10-8-2013 11-31-50 PM

The Rays lose to the Red Sox 3-1 and lost the series 3-1.



Here we go again. For the fifth time in ten days it is win or the season is over. As usual, you can follow along here for all the important/interesting/silly images and GIFs. But before we get started, check it out. Stuart Sternberg is in the house…



Very good first inning for Hellickson. His fastball looks very good, sitting at 91-92 and hitting his spots. That’s a great sign as he needs a good fastball for his other pitches to be great. The result was an easy 1-2-3 first inning with 2 pop-ups to the infield.

Jake Peavy has an equally easy first inning and it is on to the second inning.


Hellickson walked David Ortiz on four pitches. In his career, Ortiz is 9-24 with 3 home runs so it is no surprise that Helly would pitch around Big Papi.

Hellickson then walked the next batter and now Jamey Wright is warming in the ‘pen and Evan Longoria came out to the mound and appeared to have some firm words for Hellickson…

A single to Nava and that’s it for Hellickson, Maddon is out to make the switch. Also, Matt Moore is now warming in the bullpen.

Jamey Wright and James Loney to the rescue! First Wright got a huge bases loaded, no out strikeout and then Loney followed with a gorgeous defensive play…

And Wright was pleased…

10-8-2013 8-11-10 PM

Offensively, the Rays are still not awake as they go 1-2-3 again.


Matt Moore is on now for the Rays and after walking one batter, the Rays turn another nice double play with Zobrist intelligently making the runner hesitate between first and second…

Escobar gets the first hit for the Rays and then shoots an arrow. Or at least I think that’s what this is. If so, he’s going to hurt somebody…

Lobaton followed with a single of his own, but then DeJesus grounds into a double play to end the inning.


Moore gives up a couple of baserunners, but strikes out Jarrod Saltalamacchia to end the inning.

Alex Torres is warming up in the bullpen.

Wil Myers leads off with a single, but he is quickly erased with yet another double play. Longo follows with an easy groundball out and it is on to the fifth inning.


Torres in to pitch the fifth inning. He gave up a couple of baserunners, including a questionable hit-by-pitch to Victorino that was not only over the plate, but it might have been a strike…

10-8-2013 9-13-15 PM

But all was OK as Torres got out of the inning with no runs scored and the score is still 0-0.

The Rays go quietly in the sixth, 1-2-3.


Torres back to the mound and he gets David Ortiz on a groundball to right field…

10-8-2013 9-26-53 PM

That was followed by a flyball and a strikeout and it is still 0-0 heading to the bottom of the sixth.

Escobar just missed a home run leading off the sixth, but once again, he thought it was 15 rows deep as he casually strolled out of the box…

10-8-2013 9-33-46 PM

After Lobaton moved Escobar to third, DeJesus breaks the scoreless tie with a single and I think he broke his bow…

That’s it for the Rays and it’s 1-0.


Jake McGee in to pitch the seventh, pitcher no. 5 for the Rays.

After McGee gives up a pair of runners, Joel Peralta comes in and promtly throws a wild pitch that ties the game.

After that, the shift bit the Rays in the heiny as a Escobar was playing deep in the hole and Victorino’s broken bat grounder turned into an RBI single.

10-8-2013 10-09-01 PM

The Rays respond in the bottom of the seventh with three straight strikeouts, highlighted by this ump show. This is dumb. This is just an ump looking for a fight…


A caught stealing helped the Rays get through the eighth inning.

Hmmm, why is there Bullfrog sunscreen in the Red Sox dugout for a game in a dome?

10-8-2013 10-39-06 PM

In the bottom of the eighth, Escobar got on board with a single but the Red Sox turned to their closer for a 4-out save and Koji Uehara strikes out DeJesus on a 3-2 pitch.


Fernando Rodney came on to pitch the ninth. He walked two and hit a third. So yeah, not very productive.

Chris Archer relieved Rodney and gave up a sac fly.

Wesley Wright then relieved Archer, because EVERYBODY PLAYS! At this rate, Sam Fuld would have to pitch the 11th inning if the Rays are fortunate enough to get that far.

In the bottom of the ninth, Myers flies out to deep center to start the inning.

Loney grounded out to second for the second out.

Longoria strikes out on a check swing for the final out and that’s it.



  1. Dave L says:


    Wright pulled our fat out of the fire!

