For the third straight game, the Rays won a win-or-go-home contest with a 4-0 win over Cleveland in the AL Wild Card. Here is the final strike. You can see how we got here below. P.S. SILLY STRINGGGGGG…


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For the third time in four days it is win or go home for the Rays as they face Cleveland in the AL Wild Card. The winner of tonight’s game will face the Red Sox on Friday in Boston. The loser gets a headstart on their winter golf game, or in the case of Luke Scott, a head start on re-stocking his doomsday bunker.

Follow along here as we will post all the important updates and highlights in this post. Think of it like the morning Screencaps post, but in real-time…

Before we get started, I want to vent. The TBS pre-game show? Absolutely unwatchable. Fifteen minutes before the game and they wanted to know if all of these signs were written by the same person, and that was just one of many cringe-worthy moments…

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The Rays go down 1-2-3 in the first and we get our first mmmm kay sign, “Tampa Bay Sucks.” I wonder how long it took to think that one up…

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In the bottom of the first we have our first controversial call. This third strike was ruled a foul tip initially even though replays clearly showed that Jose Molina caught the ball. After a conference the umpires changed the call to an out…

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Cobb gets through his first 1-2-3 and it’s on to the second inning.


The Rays went down 1-2-3 and in the bottom of the second Cleveland got the game’s first hit, a 2-out double. We also got a look at these fans. This is sad and embarrassing…

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Delmon Young, YES, DELMON YOUNG, gets the scoring started with a no-doubt-about-it home run. P.S. BAT FLIPPPPPP!!!!!…

Cobber gives up a 1-out single, but a strikeout and a ground ball to Loney get the Rays out of the inning, still up 1-0


Back-to-back singles by Loney and Longoria was followed by a 2-run double by Desmond Jennings and the Rays are up 3-0!

In the bottom-half we have our second controversial call and it looks like the umps got it right the first time this time. It was close, but he was safe…

10-2-2013 8-26-02 PM

The Indians then loaded up the bases with one out, but Cobber got out of it with a double-play and boy is he pumped up!


Cleveland is now in their bullpen. A walk to Jose Molina was followed by a pair of strikeouts and Molina being caught stealing.

Cleveland got runners on first and third with one out and Loney saved a run with a head’s up play on a grounder…

That was followed by an easy grounder back to the mound and the Rays escape, still up 3-0…


Rays go 3-up, 3-down in the sixth.

Cobb takes his turn and puts Cleveland down 1-2-3 and has now retired six in a row since giving up hits to the first two batters of the fifth inning.


After a leadoff single by Jennings, the next three Rays batters went down. Still up 3-0.

With one out in the seventh, Cobb is at 100 pitches and Joel Peralta is warming up in the bullpen.

And with 2 outs and 2 runners on, Maddon is out to pull Cobb, and bring in Peralta.

And thanks to a free-swinging Nick Swisher, Peralta gets the K and out of the inning…


After a hit-by-pitch and an infield single by Myers, the Rays were silenced on a Loney double-play and Longo lining out to third base. It is still 3-0 to the bottom of the eighth.

With a runner on and one out, DeJesus tracked down a flyball in foul territory and then somebody threw what was left of their $36 beer at him…

Afterward, Jake McGee came in and got the final out of the inning. On to the ninth!


After the Rays got a couple of runners on base, a Yunel Escobar liner at Swisher gets by the glove and into right field and now it’s 4-0!

Rodney comes out for the bottom of the ninth and immediately shows what a devastating changeup can do…

10-2-2013 10-42-33 PM

And shortly thereafter the arrow was shot!

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  1. Dave L says:

    Cobb is being Cobb in control.

    Now the heart of the lineup has to smash this kid

  2. Dave L says:

    Very patient at bats the second time through.

    Jennings delivers in the clutch!

  3. Ken says:

    Is it me? The broadcasters are so slanted towards the Indians I have a "puke" bucket next to my chair.

  4. Rich says:

    Ken, you could not be more right. I've been watching the game on mute with my headphone listening to Dave and Andy since the 3rd. I couldn't take it anymore. If you don't have a dog in the fight, I understand the appeal to want the Indians to win since it would bring Tito back to Boston, but what happened to being impartial?


    • bbmern says:

      I did the same thing, Ken, for the last two games. Even though I knew what was going to happen, two seconds before it did, Andy and Dave gave me a sense of comfort and their announcing is always superb!!!

    • bbmern says:

      I did the same thing,Rich, for the last two games. Even though I knew what was going to happen, two seconds before it did, Andy and Dave gave me a sense of comfort and their play by play is always superb!!!

  5. Ken says:

    1 to go.

  6. Ken says:

    Time to close it out.

  7. Ken says:


  8. Dean says:

    That was a pit to go into and come out victorious, a shutout on top of it all.

    Win or lose against the Red Sox, this team has earned our appreciation during a challenging year that continues.

    It's good to be a Rays fan, but I would've written that even if they had lost.

  9. edward williams says:

    if i am right i believe the next series is going to be on sunsports, god i hope because i agree with all, the announcers where so slanted. oh well who cares as long as we win and can listen to dave and andy. go rays


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