When it comes to walk-off hits, nobody does it better than Dave Wills. So we had to mash together video of Jose Lobaton’s walk-off home run in game three along with the call on Rays Radio. And it does not disappoint!



  1. Michael says:

    Any chance we can get one for the Longo 3-run birthday bomb as well? My friend was in the car picking up his wife from work and said Wills’ call on that homer was also amazing.

  2. CA says:

    Nice to hear the local call…TBS game crew drove me crazy with their criticisms of all things Rays and infatuation with the Red Sox.

  3. Koji says:

    That even brought a tear to my eye.

  4. Stefanie says:

    I don’t know which is better – Dave Wills or Hickey’s expression to Maddon.

  5. Beth says:

    Wow, and hearing them say “it will be Rodney in the 10th” — makes me even happier with this results.

  6. BW says:

    did that ball bounce of a fan wearing a DAN JOHNSON jersey? love it.

  7. BW says:

    oh man shouldve waited til the end of the clip to post that.

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