USATSI_7445773_154511044_lowresFor fun yesterday, I put together a list of examples of why the Rays are “The Most Likeable Team In Sports.” Of course, this is nothing that most of you guys don’t know. But I have a sneaky feeling that if the Rays can get past the Red Sox, the Rays (and especially Joe Maddon) will become the trendy team to fall in love with.

Then, this morning, Dre pointed me to “19 awesome things about the Tampa Bay Rays,” which is a similar look at the team over at

Now I am wondering if the Rays’ slobber-fest will actually begin in this series. In the meantime, let’s bask in the knowledge that we have been here the entire time, and welcome our new friends as they jump on board.

23 Reasons The Tampa Bay Rays Are The Most Likeable Team In Sports

19 awesome things about the Tampa Bay Rays



  1. Dean says:

    The organization should be trendy even if it loses this series. I mean, look at what it's already accomplished and what it will accomplish.

  2. Rob says:

    I just got home from a business trip and am behind on my Rays Index, so I am just now reading this. This was the perfect post to read after a game like today.


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