John Sterling, the radio voice of the Yankees, has come through with another gem for us to sit back and laugh at.

If you never listen to the Yankees radio broadcasts, you are missing something special. Whether it is his ridiculous home run calls in which he calls every home run “high” and “far” even if the home run is not high or far, or silly home run nicknames (An A-Bomb from A-Rod!) or his constant gaffes, Sterling is an unintentional comedy master.

Well last night, @WFANAudio produced audio of  Sterling’s latest miscall in which he thinks Alex Rodriguez hit a home run when he actually hit a flyball that didn’t even reach the warning track. Well, I went and added the audio to the original video. Sit back and enjoy. After all, nobody wants to talk about attendance, right?



  1. KT says:

    "Davis made a catch against the right center field wall".... Laugh my A$& off! He wasn't even on the track where he caught it! What a buffoon. Thank you Sterling (obviously not silver), for making the Rays' woes that much less painful for me right now.

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    I can understand the White Sox having a buffoon like Hawk but the Yankees usually go first class all the way. Not only is Sterling a doofus but so is Waldman. They need to clean house and hire a first class radio crew.


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