9-5-2013 9-06-45 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Angels 6, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: James Loney. It looked like Loney had saved the Rays chances when he delivered a huge 2-out, 2-run double to cut the lead to 3-2. But the good feelings were short-lived.

THE BAD: David Price. Just one of those stinkers, giving up 6 runs in 7 innings. The first three runs were bad. But the next 3 runs were infinitely worse. The Rays had just cut the lead to 3-2. That’s when Price needs to clamp down and keep the team in the game. Instead, he immediately gave up 3 more runs…The Angels. The Angels held a pre-game ceremony in which they inducted a former player into their Hall of Fame. Only, it wasn’t “pre-game.” It was held when the game should have started, delaying the start of the game nearly a half-hour. The issue here is that the Rays are an east coast team in the middle of a 10-game road trip on the west coast and the game is now starting at 10:30 Florida time. That’s taking a disadvantage and making it worse.

THE TELLING: The Rays will not face Felix Hernandez this weekend…The Red Sox magic number to clinch the East is now 16…The Rays are 77-62, 6.5 games behind the Red Sox and 2.5 games ahead of the Yankees in the Wild Card. According to CoolStandings.com, the Rays chances of making the playoffs is now down to 57.6%.


  • There were football games last night, but the biggest of the day was delivered by umpire CB Buckner on David Dejesus. [@CorkGaines]
  • “Evan Longoria: The Underrated Superstar” starts with this sentence: “Despite routinely putting an excellent product on the field, the Tampa Bay Rays don’t draw very well.” Guess whose website that is on? (thanks, Tom) [Daily Gammons]
  • “Team Wil”? And this was Evan Longoria’s idea? Weird. [TampaBay.com]
  • I haven’t had a chance to read this piece on Leslie Anderson yet. But it comes recommended by WDBB. [WRALSportsFan]
  • It has been a long time since the Red Sox hit 8 home runs in a single game. I know, I was there. [BI Sports]
  • “The 25 Highest-Paid Players In The NFL.” Two Bucs make the list. [BI Sports]
  • One Jets players thinks Josh Freeman doesn’t need much help to make mistakes. [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM 6, Indianapolis 5 (The Bulls lead the best-of-5 series 2-0). The Bulls scored 5 in the first inning before recording an out. The final blow was a 2-run home run by Leslie Anderson (see video below). JD Martin went 8 innings giving up just 2 runs.

MONTGOMERY. The Biscuits finished the season 71-69.

Daytona 5, CHARLOTTE 0 (The Stone Crabs trail the best-of-5 championship series 1-0). Jesse Hahn was knocked out in the second inning after giving up 4 runs. The Stone Crabs did not score a run despite 9 hits and 3 walks.

Fort Wayne 9, BOWLING GREEN 5 (The Hot Rods lost their best-of-3 series 2-0). Reinaldo Lopez gave up 4 runs in 3 innings…Andrew Toles went 0-5, but did steal a base.

HUDSON VALLEY. The Renegades finished the season 38-37.

PRINCETON. The Rays finished the season 25-43

Leslis Anderson hit a big 2-run home run in the first inning…





  1. Gus says:

    Angels also did a delayed start-ceremony to the Rays on the reunion of a world series team; maddon being on then bench for them at least made it rational. Doing it opposite the NFL opener wasn't very nice for the inductee either.

    Last night was probably the night the division was lost, with Rivera blowing the save to the Red Sox and the Rays ace having absolutely nothing on 6 days rest. Maybe his arm is hurt again, because that looked a lot like April Price, even if he was lighting up the radar gun at 97.

    The Price-Longoria 27 year old seasons haven't exactly what they should be. Price was meat in Oakland and meat again last night in two starts where his team needed him to be stout. He missed about 1/4th of the season, has been great in one stretch but pretty darn bad before and after his hot streak in the middle. Longoria has played through his injuires mostly, but is a shell of his former self at the plate and in the field lately for whatever reason (his mishandling of the force play at 3rd was a contributing factor to Price's demise, although nothing would have saved Price's stuff last night).

    Sometimes sports disappoints us. This has certainly been the case of the 2013 seasons for Longoria and Price, two highly compensated players who should be in their prime and are the annointed team leaders who have pretty much underperformed (by their own lofty standards). If they don't make the world series, I think you have to start there. But tthere are still a few weeks for those guys to come through and carry their team. Would be nice if they came up big now that they've been paid.

    • Beth says:

      I find Price's 2013 really mystifying. The poor start (never clear whether that was a function of the injury that put him on the DL). Then the Cliff Lee like stretch in July and early August that made it seem, briefly, that this Price was even better than he looked in his Cy Young year. And now this plummeting return to earth. Is he injured? Is he trying so hard to throw strikes that he forgets to miss bats? Is he so very determined to be the best that he never bothers to be just good enough?

      At this point, if they Rays are looking at a wild card play-in, I'd want Alex Cobb on the mound.


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