t sign with the Rays.

But maybe more importantly, the Rays have shown other teams that it is possible to be cheap-ass bastards and still win. Now we are talking about a business model that drives down salaries. And that is REALLY bad for Boras and his clients.

As always, everyone is talking about the WHAT (“Boras thinks Rays should move to Jersey”) when they really should be asking WHY?


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  1. Gus says:

    Who has harmed the game more?

    The Trop and St. Pete?

    Or Scott Boras, the scumbag who associated and facilitated the longest client list of steroid cheaters in the game,men whose PED use kept more deserving men on the bench or in the minors while they lined their pockets with $ paid because of fradulent performances? Guys like Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, Kevin Brown, Eric Gagne,. Rick Ankiel, Ivan Rodriquez, Gary Sheffield and of course, Alex Rodriguez.

    Shut up Boras.

  2. OriginalTom says:

    In related news, Boras believes the Mets need more Astronauts!

  3. Geoff Peterson says:

    Boras is a tool. I can't imagine a scenario where either the Mets and Yanks (North Jersey) or the Phillies (South Jersey) would allow another team in their market. This is all a ploy for a new stadium, just like MLB did in Chicago, San Fran, Houston, Miami, and the list goes on and on


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