    Thats a good omen.

    Now its up to Matty M

  2. Chris D says:

    I am getting a little tired of Victorino...

  3. Geoff Peterson says:

    How many times will Victorino be hit while leaning over the strike zone before the ump doesn't grant him a base. Maybe Molina should start standing on the plate when he bats.

  4. Geoff Peterson says:

    I find it sickening that these TBS announcers make no effort at all to hide their excitement over Boston taking the lead and barely register a raised eyebrow when the Rays do something well.

  5. Chris D says:

    How about the umps not chase the players back to the dugout?

  6. MJ says:

    Funny how Red Sox can bark all they want, both batters an pitchers, and they are ignored, but zobrist gets followed back to the dugout and yelled at.

  7. Brian says:

    What an embarrassing display of journalism from TBS

  8. Alex says:

    They out Ray'd the Rays. Crappy defense. Wild pitches. Boston stealing bases and terrible relief pitching along with some pesky, annoying players.

  9. Dean says:

    This stings, but this was one helluva ride. The Sox were better. Hurts, but that's the truth. We have no payroll and slugged it out with one of the best teams in the league.

    I thank the Tampa Bay Rays for an enjoyable journey that I hated to see end.

    There is a next year. I can't wait.

  10. Drew says:

    In case anyone has forgotten why there might be sunscreen in the dugout...http://bit.ly/11ok1V8

    Way to be subtle Red Sox.

  11. Ken says:

    It's true that the TBS broadcast crew and analysts are terrible. Also true that MLB umpires, collectively, are arrogant and inconsistent Neither entity affected the outcome of this series. For that matter, neither did the respective payrolls of either club.
    We lost because the Sox hit better, fielded better and pitched better than we did. Maddon did his best to keep us in every game as did Farrell for the Sox. Tonight's game punctuated that reality.
    As a season ticket holder since Day 1 part of me feels thankful for another exciting year after so many years of failure. The other part of me wonders what it will take for the Rays to get over the hump.
    I pose two questions to all the frequent contributors of this site. How many of you have any type of season ticket package? If you don't, do you think that by choosing to select even a partial plan it would help the Rays get to the next level? I ask these questions merely to hear your opinions and get intelligent feedback.
    I totally understand that many can't afford either the financial or personal commitment to attend games regularly. As a disabled Nam vet the Rays are my primary source of entertainment. So, in a sense, I have an advantage over many of you. However, I often wonder that, after wheeling myself out of a sparsely filled stadium, if more fans might have been the difference between a 3-1 loss and a 4-3 win. Over 81 home games those wins could be a huge difference maker. I could be totally off the mark here and if so please disregard this post. Perhaps, in the end, it really all boils down to what teams have the most to spend. If so, that makes me very sad.

    • Lane Meyer says:

      I would beg to differ with you on the payroll. The Sox spent $60 million on 5 players added this season (Napoli, Victorino, Peavy, Dempster, Gomes) compared to their meltdown year of last season. Those players played a crucial part in their success and that $60 million alone is more than the Rays spent on salary this year.

      • Dave L says:

        Hear hear. Lane is absolutely correct.

        Want to know why the Sox went from bottom feeders to top dogs and eliminated us this year? Everyone is amazed at their turnaround and Farrell molded them into a winner. They did it on pure determination right?

        Well there are also 3 big reasons they are where they are

        1) Money
        2) Getting the Dodgers to take all their overpriced guys and getting virtually nothing but salary cap room in return
        3) More Money in the future

        Sure they got healthy and stayed extremely healthy as well.

        They were able to get rid of all their dead weight massive mistakes then used the extra luxury cap room to spend like drunken sailors to buy their way back.

        They basically did a Marlins move but have the benefit of having endless revenue streams to cover their stupidity instantly. So they look like overnight geniuses and hard workers. They can simply afford to make multiple horrible decisions and we can’t afford to make even 1.

        They added the guys Lane mentioned plus Uehara at another $4.25M plus Peavy who has a base of $14.5M. Ok I know short term Peavy cost less but look at the luxury of that move. Pro rate Peavy and its still the total Rays payroll just in shiny new players.

        So the trick you say is that they spent it wisely? That’s very true. Everybody other than Dempster had an up year

        The Rays combined additions of – Loney Escobar, Hernandez, Wright, Johnson and Dejesus were paid $17.8 M in 2013. Basically less than Dempster and Gomes cost the Sox.

