MLB: JUL 04 Royals v RaysThe Rays completed what may go down as one of the worst trades in the Andrew Friedman era when they sent minor leaguers Ben Kline and Sean Bierman to the White Sox, along with cash, to complete the trade for Jesse Crain as first reported by Marc Topkin.

Kline, a utility infielder is not a big prospect. He hit .246 with a .311 OBP, no home runs and no stolen bases in 40 games at single-A. Bierman, a lefty pitcher, is a little better, posting a 2.55 ERA in 18 appearances (14 starts) at single-A, striking out just 68 in 88.1 innings. He did show good control, walking only 14.

In the end, the Rays gave up a decent lefty and some cash for a player that never played a game for the Rays. Also keep in mind the Rays were responsible for the $1.4 million left on Crain’s contract. Normally, insurance would cover a large chunk (80%) of the money paid to Crain since he did not play. However, it is unclear if that would apply in this case since the injury was preexisting.

Remember when everybody was screaming about what an awesome deal that was? Yeah, not so much.


  • Buster Olney believes the Rangers will be aggressive in their pursuit of David Price. [@Buster_ESPN]
  • Steve Melewski of does not think the Orioles have a shot at David Price. []
  • Richard Durrett of doesn’t think the Rangers can get David Price without giving up Jurickson Profar. As we mentioned before, if the total value of packages are equal, I can’t see the Rays trading with the Rangers. The Rays still have Yunel Escobar for two years at a cheap rate and Hak-Ju Lee is not far behind. []
  • Dan Szymbrorski proposes four teams that make sense for David Price and proposes a trade for each team. The story is behind ESPN’s Insider wall, but I will post the four trade proposals below if you are interested in breaking them apart. [ESPN Insider]
  • Evan Longoria bought a new house. It is relatively modest (considering his contract) and he paid cash. You can see pictures of the house here. [BI Sports]
  • “The First Year Of B.J. Upton’s Huge Free Agency Contract Was A Colossal Bust For The Braves.” [BI Sports]
  • The Rays are one team that has apparently not had a fan accuse Buster Olney of being biased against. In fact, of these, the Rays are the only team that fans have accused Buster of being biased for. [TheBigLead]
  • Will the Bucs finally win a game? [JoeBucsFan]

Texas Rangers
Trade proposal: 2B Rougned Odor, 3B Joey Gallo, RHP Connor Sadzeck

Philadelphia Phillies
Trade proposal: LHP Jesse Biddle, SS Roman Quinn, C Tommy Joseph, RHPEthan Martin

Los Angeles Dodgers
Trade proposal: OF Joc Pederson, RHP Zach Lee, LHP Onelki Garcia

Arizona Diamondbacks
Trade proposal: SS Chris Owings, 3B Matt Davidson, C Stryker Trahan





  1. jordan says:

    talk about ridiculously underrating a David Price trade these are LAUGHABLE proposals Rays wouldn't even CONSIDER any of them even pick up the phone and discuss any of them

  2. Mike says:

    Not even close to trading a young Bobby Abreau for Kevin Stocker. Even if there was only a 30% chance that Crain would be able to pitch by the playoffs, this was a good trade so long as we are not talking about a large sum of cash consideration going to the White Sox. If Crain had come back and returned to form in time for the 7th inning of Game 4, the Rays might still be playing.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Agreed, the Rays took a small gamble and it did not work out, no way is it anywhere near Stocker for Abreu.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I understand the title was a little misleading due to trying to keep it short, but in the post I did clarify that I was referring to the Friedman era (i.e. post-Devil Rays).

  3. Giles Dowden says:

    Being a Tampa resident originally from Seattle, I have come up with a possible Rays-Mariners trade involving David Price. While never seriously brought up as a potential destination for Price, the Mariners payroll could probably absorb Price, creating an dream 1-2 top of the rotation with Felix Henandez. Here is my trade idea...David Price for (C) Mike Zunino, (P) Taijuan Walker and (OF/IF) Dustin Ackley. Thoughts anyone?

    • deezy333 says:

      Personally, I would love to get Walker and Zunino alone but I doubt you could get both. Maybe Zunino and Paxton. I don't think Ackley has much value right now, much prefer Franklin.

  4. Alex says:

    If the Rays trade Price to Texas they will get Profar. I don't really see the love affair with him, but he can play 2B until Yunnel is gone (if Lee doesn't work out). Zobrist could play 1b or the outfield.

    If we do trade price in some fashion I think the Rays need at least 3 pieces in it. A good catching prospect. A good hitting prospect and of course a pitcher or two

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I agree. If Texas is the team, Profar has to be included. And if Texas has the best offer, the Rays will gladly take Profar. I'm just saying if there is more than one comparable offer, I think the Rays would go in another direction.

  5. Casey says:

    These proposed trades are a joke right? Whats Syzmborski smoking?

    • deezy333 says:

      My theory is that Dan was trying to formulate "fair" trades based on excess value. For example Price is set to make around 35 million dollars the next two seasons, likely more in fact. Optimistically predicting he is worth around 10 wins the next two seasons, that places his excess value around only 15-25 million (depending if you value a win at 5 or 6 million). Along these lines, the proposals aren't horrible. However you still have to factor in market inflation.

  6. deezy333 says:

    Here are a couple of optimistic trade proposals to even things out

    STL: Martinez, Adams, Wong
    CHC: Baez, Edwards, Vogelbach
    SEA: Zunino, Paxton, Franklin
    TEX: Profar, Alfaro, Jackson
    PIT: Tallion, Bell, Glasnow
    CIN: Mesoraco, Stephenson, Winker
    LAD: Pederson, Seager, Lee, Federowicz
    ARI: Bradley, Trahan, Owings

    • Casey says:

      Actually looking at the proposed diamondbacks trade...Davidson, Owings and Trahan for Price..that trade looks legitimate. However when you look at the other deals...the Texas one is obviously a joke (Gallo strikes out too much , not worth anything) ...Phillies is too much risk...Dodgers is not enough return...I mean I think we can get two solid hitting prospects no question and there is no reason the Rays should go for any pitchers. How many legitimate hitting prospects do we have in the minors? Did anyone hit 10+ homers? (prospects only, not Triple A journeymen) We will have a crisis if we do not address our lack of power and hitting.

    • Rumpy says:

      Martinez, Adams and Wong from STL? Thats a dream scenario. I would love to have all three of them!


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