9-3-2013 11-43-23 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 7, Angels 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Matt Moore. Making his first start since July, and on a somewhat strict pitch count, all you could hope for was that Moore kept the Rays in the game. He did more than that, working into the 6th inning and giving up just  1 unearned run, striking out 6…Ben Zobrist. One inning after failing to score with the bases loaded and no outs, Rays fans were on edge. But with 2 outs and 2 men on, Ben Zobrist came through with a huge double, driving in two. That gave the Rays a 4-1 lead and suddenly it felt like the Rays might actually win a game…Roberto Hernandez. Not-Fausto came in with a runner on base and one out in the 6th inning. He then struck out the next two batters to get out of that inning and the first two batters in the next inning. In all, Hernandez faced 11 batters, striking out 7, and did not allow a base runner. The strong performance earned Hernandez a save, the first of his career.

THE BAD: Third Inning. Desmond Jennings led off the third inning with a home run giving the Rays a 2-1 lead. But it is what happened next that had Rays fans rocking back and forth in their seats. The Rays loaded the bases with no outs. With the Angels playing normal defense and willing to sacrifice a run, James Loney grounded hard to the third baseman who promptly started a home-to-first double-play. Wil Myers then struck out and the Rays were unable to extend the lead.

THE TELLING: This was the Rays’ 10th game in the Pacific time zone and their 1st win…The Rays are now 76-61, 5.5 games behind the Red Sox and 2.5 games ahead of the Yankees for the 2nd Wild Card spot.


  • If the Rays do make the playoffs as a Wild Card team, that game will be played on Wednesday Oct. 2 and will be aired on TBS. Here is the complete postseason schedule. [MLB.com]
  • Some guy robbed a bank in South Tampa wearing a Rays cap. [TampaBay.com]
  • Some small schools got paid this past weekend and forgot they were supposed to lose. [BISports]


DURHAM. The Bulls begin their best-of-5 first-round playoff series tonight.

MONTGOMERY. The Biscuits finished the season 71-69.

CHARLOTTE 1, Fort Myers 0 (Charlotte leads best-of 3 series 1-0). The Stone Crabs won their first playoff game behind a strong performance by Felipe Rivero who threw 6 shutout innings, striking out 2. Charlotte scored their long run in the 6th inning on a 2-out single by Jeff Malm.

BOWLING GREEN. The Hot Rods begin their best-of-3 first-round playoff series tonight.

HUDSON VALLEY 5, Connecticut 1.

PRINCETON. The Rays finished the season 25-43




  1. PHIL says:


    Any update on Jesse Crain?

  2. Gus says:

    Finally some hits and eventually some runs, but man have they hit into so many double plays lately. Hard hit balls. Myers seems to be hitting hit hard everywhere again. Between Myers and Jennings and Zobrist getting good at bats, maybe the worm is turning. Hellickson’s start tonight is a complete unknown. If he pitches well and they beat Weaver and Price line up fopr Thursday, things will have turned.

    Why exactly are they giving Price an extra days rest in the middle of the toughest stretch of the season? Tonight should be his 5th day.

    • OriginalTom says:

      With Monday’s day off, Price was going to have an extra day off either before this start or before the Boston start so I suppose they decided to have him get the extra day now and then be on a regular schedule for the rest of the season.

      • Gus says:

        I know we tried to forget Monday’s game, but there was in fact a Monday game. This is a 10 games in 10 days trip. Giving Price the extra day puts him on Tuesday either way, no? It doesn’t seem logical. It looks like to me they are purposely ducking Weaver and maybe the Rays being too clever by half yet again.

        • OriginalTom says:

          No, they have Monday September 9 off so Price will pitch on 5 days rest either this Thursday or (if were to start today) next Tuesday.

          • Dave L says:


            That lines up a Price-Cobb-Archer trio for the Sox with the day off before.

            Those must be the 3 the Rays feels best line up against Boston at this time.

          • Gus says:

            If Price pitches today (on normal 5 days rest) his next start is in 6 days (5 games hence).

            By Hellickson pitching today, the Rays are effectively skipping Hellboy in the rotation for the Boston series (no argument here). But they could have acheived the same result if the switched Price and Hellickson in the Angels series. Just taking an extra day here as opposed to Monday, but avoiding Weaver while they are at it.

            My only thing is that if they get a rainout on Thursday, you have screwed yourself and the Tuesday Boston starter kind of has to be Hellickson then. Uh oh.

            I know, “it never rains in Southern California (but when it pours, man it pours).

          • OriginalTom says:

            Good Point, Gus. The weather being what it is in Socal, I guess that is a chance they are willing to take.

            A Rain Out would be a real nightmare in that they would probably need to play the make up game on Monday.

    • Ken says:

      On Price: Pushing him back a day makes him the starter for the first day of the Sox series next week.
      The double plays have to stop, figure they should just based on the law of averages. The Moore/Fausto combo was encouraging. The 3-20 with RISP is horrid. On the bright side, at least we got some runners on.
      Longo still looks bad. He’s gotta turn the corner soon. I can’t see us in the play-offs without his bat.
      Go Rays, 2 in a row. tonight.

      • Beth says:

        I honestly don’t know how a team can avoid hitting into double plays.

        • Gus says:

          One idea would be to move the runner along in a steal (or even the occasional sacrifice) when you have an elephant like Molina, Longoria or Loney at the plate. This is a very slow Rays team, top to bottom. But most of it is bad luck. They are hitting the ball hard, but lots of time right at people.

          • Beth says:

            And that’s my impression about double plays — a lot is bad luck, and OUGHT to even out.

          • Ken says:

            I agree the Rays are hitting the ball hard right at people. That may be bad luck that will even out eventually or other teams are also doing a better job of positioning their defense to where we frequently hit the ball and thus this problem will continue. I am hoping it is just bad luck that will eventually even out.

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