        SP Fausto was a bust at a –0.6 WAR right? Well what about Dempster? The Sox pay him $13.25 which is 75% of our FA budget and he gets them a –0.2 WAR. Dempster had the highest Run Support in all of MLB while we know Robertos RS was horrible. 17 runs in 14 loses or whatever that crazy stat was.

        Imagine if AF was given an extra $60M in money to spend this year and Maddon could manage that bunch. So its hard to compete with that but we did it once again.

      • Ken says:

        Lane, I'm in total agreement with you on the impact lavish spending has on constructing a roster each spring and making the key additions during the season. Certainly, such spending gives them and edge over the small market teams
        My comment on "payroll" was simply meant to point out that once the Sox/Rays series commenced payroll takes a back seat to performance. I'm sure none of the Rays players went into the series thinking it was a lost cause because the Sox dudes made so much more money than they did. Nor do I think that any of them will use "payroll" as an excuse for losing.
        My questions about attendance were meant to open the door to a discussion on how this team can ever get to the next level. I think that ultimately all of us want the same thing: A World Series Title. It's a dilemma. When more than 30,00 fans are at the Trop the Rays have a very good record, 54-26 I believe. Can that number be achieved regularly? I don't know. Would a new stadium help? I don't know that either. Are the rich and the reckless spending teams always going to have the edge? I hope not.

        • Dave L says:

          Unfortunately Ken we have to do it in a year when both the Sox and Yanks are having somewhat down years like 2008. I kept thinking this years team was in most aspects, stronger and deeper than the 2008 Rays. But the Sox were very very good this year.

          We have could beaten them if we played perfect but they have more talent and depth in all areas except infield defense.

          They are very healthy now as well.

          • Ken says:

            Dave, I respect your opinions and baseball knowledge. I also admire your optimistic bent, I wish I could share it but life's circumstances have gotten in the way of that feeling for me.
            We were stronger and deeper this year than any year before, I so agree. We also suffered through a rash of injuries that would have buried most other teams.
            Still, going into the Sox series I really thought we had a good shot of sending them home. I thought that a split at Fenway was crucial. It didn't happen. It didn't happen because we failed to play well there. Perfection wasn't needed, just good, sound, Rays way ball. It pisses me off that we played so poorly.
            The whole issue of salaries paid vs performance is complex. Do players really play better once rewarded with ridiculous contracts? Can championships really be bought? I don't have an answer.
            I have enjoyed the conversations we have shared this year, regardless of how heated or critical they were. One thing I do know is that we are both tried and true Rays fans and will not be satisfied until we bring home a Series Trophy. Go Rays.

          • Dave L says:

            Ken sorry for some of my posts where im being an arrogant asshole.

            We both want the Rays to win

  12. This is MY observation and I may be wrong, but, the reality of the "ticket" problem is, LUXURY boxes bring in far more revenue than do regular season ticket/package deals do. I am so tired of the fan attendance issue coming up, and millionaires/billionaires crying broke. I am also so very tired of our accepting the premise that our team is successful just because it makes TO the post season. After going both nights, and attending over 20 games this year, I FEEL I have the right to tell management either (A) Improve this team so we can go further into the playoffs, (B) Sell the team to someone who can finish what you started. If there are NO improvements, that I find acceptable/palatable, there will be NO MORE 1 more game, NO MORE Rays on Sunsports, or NO MORE Dave and Andy on the radio. I am simply tired of this whole mess. And be careful before you criticize me for being fair weather, I have averaged over 20 games a year since I moved here in 99. I have paid my dues and have a right to expect more.

    • Ken says:

      20 plus games a year does not define you as a fair weather fan Jim. Far from it in my opinion. I'm certain the "corporate support" issue is part of the solution. It puzzles me that attendance has decreased as the competency of the players has increased. Plenty of food for thought in all you say.

      • Lane Meyer says:

        Here is food for thought. I saw an article a few years ago that showed the Rays average 10,000 to 12,000 less seats sold to corporate season ticket holders PER GAME than the average MLB team. It's not the Joe 6 pack fan that is to blame, it's the local business community and perhaps the Rays marketing department for not doing a better job of sales to them. Maybe that's intentional in an effort to keep attendance low to angle for a new ballpark but I tend to be a cynic so feel free to disagree.

