BJ Upton is having a horrific season even by the low standards of some Rays fans. He is hitting .190 with nine home runs, 26 stolen bases, and a .298 OBP (.258 wOBA).

Those offensive numbers, along with his less-than-stellar defensive play this year, translates to a -0.5 Wins Above Replacement (WAR). That means the Braves would have actually been better off not playing Upton at all and replacing him with some freely available player off the scrap-heap.

In other words, the Rays divorced themselves from Upton at the perfect time. He will be 29 next year and it is getting to the point where he is unlikely to ever be better than what we have already seen. Here is a year-by-year look at his salary and WAR. Note that 1 Win is worth $4-5 million depending on the year. So with the Rays, Upton was always worth more than he was making. The Braves will be lucky if his value ever reaches his salary-level again…



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  1. Beth says:

    So glad he is not our problem this year.


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