USATSI_7463430_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 7, Blue Jays 6 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Wil Myers. Did you notice how Myers was in the lineup and did good things? Funny how that works. And yet, when I first received the lineup on Sunday, my first reaction was to look to see if Myers was actually in the lineup. He was. And immediately in the first inning he doubled and scored the first run of their 6-run rally…Gloves. After some horrendous play earlier in the season, the gloves showed up on Sunday, with a pair of fancy double-plays involving James Loney and Yunel Escobar. The first was a snag that Loney grabbed, stepped on the bag, and then threw to Escobar. The second was Escobar taking the ball, touching second and then having Loney go low for a wide throw…Fernando Rodney. It wasn’t pretty, but once he got the final out of the 8th inning, it was pretty much over. That was the Blue Jays’ big threat and good on the Rays for having the guts to use Rodney in that situation. Not all teams would.

THE BAD: It’s Never Easy. There was a point in the 8th inning where a lot of Rays fans had lost hope. A loss seemed inevitable and we knew it was going to be painful. But that’s just the Rays Way. It’s never easy…Matt Moore. In the 10 innings prior to following apart in the 6th inning, Moore had given up 5 hits, 9 walks, and ZERO runs. That is not easy to do. So the 6th inning was probably inevitable…Cards Stacked Against The Rays.  The Rays have to play a 1-game playoff in Texas tomorrow. The Rangers will get Nelson Cruz back after his 50-game suspension. On top of that, while it seems like the Rays have the pitching advantage with David Price, the Rangers will start Martin Perez, a pitcher they have not seen since 2012 when he threw 5 innings of relief. He has never started against the Rays and the Rays always seem to struggle against pitchers they are not familiar with. And let’s say the Rays win tomorrow’s game. They would then need to beat Cleveland in Cleveland on Wednesday. And let’s say the Rays win that game. Then it is on to Boston for game one of the ALDS on Friday. That would be four cities in six days, all on the road. And yes, one game at a time and all. But man, this ain’t going to be easy. Of course, knowing the Rays, they will either win all four games, or they will poop their pants tonight and the season will be over.

THE TELLING: Desmond Jennings is still not well enough to play the outfield and is unlikely to be ready tonight…The Blue Jays normally wear their navy alternate jerseys during game afternoon games at home. But they wore white on Sunday, presumably as a courtesy to the Rays so that the Rays could wear their navy alternate jersey, which they consider good luck…The Rays are 91-71, tied with the Rangers for the second Wild Card game. Game 163 on Monday will be considered a regular season game for the purpose of records.


  • Joe Maddon on his ejection: “I (told the players), ‘Listen, that’s it. I’m out of this game. I know you guys are going to be fine. I’m going to watch the rest of this game with a glass of wine in my hand, and we’re going to win it.” []
  • David Price talks about being ready for tonight’s start. []
  • Mariano Rivera made an insane amount of money in his career considering he pitched about 2-3 innings per week. [BI Sports]
  • Scott Kazmir got stuck in an elevator for 90 minutes. [FS Ohio]
  • Now there are teams that want to know if Josh Freeman is in the NFL’s substance abuse program before trading for him. [JoeBucsFan]






  1. Gus says:

    Reversion to the mean should be our mantra here ---

    1. Price's bad history v. Rangers should come back some
    2.Rays bad luck v. Rangers (and horrible Zobrist K call) should come back a lot
    3. Rangers 7-game winning streak v. dead teams walking with some nice breaks along the way should come back some.
    4. Shades of Bucs v. Eagles here (if Maddon offers to play the Rangers on the I-20 overpass, we'll know we are on to something)
    5. Rangers are the 1978 Red Sox -- massive collapse, followed by last week surge to make playoff, perhaps only to lose on a Bucky Dent/S-Rod HR?
    6. The Delmon Young Redemption story sounds good too.

    That's all I've got. We have the Cy Young winner, leader of our team on the bump v. a lefty rookie who has to get Longoria and Myers out 8 times. I like what the Rays have here. Next stop: Cleveland.


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