Shelley DuncanNo surprises here, but Ryan Roberts, Shelley Duncan, Jason Bourgeois, and JD Martin have all elected to become minor league free agents. All four players spent time with the Rays, although Martin never appeared in a game.

Martin made it clear that he has no intention of re-signing with the Rays. But the other three all have a shot at coming back if they can’t find a better shot at the big leagues.


  • The Rays haven’t released their spring training schedule, but based on the Orioles’ spring schedule, it appears the Rays’ first game will be Feb 28 in Port Charlotte. []
  • Wil Myers was named the top AL rookie by the Sporting News. [Sporting News]
  • Dave Martinez says his interview with the Cubs went well. Marc Topkin has the names of those Martinez is competing against. []
  • Nobody can find a better city in the U.S. for the Rays, so now people are looking north of the border and suggesting the Rays will move to Montreal (they won’t). [Boston Globe]
  • Noah Pransky shoots down the Montreal speculation. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • Nice work by MLB scheduling the World Series to start on Wednesday. And by “nice work” I really mean, “what the hell were they thinking?” [BI Sports]
  • Greg Johns of doesn’t see the Mariners getting involved in the David Price sweepstakes. []
  • On a lighter note, did you guys see Prince Fielder’s belly flop slide? Have you seen the parodies? [BI Sports]
  • If you missed Josh Freeman’s debut with the Vikings, be grateful. He probably wishes he missed it also. In fact, it was so bad, it was actually historically bad. [BI Sports]




  1. Phil says:

    They can move to Stanford, CT ...Up and coming city.....

  2. Beth says:

    Re: Wed start -- what would be better a better alternative?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      They should have moved the season up one day and started today. Would have gone head-to-head with just one NFL game instead of 4 and if there is a game 7, it wouldn't be scheduled for Halloween as it is now.

  3. Christopher says:

    Josh probably did miss his start, if the concussion talk is valid.


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