David Price and Jim HickeyThing will be kinda light around here for the next couple of weeks as we start to gear up for the off-season. In the meantime, keep in mind that there are just 172 days until opening day. Get your rest, we’ll need it.


  • The Rays lost, but if you like Schadenfreude, we have this. It is Big Papi, Little Papi, a baseball, and the other Little Papi. [BI Sports]
  • David Price thinks he is probably going to be traded based on what the Rays have done in the past. As we mentioned a couple of days ago, he is absolutely right. [MLB.com]
  • Joe Maddon expects his coaching staff to remain the same in 2014 even though Jim Hickey is a free agent. [TBO.com]
  • Joel Peralta really wants the Rays to re-sign Fernando Rodney and says the closer is willing to take less money to stay with the Rays. [MLB.com]
  • Delmon Young also says he wants to re-sign with the Rays. [MLB.com]
  • Here is a video of Rocco Baldelli throwing out the first pitch prior to game 4. [RaysBaseball]
  • Joe Girardi’s new contract is an incredible steal for the Yankees and yet he will still make twice as much as Joe Maddon. [BI Sports]
  • A little old, but do you want to read 800 words trying to justify a blown call that went against the Rays in a game the Rays won? I didn’t either, but nobody warned me. [BaseballNation]




  1. Chris D says:

    I see no value in signing Rodney. Peralta or McGee could close and the Rays have some promising relievers in Durham (Yates) that could fill those spots.

    Signing Young doesn't make a ton of sense because he's RH DH only. I'd assume that Myers will end up in that role given that the rays have some OF talent floating around (Guyer, Kiermaier).

    Rays need to find a way to keep Loney & DeJesus though.

    • phil says:

      If Price is traded does that free up additional money to spend? Sign Loney loved his defense and bat! DeJesus has a $6.5M option and Luke Scott who made $6M can go ....so that is a wash....

    • TOM says:

      Agree 100%. They will probably screw it up anyway. Please don't resign fatass Molina.

    • Christopher says:

      ? Sign Young. Myers isn't a DH, he's the all-time right fielder. Young can play DH or LF.

  2. Brianknowsbest says:


    I was looking around? myers seemed like an obvious trade last year. Do you see a prospect like that if inclded with other prospects would be enough value to trade David Price. Oscar taveras and carlos martinez? profar is great, but what pitching could be included? I think the rays wont do it unless they find both an elite hitting prospect and pitching prospect. I think that we are most likely going to see a three way trade if a trade at all. But I would imagine the rays will try make the Matt garza deal look like a waiver wire pick up compared to this one.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      The three teams you hear the most when it comes to trading for Price all have big question marks.

      1) The Rangers. The name you always hear is Profar. But the Rays have cheap options on Escobar for the next two seasons ($5 million each year). No matter what you think of Escobar, that's a steal and there is no guarantee Profar will be a huge upgrade. The Rays also have Hak-Ju Lee who should be back next season and is still a very good prospect.

      2) The Cubs. Epstein is re-stocking their farm system, with the Garza trade certainly helping. But are they going to then turn around and unload to the Rays...again? Seems unlikely to me.

      3) The Dodgers. This is the one that seems to make the most sense, but nobody can agree on how good the Dodgers' farm system is. There are players that some people like, but it might not be very deep and the Rays like choices, especially when it comes to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th players in a deal. The 1st and 2nd might be obvious. But I'm guessing the Rays think it is the next tier of players is where they can get a winning deal by identifying a talent the other team doesn't know it has.

      • angrybuddha says:

        Obviously, Andrew knows more than us. But if we can get a Myers-type for Shields, we ought to get someone at least as polished and highly-regarded as the headline in a Price deal.

        If no such prospect (+ package of lesser-known guys) is available, then it's not inconceivable that Price is with us on opening day.

        Andrew & Stu aren't going to hold a gun to their own heads and force a deal... and other teams know that.

        If I had to bet, I'd say Price is gone this offseason... but I'm not going to be shocked if that doesn't happen.

      • Ken says:

        Cork, agree with you on both the Rangers and Cubs. I just don't see what the Dodgers can offer that we don't already have. MiLB players are all risky. Seems most of the Dodgers top guys are A or A+ level players. It seems to me we have to get a Myers type prospect which, IMO, the Dodgers can't produce.

  3. sledge says:

    I suspect Rodney will price himself out of coming back to us. Someone will offer him much more money than we will offer, and he'll be greedy and take it. I can see Young deciding to bust his balls this off-season and be a worthy "buy-low" resign. I suspect he realizes how great he had it, he won't be that expensive to sign, and he could be a potential full season reclamation project.

    Given that we are almost certain to see Price traded, I think the biggest question is whether we have an internal candidate for starter #5 (after Cobb, Moore, Helly, and Archer) or whether we have to try another non-Fausto solution.

    • phil says:

      Ordorrizzi would be the internal candidate. Alex Colmbe and Mike Montomery would be the 6th and 7th starters!

      • Chris D says:

        Pretty much this. Rays should give JD Martin a look as well for either a 5th starter or long reliever. He's still in the system after the DFA, would probably be cheap, and was basically the best AAA pitcher in the IL last year. Deserves an invite at least.

      • Gus says:

        Romero seems to project into a closer -- thorws gas, body type.

        Jake McGee would actually be a nice closer candidate if he learned a second pitch.

