The best part of Jose Lobaton’s walk-off home run? Maybe that it was hit over the outstretched arms of a guy in a Dan Johnson jersey and a row behind a Red Sox fan that is experiencing some serious butt-hurt…

Here is another view that beautiful swing…

And maybe the second-best reaction (behind butt-hurt Red Sox fan) is the non-reaction of Jim Hickey and Joe Maddon

And then there was the butt reaction by Koji Uehara


And of course there is the splash-down version 2.0 that included Rachel Nichols as collateral damage…


And here is our walk-off view of Lobatron’s walk-off winner…

Jose Lobaton



  1. Dave L says:

    I can't sleep!

    The improbability factors multiply so as to reach the absurd level. The unhittable Uehara who hasnt yielded a home run in 100+ whatever batters.

    The weird occurance of Myers leg cramp lineup spot eventually being filled by Lobaton

    Lobaton being there by default due to his being the next up catcher.

    The count which favored Boston.

    The pitch being in a nice spot that Koji thought he spotted just fine.

    Jose taking a swing which was anything but mighty

    The hitting the ball to the one of the deepest part of the Trop where no one hits it successfully.before except Miggy and somebody I forgot.

    The improbable home run ball careening off the glove of a Dan Johnson jersey clad Rays fan. Dan Johnson having the 135th most popular Rays jersey off all time (brief time albiet). But his entire MLB claim to fame is based on such homers!

    The beauty of the final sequence was that the true Rays fan who missed that ball and saw it glance off his glove into the tank, did not react with displeasure at not getting the ball. but exploded in joy at the Rays win!



  2. Tyler says:

    Looks like Joe says to Hickey: "That's F*cking great."


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