  13. Dave L says:

    Now the post mortem properly begins, once the living bounty of our nostrils no longer fog the little hand held mirror.

    The reason I’m always so goddamn optimistic is because I’m amazed we come so close living on the low end of the most unlevel playing field in all of north American Pro team sports.

    Congrats to all the Rays decision makers and coaches for giving us a team to root for in October.

  14. papa says:

    Way to go Rays! This was another great season. Ray's are the best organization in pro sports hands down. Wish our goverment would take some notes on how to spend $ wisely. The other teams are just trying to buy championships and throw money at players and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, but the true way to play baseball is the way the Rays do it. The Bob Costas,Peter Gammons and the rest of them are a disgrace to baseball and sports in general. They are all fans for big market, overpaying, cocky organizations they can't stand it when a team like the Rays threatens there monopoly on the game. Well look out because the Rays are coming!!!

  15. Gus says:

    My kingdom for a catcher.

    This season was lost in spring training, where the Rays lost 7 of their last 8 to stumble into April with a roster that was dictated by the bean counters and not by a meritocracy. Hernandez over Archer. Molina over Giminez. Myers to the minors. All those decisions cost games. Games that mattered.

    By the time the team was fully assembled in late June, they were pretty good. But they never had a cushion and when the swoon hit in late August, Boston got away from them and instead of cruising into a w/c, it was a struggle.

    Getting to Boston after surviving 3 elimination games, they Rays didn't play like the team we had seen in the field all season, Myers and Zobrist hit brick walls at the plate and in the field, and there wasn't enough offense to overcome the poor defense. You should really win the division these days to go deep, or at least get the w/c game at home; Bud Selig can point to the Rays as exhibit A of that.

  16. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Another shout-out to the Rays for providing me with another 500 hours of entertainment during what turned-out to be a great season.
    Boston was better down the stretch and deserved the win (I think I just threw-up in my mouth a little). It cut me to the core last night to stand there and watch the Sox storm "our" field, but C'est la vi.

    Now, the logical fan shifts their focus to Pittsburgh. I know, I know, they're from the wrong side of the tracks, but they should be a relatable team for those of us who suffered through year after year of "sucktitude" before finally seeing it pay-off.

    Thank You 2013 Rays!!

  17. edward williams says:

    ok now that the season is over, let the venting begin, i am not a season ticket holder, i can't go to 20 games a year, but i do buy plenty of merchandise, and go to maybe 5 games a year, as of this year i am totally disabled so take it for what you will, i also watch and listen to just about every game, been here since 1986, so my allegiance is to all tampa bay teams, now to the venting part lol, i have said all along that this teams marketing sucks, towards the end of the year they got better, a lot better, with lots of deals, actually i take that back pretty much all year they had good deals, but they didn't go out and get the leadership (as we had with cliff floyd) we needed, i don't expect the rays to go out and spend 100 million dollars, i actually don't think they need to, i think they waited to long to bring up myers , lots of injuries, and not getting a big bat at the deadline, i know they got dejesus, that was ok, and i actually liked delmon, hope they bring him back, but this ownership really needs to look at what we really need, in my humble opinion bring back loney, i don't think they will because he will cost much, we desperatly need catching help, loboton was good but as every one knows molina, well we won't go there, and outfield help. I didn't realize that myers was a catcher to start with, so he will take a couple of years to get use to rt, jennings is good , but what about left field. The bullpen was ok , great at times, but now we are going to need a closer, rodney is a free agent, and i don't know about the rest of you , but i'm not as comfortable with our starting pitching anymore after price and cobb, seems you never know what you are going to get with moore, and with all the talk of price being traded, well than what, that is an awful young starting rotation. Now last but not least, I am definitely not calling for joe to be fired, but dusty baker was fired because he couldn't get the team over the hump, look at football, dungy was fired for the same reason, so what do the rays do, this year was not joe's fault so i say keep him of course , maybe start looking to spend a little more cash, (lol) i for one am totally tired of hearing well we keep winning 90 games, we don't have the same cash as the red sox and yankees, at least we got to the playoffs, it is time to start looking more towards the ws, because even if attendance was 30,000 everynight if we didn't get to the ws we would still here the same excuses, I am a rays fan and will continue to be one , hopefully next year i will be able to get to more games, thanks for letting me vent, i know some of you will not agree and call me names (been done before) but it has been fun venting with you all this year, now all i have to say is go lightning lol

  18. Gus says:

    I heard Friedman and Maddon deflecting talk of trading Price this afternoon, and I'm think he is for sure back.

