USATSI_7474315_154511044_lowresThe Rays will play at home tonight for the first time in two weeks. Their road trip lasted 5 cities, 10 games, 14 days, and 5,631 miles…Four out of 22 teams to trail 2-0 in the best-of-5 ALDS have come back to win the series…Julianna Zobrist will sing the national anthem tonigh..I don’t care what David Price said after the game about the TBS crew. That pregame show is so unwatchable that I have no idea if Price is right or not, and I don’t care…If anybody thought Wil Myers was going to be bothered by people chanting his name obviously haven’t watched many Rays games. Then there is this Tweet which was the perfect comeback: “Back in Tampa. Need 2 more Ws so we can ship back up to Boston and hear Myyyerrrrsss again!”


  • Dan Shaughnessy before game 2 was even over: “Do we even have to go to Tampa?” [@Dan_Shaughnessy] Maybe somebody should remind Shaughnessy about his bold prediction on the final night of the 2011 season when he declared that the Red Sox season would not end that night (it did). [RaysIndex]
  • David Price and David Ortiz chatted and everything is cool after Price was critical of Ortiz watching one of his home runs a little too long. []
  • Joe Maddon on John Lackey: “I’ve known Lack for a long time. John Lackey, we were teammates back with the Angels, and he helped pay for my daughter’s wedding in 2002. So I was always grateful to John…Great teammate, great competitor. He and I used to go out for beers after the games.” Remember, it was Lackey that Maddon accused of being a bad teammate earlier this year. [NESN]

Finally, it took former Rays catcher Stephen Vogt  448 days to get his first big league hit, but it took him just two playoff games to get his first career postseason walk-off hit…

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  1. Gus says:

    Couple of thoughts on the weekend:

    1. Against good teams, you can't pump fastballs all night. Warren Spahn famous saying was a pitcher's No. 1 job was to disrupt timing. Moore and Price seem to forget about that totally, going all Jake McGee all the time. Against great hitting teams, need to change that approach.

    2. Luckilly for the Rays, the best pitcher they have at disrupting timing (Cobb) is going tonight. I have confidence that he'll pitch well. I have less confidence in the Rays offense to get to Buchholz.

    3. Might be a good idea to get Myers out of the No. 2 hole. We've seen him going into mini-slumps before, and he is in one now, where he isn't really hitting the ball well and is getting abused on the outside corner (some tough ball/strike calls by unpires are letting pitchers stay away from him). A DH role might be in order here just to clear his mind.

    4. This team's weak spot has been the GIDP when they start to slump. I'd try moving guys a little more (they avoided one DP with Des moving Saturday).

    5. Longo needs to come up big today. He's the franchise. They need him to will them to a game. Win Game 3, and the pressure starts to flip.

  2. Dean says:

    SOE on "Why the Rays Can Still Win:

  3. Greg says:

    TBS pregame is definitely unwatchable. Hayhurst adds nothing and Pedro Martinez and Gary Sheffield are unseasoned in the studio and thus usually leave me cringing every time they talk. MLB Network is the only way to go.


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