    • angrybuddha says:

      Everyone forgets Jeff Niemann. He's definitely in the discussion...

  4. phil says:

    Price to the dodgers for OF prospect Joc Pederson (he will be in AAA to start next year and is thier number one prospect); Chris Withro, a young reliever, who is on the Dodgers post season roster and Zach Lee (former 1st round draft pick who had a solid season in AA....should be in AAA next year to start ).

    I would think Pederson and Lee could be called up late June next year if needed.

  5. Rob says:

    It is going to be an interesting off season, but I wouldn't be surprised if Price doesn't get traded over the winter.

  6. Dave L says:

    Phil mentioned DeJesus had a $6.5M option for the Rays in 2014.

    I loved what he brought to The 2013 Rays as a late acquisition and was happy with him and the move.


    When you play the Rays off season roster construction game you have to think of the whole salary pie. And its a small pie. We spent like $65M originally plus late acquisitions which pushed it to maybe $70M max.

    Back to DeJesus. If we up our salary to a base of $70M that makes Dejesus like 9% of our pie.

    Seriously? In 35 games he had a .741 OPS and scored 13 runs as an leeadoff outfielder that translates into 60 max over a year. And he's a nice outfielder dont get me wrong. Jennings had a .748 OPS and costed us 1/10 what DeJesus would cost us.

    We got him for a song. I bet we let DeJesus dangle ala 2013 Luke Scott and bring him back at half that salary.

  7. Ken says:

    Totally agree Dave. As always, trying to figure out what the Rays will do post-season is challenging. Stewie had already declared that, based on this year's attendance, fans expect a lower total base salary. Hopefully 2 home playoff games will help.Factor in raises, albeit small, for most returning players and the budget is even slimmer.
    To me, whether or not we sign Loney will help steer further developments. We have no 1B candidates at the Minor League level and most other teams don't either. 6.5 M to Loney make a lot more sense that paying it to DeJesus.
    The Tigers rumor that they're willing to trade Scherzer helps Price's trade value I think.
    Gonna be a long and winding road...

    • Dave L says:

      I agree Loney is more valuable and has one of the 6 possible everyday everyday position players from the '13 Rays available in '14 he should gete a bigger slice of the small salary pie.

      But what is his value? I think we value him more than most clubs would. I dont see him getting any significant offers.

      Amongst AL 1st baseman he is 2nd in average but most teams want more production out of that spot. Get more pop-- drive in more runs. In OBP he drops to #7. and RBI #9. In slugging he's 11th and in HR he's 16 and theres only 15 teams.

      I think we can get him for under $5M per for 1 year

  8. Gus says:

    Off-season assignment for the 2% crew:

    Solve the fake turf problem in the Trop and grow real grass with the help of these:


    City might even pay for them if you stopped bitching about the stadium for once.

    I'd note for the "Tampa ballpark is inevitable" crowd that: (1) Tampa has come up with nothing to finance the Rays stadium since they opened talks; that is because Tampa/Hillsborough has no money (in the near term) as I've told you in this space for years and (2) Silverman, Friedman and Longo all buying homes on Snell Isle/Venitian Isles in the last year or so and raising their young families there should tell you something -- specifically that no move is imminent. The Rays are playing this lease out, as they should.

    Might as well Love the Trop. It is comfortable, unique, cheap and (virtually) paid for.

    (Is it me, or have we gone without the annual Stu Sternberg kevetch about the stadium and we are almost 72 hours after the last game. It is an annual rite of passage -- talk of the "implosion" of the most likeable franchise in the game from its owner just as the following season ticket renewals are going in the mail. A distinct form of self-loathing that I never understood.

    • Ken says:

      LOL. Gus, I really enjoy your posts. Without getting into the grass issue, I do want to comment on the TROP. It's neither the best nor the worst stadium in baseball. But, it's ours, like it or leave it. You're so right in saying a new stadium is just a pipe dream.
      Despite it's many failings I have come to accept it for what it is. The hype about Fenway is crap. I have a great friend who lives in Keene, NH and I visit him yearly. We try to plan it around a Rays visit. He, I and our grand kids all attend. He brings "pee bottles" and towels for all of us. We drape and use them in our seats. The place is horrid and really does reek of urine. Fortunately he knows a guy who allows him to park close to the stadium for free. Otherwise we'd have to pay $50.00 minimum. Wheel chair accessibility is nil so I'm always disconnected from the group.
      The "grass" or "turf" is not always greener.

  9. edward williams says:

    did anybody see the thank you page in the tampa times today from the rays, kind of different than "kevetching" (lol) we hear from the ownership this time of year, nice though. I really hope they bring back loney, i'm not sold on rodney anymore, yes i drank the cool aid last year, I just don't understand the ownership saying that they don't have the money to spend, just say you don't want to spend it, I'm ok with a 70 million dollar payroll (not my money lol) as long as you spend it in the right places, and so far they have done alright , i wouldn't bring back dejesus for 6 million, i definitly wouldn't bring back molina, even if he paid the rays to come back , so that means they have to go out and get a catcher, good luck, in my opinion we have a really good infield , except catcher, lobotan is getting better, so really what are they looking for, dh, maybe bring back young, closer, i liked a couple of comments that where made here for internal, and of course some outfield help. But ownership said payroll will be going down, we'll see, hope everybody has a great off season


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