    The Rays have 2 more arb seasons for Price; to trade him now coming off a down and injury-plagued year would be the dumbest thing they could do. His 2014 Arb. # is going to be down some for the same reasons. Buy low, sell high. Price is a buy low right now. Be on the way to winning another Cy Young -- then sell high. Make a run in 2014 before Longo's contract spikes up in 2015.

    Baseball contracts are the most unfair things ever, BTW. Des, Cobb, Hellickson and McGee all made $506K or less in 2013. Now that is value.

    Coming off the books in 2014: Hernandez $3M, Neiman $3M, Roberts $3M, Scott $2.75, KJ $2.75, Joyce $2.45 and Molina $1.8. $18.8M and they got very little out of that group after June 1, and most was negative VORP. So addition by subtraction there.

    BTW -- for those who contend that the Rays would be much better with a bigger budget, we can see that at least in the shallow end of the pool, the Rays haven't got much out of their free agent signings this year and in most years (i.e. the ghost of Pat Burrell). They also haven't drafted too well at the top of the draft. They are good because they make great trades for young players and develop those players and because they draft and develop great players in the middle and lower rounds of the draft.

    Keep Price at $12-13M next year and make another run at a title. I assume the extra playoff gate might make this scenario a little more likely. I know this is difficult with the Rays limited partnership arrangement, but the Rays would be better off spending 80-85% of their budget at the start of the season and then reserving a contingency for trades at the deadline.

    Also, start a heavily discounted season ticket push for weeknight games. Discount the tickets back and grow the fanbase. Tap the untapped african american community. Get the college kids out in the OF for cheap tickets and cheap beer. Get people out of their sofas on Monday nights -- they'll do it if the price is right.

    • Dave L says:

      I have felt the same way.

      Price's arbitration number and his true free market value are 2 different things.

      If he came to total free agency right now he would command at least $23 to $26M per at minimum of 5 years even with the down year because of injuries like you say.

      Left handed #1 starters are a very rare commodity and so he still holds value.

      But the Arb value is calculated differently so he would cost us like you say under $15M for only 1 year commitment so its still a bargain.

      Plus here is the starts plus, innings pitched by each starter in 2013 we must cover next year:

      Price, 27, 186
      Hellickson , 31 , 174
      Hernandez, 24, 151
      Moore, 27, 150
      Cobb, 22, 143
      Archer, 23, 128
      Odorizzi, 4, 29
      Colome, 3, 16

      Fausto is gone or back at a reduced rate and maybe only gets spot starts. so you are trying to cover his 150 innings then if you add Prices 186 thats almost 1/3 of your starters total of about 1000 innings for a year.

      We struggled to cover Shields 220 in 2013 now you are talking 50% more to cover.

      The young guys can only increase their workload by like 30% per year (of course AA and AAA innings count in that but arent listed here)

      Price is coming back.

      Renting a #1 starter for 1 year at half his true market value is a bargain. And we can trade him in 2014 mid year if we are sucking hind teat. We can always wait till the end of 2014. Whoever gets him will be a rich team who can then lock him up long term immediately even if he only has one year left.

    • Ken says:

      Gus, I am in complete agreement with you on Price. If Gammons' quote regarding the package the Dodgers might send is at all accurate we'd be nuts to move him. Two low A players, a AAA mediocre outfielder and a run of the mill relief pitcher is an insult. He's an idiot and I'm certain he totally fabricated that story.
      I really like your suggestions for getting more fans into the park. The "kids" deal they ran in August was smart and filled the stadium. Great post, excellent suggestions.

    • Dave L says:

      Gus and Ken I completely agree with your sentiments with regard to Price.

      We dont give him up easily.

      Those offers are bullsh*t


      If they offer us a farm type package like we got for Sheilds plus plus do we take it?

      The Sheilds - Myers et al. trade was the best ever in Rays history, despite leaving a brief net negative in 2013 (I know you guys disagree)

      If someone blows AF with a great package of prospects can we turn it down?

