Wil Myers and Jenny DellThe Rookie of the Year awards will be announced tonight and Wil Myers is the favorite to win in the American League.

But does anybody care? Sure, Rays fans care. But thanks to Major League Baseball being Major League Baseball, the awards are being stretched out over several weeks, effectively boring other fans into not caring.

I’m not sure if I want an awards show, although that would certainly be better than this. But there is no reason why we need to wait two weeks after the World Series and there is no reason why we need to announce finalists the week before. This isn’t the Heisman Trophy. Just make the announcements and move forward.


  • ESPN Stats & Info breaks down the Rookie of the Year candidates. [ESPN]
  • Wil Myers was the runaway winner of the IBA’s Rookie of the Year award. Chris Archer finished third. [BaseballProspectus]
  • Buster Olney is the latest to write that this is the best time to trade David Price. [ESPN Insider]
  • The Phillies have “kicked around” the idea of trading for David Price according to Buster Olney. Of course, I’d be surprised if all 29 other teams haven’t at least “kicked around” the idea. [Fox Sports]
  • The Rays are one of five teams that has shown interest in signing The Mad Australian, Grant Balfour. [MLBTR]
  • Buster Olney notes that the Rays have shown interest in Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan in the past and he could be available now. [Buster Olney]
  • Some have argued that the Tampa-St. Pete area is not big enough for three pro sports teams. But based on this, three is the perfect number based on the size of the market. [BI Sports]
  • The Braves are leaving Turner Field for a new stadium in Cobb County. [ESPN]
  • Did you know the Rays have other owners besides Stuart Sternberg? It’s true! One of them is selling this house in Philly. [BustedCoverage]
  • Here’s video of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick making fun of how short the Red Sox players are. [BI Sports]
  • What would the Rays look like as a football team? Here’s your answer. [BRaysball Talk]
  • Will the Bucs finally get their first win tonight? Of course, with the mess in Miami, nobody cares about the game, but this could be a good shot to knock a team off that is dealing with off-field problems. [JoeBucsFan]





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  1. Gus says:

    I'd note for Rays fans the following about the end of Turner Field:

    1. The Braves aren't leaving until the end of their lease in 2016; people in the Tropicana Field dicussion act like that isn't an issue; I am unaware of any baseball team ever leaving its lease early.

    2. The Braves are leaving with no debt on Turner Field (it was donated to Atlanta from Olympic Committee), so that is a distinction from the Trop (and part of the reason the lease is so short).

    3. The pricetag is $600M, with 2/3rds being fronted by the government and 1/3 by the club. Hillsborough County now thinks they have bonding capacity for about $100M. So that is a big $500M hole to fill.

    4. The moving to the suburbs is a bit curious, since the conventional wisdom used to be downtown stadiums are the only way to sell corporate tickets. Curious how many season tickets they'll sell and how they'll draw to weeknight games -- I wouldn't be surprised to see them struggle on weeknights like the Rays do. Married suburban people with kids don't go to weeknight games that much; you see them on the weekends.

    5. The Braves are owned by Liberty Media, who can't sell them until 2015 because of tax and accounting considerations related to the acquistion of Turner/Time Warner assets. So they take the political heat from a thousand miles away and then sell to a new owner who gets a new stadium deal without unclean hands. A pure asset value move that probably hurts the City, maybe hurts race relations and increases white flight, but is good for the bottom line.

    6. The Falcons stadium played a role here -- the Braves feel left out and went and sought a better deal from another local government (Cobb County) and the City of Atlanta is not fighting at all to keep them (the Mayor just got re-elected, and the Braves will be gone by the next election). Sometimes, it is better to spread the cost of your sports teams across the entire market. In Tampa Bay. if the Rays did cut a stadium deal in Tampa, the Glazers won't be demanding a new stadium before the ink was dry. (Maybe football at the Trop? They couldn't draw much worse and the a/c and smaller capacity might be ideal until a new stadium could be built).

    7. This deal isn't done yet. Cobb County has to approve its share of the financing. This is conservative country; Not sure they'll be down with a corporate givewaway. But it is the heart of youth American baseball, producing more great players per capita than anywhere else. So my guess is they will approve it. Amazing to cut a deal this big with no media coverage.


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