Looks like the Rays are moving quickly to answer another off-season question as they appear to be close to re-signing Jose Molina according to Buster Olney. And here is the somewhat surprising part: It is a 2-year deal.

My initial reaction this report: As a coach?

My second reaction:

We have heard rumors in the past for other players that were supposedly 2-year deals that ended up being a 1-year deal with an option year. So let’s not freak out too much yet. But a 2-year deal for Molina, who will turn 39 next June, seems excessive. By 2015, Molina is going to be running the bases in a motorized wheelchair and he will be asking the umpire to chase all of the passed balls.


  • A full playoff share for the Rays was $35,820. The players voted on 46 full shares “plus some cash awards.” [Marc Topkin]
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  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:


  2. steveskratch says:

    He can't run or hit but he can frame the hell out of pitches. Hes cheap and has ws experience. Could have made worse moves imo

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      So it's a smart move to use a roster spot on someone who can move his glove 2 inches from one spot to another? His inability to run counters any benefit added by his ability to frame.

  3. mep645 says:

    It's time for SOMO to reitre as a player and become a coach like his older brother. He can't get to first base, his single is really a double and he really can't hit or get passed balls or wild pitches. He has had his playing time and needs to move on. His hitting was not an asset.

    Why not give chris Giminez the 2nd catcher spot? He's not getting any younger toiling away in Durham

  4. Dean says:

    This is not the way to improve our team speed.

  5. edward williams says:

    it's the rays way, im hoping they spend something this year , lets be honest, did anybody really thing we where going to beat boston last year, i had hoped, but one and done is getting old and the done part is usually pretty ugly, we are not built for the playoffs, for 90 wins , yes, but you don't get a flag for that, maybe i am being to cynical, but as a fan (and yes i go to the games) i would really love that feeling of 2008 again.

  6. Geoff Peterson says:

    I don't love the 2 year deal but Molina is also one of the best game callers in MLB. He's worked with all these young pitchers over the last few years and he and Hickey have done a great job handling this staff.

  7. David says:

    He is pathetic. Cant hit, cant run, doesn't field, no throw. A ZERO tool player. What a mistake!

  8. edward williams says:

    ok so molina can frame pitches , and handle the pitching staff, personally i think it's all hickey, i agree that he seems to be able to handle most of the staff, remember hellboy had a horrible year, not molinas fault, moore kind of came and went, even price wasn't the same, now i know injuries play a big spot, but heck even rodney wasn't that good, so who is to fault or who is to be given credit, again it's all hickey if i'm right (which probably isn't going to happen) didn't lobo catch moore most of the time. All i guess i am trying to say is molina is old , out of shape, and can't seem to catch a ball thrown right at his glove, he had to have lead the league in past balls. How was his numbers thowing out runners, my opinion for whatever it's worth is that we give gimenez a shot, if the rays aren't going to spend the extra tv money, hopefully they do, they still have a lot of time left than we might as well go young at catcher , can't be any worse.

  9. edward williams says:

    just read on twitter from marc tompkin 2 years 4.5 million gauranteed, incredible, not trying to hate on the man, but our two biggest acquisitions so far have been david dejesus and jose molina, i know they are not going to go out and spend 10 million or more on any one player, and maybe they don't have to , but start building a playoff team, not a 90 win and out team, i know , i am repeating myself.

  10. Gus says:

    From my perspective (passionate fan, watch maybe 140 games a year), this moves seems idiotic and inexplicable. This may be one where you just have to say -- Maddon-Friedman knows more than I do. But it seems like they should explain to the fan base how his deteroriating physical condition warrants even one more year, much less two.

    It would be one thing if they played the started 140 games and Molina was catching 25 or so games a year. But they split. At one point last year I looked up their record when Molina started and it was substantially poorer than when Lobaton started. Not exactly a super-scientific advanced metric, but one that confirmed what my eyes tell me: Molina makes them a worse team.


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