      • Ken says:

        Any offer for Price must include at least one Myers type player, plus a couple of AA, AAA pitching prospects. If I ever indicated displeasure with the Shields trade I recuse myself from that opinion now and forever. I thought it was one of Friedman's best.
        Ordorizzi's stock has increased over the second half of the year. Montgomery, at least to me, is still the wild card of the deal. A lefty with his stuff, if it can be harnessed, would make the trade a steal.
        Myers will only get better. The kid had an incredibly tough playoff series. The Sox pitched him perfectly. How all of their pitchers gave him nothing but low and away pitches still flips me out. I can't wait to see him play a full year with us.
        Gammons suggested trade pieces was preposterous. We will get better offers. If we do, King David goes. I would ask the Rangers for Profar and that Leonys kid.
        It should be an interesting off season.

        • Dave L says:

          Just to clarify on the Shields Myers et al trade, Ken.

          I think it was a long term masterstroke as well and money wise it was economically perfect for our budget.

          I didnt mean to imply your opposition to it.

          I just know many think it was a net gain in the 2013 season but I never expected that, and still contend that Shields and WD would have helped us more than Myers and Odorizzi did in this just completed 2013 campaign.


  19. formattedfire3 says:

    Things to Ponder:

    What's wrong with Moore? Was he injured this season? His velocity is way down from his rookie year in 2011 I believe when it was 96-97. He's topping out at 93-94 and his pitches aren't moving like they once did, it's more no a straight line. The velocity was down on Price, Moore, and Hellboy this year I believe. Throwing the cutter too much? Hellboy either a) stopped throwing the cutter or b) threw it but his arm was so dead it had no movement on it so you couldnt tell he was throwing it.

    Yes, the Red Sox might of had more talent than the Rays but talent alone doesn't win championships. The Rays biggest buggaboo was holding on baserunners, throwing out runners out on the bases, and elminating two out runs. Well, that, and of course the timely hitting. I've seen a team hit into so many key double plays to kill rallies save the 2010 team, but the 2010 would mainly strike-out where as this club made contact, but right into a twin killer.

    I've also never seen one team have as much luck as the Red Sox over the span of that many games in one year against our Rays. Ok, occasionally you're going to have bloops fall in at key moments, but seemed like every single time! Yes, you have to be good and put the ball in play, but the odds dictate that most time it will be caught in those situations. I know the Sox can also put pressure on defenses with their speed. I could be wrong, but I dont recall the Sox having too many SB's this series? One was caught stealing, and another was called safe but was out on replay. I've never seen the Rays make so many unforced errors against one team either. Wild pitches, mental miscues (not beating the man to first, myer's gaffe), fielding issues, etc. Very-very uncharacteristic of the the Rays. Some of that is credited to the Red Sox, but most of the credit is given to the Rays for making those errors. I've never seen a team either cash in seemingly all of their opponents mistakes! Despite all that the Rays were STILL in position to head back to Boston for Game five. I believe had Maddon left McGee in to clean-up his own mess they get out of it 1-0 and go on to win. Who knows, maybe a different outcome with our 3-5 hitters the bottom half of the inning to tack on more runs. The confidence left the team it seemed down 2-1. Who knows what happens in Myers fields the ball in game one. Do the Rays even go down 2-0? They had the confidence and momentum going in that game as well, and it seemed to suck the life out of them. So yeah, Boston had the better team by virtue of winning the series and taking advantage of the mistakes, but the Rays did not make Boston earn a majority of their runs. It's just disappointing since you KNOW the Rays can play much better, and were capable of beating Boston minus the talent difference if they played well as a team overall.

    I also hate to sound sour grapes as well, but there's no way Peavy is THAT good. He had given up a ton of runs in recent starts as well, and has a poor history in the playoffs. Suntan lotion had to play a part in this, yet no one cares save a few Rays fans, series over!

    We're looking at a new closer, new catcher,DH, possible first base, and possibly losing Price via trade as well. I'd pick-up prices option. Boston despite their talent has older players and won't likely be as healthy next year. The Yankees are a mess. Toronto and Baltimore will be better but don't have th e pitching the Rays do. I'd say the division will still be open next year, depending on what Boston does this offseason, but again, we're going to be hard pressed to replace the guys were losing and win 90 plus wins again. The Rays however seem to pull-off magic every year though with guys who arent wanted off the scrap heap!

    Go Rays


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