Here is the roster for the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox. The biggest, albeit not that surprsing, development is that Jeremy Hellickson is on the roster and Roberto Hernandez is not. Also, no Luke Scott, but he was expendable with Delmon Young hitting so well…

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  1. Amanda says:

    Is it bad that my first thought at looking at this was that I'm six months older than the oldest person on the roster?


  2. Gus says:

    I don't like Wesley Wright on there over Gomes; I gather he'll pitch to lefties only and Papi in particular. But otherwise, hard to argue.

    Maybe my "S-Rod as Bucky Dent" in Game 163 was just too early and this is his series. One can hope.

  3. AJNO says:

    who plays 3B if longo gets hurt? S Rod? KJ? Move Zob to 3B, SRod to 2B? that roster seems to be pretty OF heavy, but i guess Joe can always just move Zobrist whereever he needs him.

    Also, lets dont forget the last time he kept Baldelli on the roster for a game, then sent him to the DL. Possibility for Delmon after game 2...

    • Andrew says:

      I think SRod or Kelly Johnson are probably ones that could fill in the infield if needed due to injury


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